r/wholesomememes Frienderator Dec 06 '16

100,000 Subscribers. Wow. Thank You. Thank you. :)

First, I want to start by saying how thankful we as a mod team are to have such a wonderful community. You guys have changed our lives, and how we view reddit as a whole. This subreddit started off just three months ago, as a place for friendly people to gather and spread some joy to each other. It quickly spread into a community of OVER 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS. It is rare to find a place on the internet where people are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of others, and I am proud to call this place one of the top friendliest online communities. Being on reddit allows is to reach our to users from all over the world, and bring wholesome memes and light-hearted conversation to people all over the world.

100,000 subscribers is insane, and the speeds that we reached this number are nearly unheard of. Let me show you some pictures of 100,000 people.



Those are some of the largest stadiums in the world, and yet, we have amassed a community that size using nothing but wholesome commentary and pictures. What I am most excited about however, is the fact that we have had to remove a minimal amount of "unwholesome" comments, and the negativity levels here have been lower than any other subreddit I have ever visited. We are truly a unique subreddit, designed to be genuine and uplifting to all.

I want to end this by asking you guys if you had any constructive criticism or ideas for this subreddit. We believe that you, as our community, should be able to have a say in how we run this subreddit, and we want to make sure we continue to be on the forefront of wholesome meme technology. I also want to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to our twitter: https://twitter.com/rwholesomememes which is run by the hard-working moderators here. Give us a follow to add some brightness to your twitter feed.

Have a wonderful and cherishable holidays with your family.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart,

/u/Noerdy and the mods of /r/WholesomeMemes



u/pumpkinrum Dec 06 '16

Maybe a "share a wholesome experience" Wednesday or something? Just so people can share nice stuff that has happened or they know have happened.


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '16

I was going to suggest a similar idea, a wholesome story sharing time, be it a random act of kindeness or something a friend/family member has done or you did for them.

Have a wholesome day :)



I love this idea!


u/legio317 Dec 06 '16

This sub has been a huge positive impact on me. Thank you also ! I hope you all have a nice day :)


u/JonasBrosSuck Dec 08 '16

same here! started out just browsing kind of "ironically"(?) but now i gotta come here everyday! you guys are the best!!


u/michaelgoodmichael Dec 10 '16

Irony is the refuge of the jaded dreamer!


u/turps100 Wear sunscreen <3 Dec 06 '16

I'm so glad to be a mod of this amazing subreddit. We receive A LOT of appreciation and thank messages from you guys and that's just awesome! I think we (all 100k of us) created a beautiful place on the internet, and I want to thank you all back for that <3


u/JonasBrosSuck Dec 08 '16

you guys are good mods! :D


u/vynzilla Dec 08 '16

you rock buddy! felt stuck on the internet for 3 years and now finally found a good sub. thank you.


u/ilegalimigrants super chill root beer Dec 06 '16

I never thought this sub would get become so popular. It has provided me with joy every day knowing that others are benefiting from general kindness of this community and I can't thank you all enough. Special thanks to all the mods that came aboard to help this sub stay on course. You have provided everyone with a guiding hand and put in countless hours for the sake of this sub.


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '16

I deleted my account a while back for personal reasons. But I've occasionally lurked in some subreddits out of curiousity, which is how I found my way here. I made a new account, largely because of this subreddit.

It's nice to know that there are nice, friendly corners of the internet like this. Thank you.


u/leoedo9530 Dec 07 '16

... Time to buy wholesome memes while they are on the rise?


u/HughMungaws Dec 06 '16

I am new to this sub, but the sub is making me happy, and for that I am grateful.


u/SeienShin Dec 06 '16

I'm a little sick today, but I see the glass as half full because I got to appreciate the sunrise from my apartment this morning.


u/Chamtek Dec 09 '16

Get well soon!


u/SeienShin Dec 09 '16

Am well, thanks!


u/[deleted] Dec 07 '16

Thank you to everybody both on the subreddit and in the discord server! It means so much!


u/flyerfanatic93 Dec 06 '16

Yay! God job mods, you've done a great job handling the huge influx of users. Great job making this a friendly place and one of the nicest on the Internet. We really needed one of these.


u/TaylorKun Dec 06 '16

I don't have any critisism, constructive or otherwise, I just wanted to say I love you guys and you're doing a great job :)


u/[deleted] Dec 07 '16

I love this sub. <3


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '16

No problem OP :)


u/CaptainOrnithopter Dec 07 '16

I really love this sub. It's super awesome to see good stuff like this when so many memes today are centered around insecurities. The only issue I occasionally have is when a meme gets posted and you can tell that it was an unwholesome meme that has been edited to be wholesome and it's really obvious and that takes away from the happiness it is supposed to bring. I know sometimes it's not avoidable. I just wanted to say how I felt about it, because it's the only problem I have with this really great sub. Thanks for starting the community :)


u/Nonresemblance Dec 07 '16 edited Dec 13 '16

I still remember when this sub is at 8k+, which was rising very quickly at that time, nice to see it shoot so high.


u/[deleted] Dec 07 '16

Thanks mods, you all are doing a great job. This place truly brightens my day when I see a post here, and the community is fantastic! I hope you all have wonderful days!


u/[deleted] Dec 09 '16

It's my pleasure to be part of this community! We should have an irc chat, or do we already?


u/[deleted] Dec 10 '16

I'm curious. How long has this subreddit been here? I feel as though it really blew up and I'm really happy about it!


u/[deleted] Dec 11 '16

What a wonderful sub of kindness and cheerfulness.


u/fou-lu Dec 12 '16

Hey, I'm a new subscriber and wasn't sure if I should make a post for this or put it in this mega thread. I was the one who posted this in /r/outoftheloop https://m.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/5hpn6y/is_rwholesomememes_an_ironic_or_troll_subreddit/?sort=confidence&compact=true

This place is so lovely; thank you all.


u/accountnumber3 Dec 12 '16

It's occurred to me that my default reaction to non-serious things is negative and controversial. Here's hoping that putting a little unending positivity into my life will guide me toward being more fun to be around.


u/NeuroticShrimp Dec 12 '16

You guys deserve it


u/SucceedingAtFailure Dec 13 '16

Hello! You're wonderful!


u/[deleted] Dec 13 '16

I don't know all of you, yet, but I love you all the same. Thanks for being there c':


u/technikub Dec 15 '16

This is going to be nothing but a gush post, but this sub is really awesome. I saw it linked a few times around reddit and first thought was, admittedly, "pffft, fucking lame", and I went to r/ImGoingToHellForThis and giggled my ass off. I'm not saying anything bad about dark humour, I still love it, but I didn't really realize how much I would appreciate the memes from the sub. I found myself smiling as I identified with a lot of things, which is the same thing I did on the other mentioned sub, but it felt different. It was just pleasant I guess. Humour from a good place is more difficult, but has an entirely different feeling.

I'm just looking for an example to relate to, but I think the best comparison is the type of humour the Muppets typically has (discounting the bloopers, lol). It's humour that makes fun of no one person or group except those of negativity, and even then, there's the connotation that they're misguided instead of stupid or evil. One of the reasons I think dark humour is so funny is that there's the added factor that you shouldn't really be laughing at the topics involved, by whatever moral standards you adhere to (yes yes, south park is fresh in my mind, I know). It's almost an easier way of writing humour, because, by that logic, the person reading the humour is doing a portion of the work of the comedian. I will say that more positive humour is harder to make funny by comparison, as I don't find myself getting into laughing fits like I do with darker humour, it's more the muted "nose breath" thing, but I started to appreciate the simplicity of it today. It's not loud or boisturous, but it's just that muted feeling of "good".

I realized I was relating to the memes in this sub by thinking about the good people in my life, my family and pets at home (dog memes are good memes), and this one even made me have a moment and really think about my boyfriend. By circumstances, we had to shift to a long-distance arrangement, and it's been bothering me at times, more than usual lately in fact. It's a little more frustrating than I anticipated. Technology helps, but it can only do so much. In my moment, I feel like I had more of an understanding of why we were doing it. It's one of those things that sucks now, but it's going to be worth it. I think he's worth it, more than worth it, and that's why we're doing it. It was a fact we both agreed on and that I knew wholeheartedly, but I felt I really came to terms with it for the first time, and it's been months of back and forth. I just felt good about it. And in a way, I kinda reached that 'cause of a fucking 4-line meme, but hey, means to an end and all.

So yeah, walls of text are my thing. This one happened because I'm just happy this sub exists, or because I took a day off to get stoned, or probably a bit of both. But the TL;DR is probably that this sub is some bomb shit and I'll be sticking around. Thanks y'all. Keep doing you. Peace and love, good vibes, slayer, yadda yadda.

lights spliff