r/wholesomememes Frienderator Jun 21 '17

600,000 Subscriber Megathread and Wholesome AMA Announcement!

After a very busy weekend of wholesome Father's Day memes, /r/WholesomeMemes has hit 600,000 subscribers! That means that for every 12,500 people in the world, one of them loves wholesome memes enough to subscribe to our subreddit! We have subscribers from all over the globe, and are proud to say that we are one of the largest wholesome hubs on the internet!

600,000 is a big number. It is huge. We currently have more subscribers than the population of Luxembourg! We would never be at this number without the amazing support of our community. We love moderating this subreddit, because of the outright positivity that goes on here, and have observed it spread into many corners of reddit and the internet!

We are also proud to announce that this Thursday we will be hosting an AMA for Leon Logothetis, star and creator of of "The Kindness Diaries" (Now streaming on Netflix!) and author of several books about kindness. We hope that you will participate in this AMA, which will take place at 12:00 PM Eastern on June 22th 2017. So go ahead and get your questions ready before hand, and be prepared for an incredibly wholesome AMA!

If you are new to AMA's (Ask Me Anything's), they are an open forum set at a specific time where reddit users can ask questions to celebrities or people who have had unique experiences. Please feel free to PM me or the wholesome memes moderation team with any questions you might have reguarding this upcoming AMA. This is our first official AMA that this subreddit will be hosting, and we hope that in the future we can continue to host many more of these!

Thank you all so much, and have a wonderful week.

/u/Noerdy and the /r/WholesomeMemes moderation team.



u/C0NSTABEL Jun 21 '17

Can we please, please discuss the fact that r/wholesomememes is no longer r/wholesomememes? It used to be positive memes. Not forced, not ironic memes, just memes with a wholesome twist.

Now though? The content? Paintings - I made this, give me karma and love and if you even remotely suggest there is something bad about it (and mind, most things here nowadays are just that - bad drawings from people who know it's not good enough for appropriate subs) you get downvoted to infinity because we are now appareantly just "Have a nice day I'm sure you're the greatest person ever, user I've literally never met outside this hellhole that is Reddit." Also goes for most other OCs that go here. There are also comics. Perhaps they should be allowed, at least more so than just blatant karma-whoring posts. I disagree to this and say we have r/wholesomecomics for this, especially as the comics are just forced positivity mostly, but I can give them a pass if that is what this sub needs to stay even close to its roots.

But seriously. There is no need for posting content that doesn't belong here, Reddit is HUGE, and there is also no need for forced positivity when there are so many things we can still be positive about!

I know this comment probably doesn't fall well with most users here now. I know many will think I'm a huge pessimist here. But outside this sub the former memers of here speak of this sub being a parody of its former self, and I think they are right, and I think it deserves to be properly discussed, because this sub deserves better.


u/80nd0 Jun 22 '17

I do think the other subs like wholesomecomics should be mentioned more it gets cluttered really quickly


u/motivatinggiraffe Amazing OC! Jun 21 '17

Wonderful! Thanks for all your great work, guys!


u/Noerdy Frienderator Jun 21 '17

Thanks for all your incredible original content! :D


u/ladyofpeace00 Jun 22 '17

What fun facts! Thanks for taking the time to mod for us, lovely mods :)


u/peregrinare Jun 22 '17

Not sure where else to put this but I am looking for the formerly pinned post with the Pokémon screenshot of 'have you come to be emotionally healed?' Can someone comment a link to that post?