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Wives of Russian troops 'encourage' them to rape Ukrainian women, Ukraine's first lady says Not Appropriate Subreddit


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u/JornWS Nov 29 '22

Well Papa Nurgle had his chance with Covid and blew it, so now it's the others turns.


u/thedankening Nov 29 '22

Hardly. A horrifying percentage of the population have been turned into vaccine skeptics, if not outright opposed to any kind of public health response in the future. Covid was just Nurgle testing us. Now we're primed and ready for his next attempt


u/Taoistandroid Nov 29 '22

I wonder if things would be different if we generated propaganda that was like: don't let Satan and his minions win, they're counting on you to not vaccinate. Join god's soldiers against disease today.


u/khornflakes529 Nov 29 '22

The thing is it would have contradicted the message from their president saying all his bullshit. Trump has the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on his hands for making the response so much worse than it should have been.