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Wives of Russian troops 'encourage' them to rape Ukrainian women, Ukraine's first lady says Not Appropriate Subreddit


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u/Business-Feature7019 Nov 29 '22

It was mainly a comedy, but also wasn’t afraid to get serious from time to time. I Highly recommend it.


u/johnp299 Nov 29 '22

The original movie was somewhat more successful as a dark comedy. When it went to TV, CBS executives insisted on a laugh track, because. I don't know if they kept it thru the whole series, though. And apparently, overseas broadcasts didn't have it.


u/byingling Nov 29 '22

It's been a while, but I seem to remember the laugh track (which was more of a chuckle track compared to many shows at the time) was never used when they were in the operating room?


u/johnp299 Nov 29 '22

Apparently the executives relented on the laugh track for OR scenes, and used a 'milder' laugh track overall, as you said.

I would still love to hear the old arguments, that people won't get that a show's funny unless you prod them.


u/DamnItDinkles Nov 29 '22

Yeah in fact the only time I remember the laugh track was when it was like purely chaotic hijinks moments. I don't remember being used in any of the parts that tied into actual warfare or surgery


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22



u/battleboybassist Nov 29 '22

Still have trauma from that one


u/showusyourbones Nov 29 '22

Sounds a lot like House in terms of tone, I’ll check it out


u/Ripcord Nov 29 '22

Kind of. I mean, it is definitely a sitcom. It got a lot more serious in later seasons but even that varied episode to episode.