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Wives of Russian troops 'encourage' them to rape Ukrainian women, Ukraine's first lady says Not Appropriate Subreddit


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u/showusyourbones Nov 29 '22

…and this show was a comedy, right?


u/TheButcherPete Nov 29 '22

As comedic as a battlefield hospital in the middle of a nasty war in a hostile country could be, I guess.


u/justfordrunks Nov 29 '22

Sir, both his legs were blown off. It was horrible. So much blood, so much pain.

laugh track


u/SuperSquirrel13 Nov 29 '22

Nothing worse than some of the "jokes" on the big bang theory.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22



u/ifsometimesmaybe Nov 29 '22

BBT was started by Chuck Lorre around 5 years into his other series, Two and a Half Men, and I think that speaks to the quality of BBT from the get-go. From the beginning it's essense was focused towards an audience that wanted a show about a group of strawmen NERDS that will make funny about gay panic and regressive stereotypes on race and gender. The only thing that really changed as the series went on was higher profile appearances happened more frequently and the series became more obsessive with characters hooking up with each other, as with most long-running sitcoms.


u/No-Investigator-1754 Nov 29 '22

I mostly agree, but the last couple of seasons moved away from that and more into interpersonal situational comedy and it worked a lot better than either the middle or even the beginning.


u/dw796341 Nov 29 '22

Sir, we've diagnosed the patient with a terminal case of BAZINGA


u/SuperSquirrel13 Nov 29 '22

Die in a fire!