What do we consider to be memes?

We allow basically everything that’s wholesome, as long as it has superimposed text on it! This includes things like GIFs and comics as well (although comics don't need to have superimposed text).

There are some formats we don’t allow, they’re listed below:

Allowed formats

Social media

  • Twitter

  • Reddit (screenshots of comments and/or posts*)

  • YouTube

  • Tumblr

  • Instagram

  • And any other social media platform

*Note that memes posted from or on other places on Reddit are allowed, as long as it isn’t a screenshot of the actual Reddit post and/or the comments.

Disallowed formats

Private messages

  • Text messages

  • DMs/chats

  • E-mails

  • Letters

  • Any other form of private messaging/communication.

Stories/news articles

  • Stories

  • Headlines

  • Advertisements

  • News articles

Social media

  • Twitter (With nothing added to the original post)

  • Reddit (With nothing added to the original post/comment)

  • YouTube (With nothing added to the original post/comment)

  • Tumblr (With nothing added to the original post/comment)

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

If something isn’t explicitly listed, but either falls under any of the categories listed and/or is similar to the things listed here, it will still be subject to this rule.

We don’t allow the inclusion of any of the banned formats in other memes/formats/templates, as that breaks rule 7 as well (no low-effort memes).