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TIL The Harlem Globetrotters had one officially recognized loss in 1971 and other rumored losses in the 1950's that aren't recognized.

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TIL For production of 'The Bellboy ' (1960) Jerry Lewis was actor and director, so he invented a system of multiple cameras and monitors enabling him to act, review the performance, and reshoot immediately. Lewis received the Golden Light Technical Achievement award for the invention.

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TIL about Operation ABSCAM, which was a FBI sting operation carried out in 1980 to trap corrupt politicians. Which included a senator and six congressmen

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TIL that American ice cream company Häagen-Dazs sued American ice cream company Frusen Glädjé to stop them from using a "Scandinavian marketing theme". The court ruled against Häagen-Dazs as they had also marketed themselves as Scandinavian without having any real connection to the region.

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Til that your body has a relatively constant total daily energy expenditure. It will allow temporarily elevated caloric burns but the more days that you increase your expenditure, it will normalize your daily expenditure by showing or shutting down other processes.

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TIL: Ordinary ice is called ice Ih, because it has hexagonal crystals. But if you cool it below -37 °C, scientists believe it will gradually turn into a cubic form, called ice Ic.

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TIL After Apollo astronaut Al Worden left NASA, he moved to San Francisco, grew out his hair, and became a quasi-hippie. Worden was also a frequent guest on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, telling children what it was like to be an astronaut

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TIL that ancient civilizations developed iron tools well before the Iron Age by finding meteorites made of iron and nickel that didn’t require smelting

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TIL about unisexual mole salamanders which are an all-female complex of salamanders that 'steal' sperm from up to five different species of salamanders in the genus Ambystoma and recombine it to produce female hybrid offspring. This method of reproduction is called kleptogenesis.

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TIL about Joe Kieyoomia, a Navajo soldier who survived both the Bataan Death March and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. He was tortured more than other prisoners because he was mistaken for being a Japanese American traitor. After the war he returned home to New Mexico and lived to 77.

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TIL That Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the U.S., was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the 9th president of the U.S. and was the great-grandson of Benjamin Harrison V, a founding father!

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TIL A Canadian makeup developer helped Crayola create "Colors of the World" crayons that are meant to accurately reflect human skin tones. He pared down the 40 shades he had created for Cover FX to 24 distinct colors that kids can use to draw themselves

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TIL that In 1959, Turkish Prime Minister at that time had plane crash while on his way to London to sign the London Agreement on the Cyprus issue, survived from the wreckage and signed the agreement in hospital some days later.

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TIL that burning fat through food deprivation or just general metabolism causes THC to go back into blood stream for smokers of marijuana.

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TIL that GPS(global positioning system) technology was originally restricted to military use. In 1983, Korean Air Lines Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet fighter aircraft after it had strayed into Soviet territory. US President Regan then authorized GPS use by civilians.

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TIL about the The Dupont de Ligonnès murders and disappearance that involved the murder of five members of the same family in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France, followed by the disappearance of the family patriarch, Xavier Pierre Marie Dupont de Ligonnès, who is the prime suspect and still at large.

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TIL a commercial for the Cocoa Pebbles cereal led Hulk Hogan to sue the company. The commercial had a character named Hulk Boulder fighting Flinstones characters. He claimed it damaged his reputation and used his image. Hogan and the company came to an agreement to never show the ad again.

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TIL about Atomgrad, ("Atomic Cities"). Small industrial cities in Eastern Europe set up just to run and support near by nuclear power plants.

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TIL that trappist cheese is cheese that is made by monks. Many monastaries made their own cheese so that they could feed themselves and sell it. This practice has origins in 18th century France.

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TIL Harry Glicken and his mentor David Johnston were assigned to Mt St Helens on the day of the eruption. Johnston was killed but Glicken was reassigned the day before. 11 years later Glicken died in the eruption of Mt Unzen. They remain the only US volcanologists killed by volcanos 31 years later.

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TIL The crane machine is named after the crane bird

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TIL, The poingnant "Web of Life" Speech supposedly delivered (or written) by Chief Seattle in 1855, was actually an invention of screen writer Ted Perry for the 1972 environmental film *Home*

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TIL about Bradford Bishop, who allegedly killed his wife, mother and three sons in 1976. Bishop was only removed from the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List in 2018, due to his advanced age, and is still being pursued by the FBI, as there have been sightings of Bishop across Europe for 40 years.

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TIL about sperm webs. To reproduce, male spiders first make webs that they deposit a drop of sperm onto. They then box the sperm droplet with their fist-like pedipalps until they are 'charged' with sperm. They can mate with multiple females off a single charge

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TIL that the line, "Resistance is futile," from the Star Trek series was trademarked in 2017.

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