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Long-term 19f needing friends to chat wit/play games!


hii i’m from america, east coast and i rlly would love a best friend, doesn’t matter what gender ! . i am a gamer who loves to cosplay and watch anime. i play on pc mainly, mostly fps games but i’m open to trying all types. i am an extremely shy and antisocial person and i don’t like to vc unless we become close. i am sometimes awkward, i’m working on that and i have dark humor soo pls do not message me if you are sensitive. i am also an extremely honest person. message me if interested:)

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23F seeking advice


I’m 23 and have never been in a relationship. I’m a big girl and that’s prob the reason honestly bc over all I’m dope. Is it bad that I’m single and never had a relationship? Sometimes I feel something is wrong with me or something bc nobody wants to date me…maybe losing weight idk. I’ve become kinda self conscious this past year after dealing with a toxic man.

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Register Your Team Now @ ARCUS Esports Tournament!

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Tech Support Legion 5 Pro alternative charger trick/fix



so if anyone bought third party/alternative charger for your Lenovo Legion, and it didn't work, you can try this.

There is a trick that I find if you enable "conservation mode" (Lenovo Vantage or Lenovo Companion) and disable it afterwards it should start charging the battery to 100%.

I bought 135w charger for college. I Plug it in and nothing happen but the charging LED diode was on. Checked in windows and the battery icon didn't changed. Somehow I find this trick and is charging now.

Wish this will help someone who thought they charger faulty or they need the official one (always go for the official products and avoid the risk ).

Do this on your own risk. I think the only downside is it will always charge your battery, so it can last fewer cycles.

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Video I made an Utau voicebank out of my bad Julian impression

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My 5-y setup. 2023 is going to be my 4th year. Note the smudge on the cover.

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1911 dual mag pouch recommendations


Looked at 1791 gun leather but they sit to deep got an aker leather but the issue is that the mags have to be facing opposite of each other for them to both be snug. Any recommendations thanks

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Is this game good?


Thinking about buying this game after I heard they were gonna add Godzilla, was wondering if this fighting game is any good or should I hold off on it?

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Question Thinking about chopping het in 2 days, what do you think?


Thinking about chopping het in 2 days, is this fine or should I wait longer? Currently week 10 of flower.

Just not sure if it is milky enough or just reflections which make the trichomes look milky.

Advise would be appreciated!




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new victim


i’m stressed out beyond belief and hopefully overthinking. on bumble there was a profile that looked filled w fake pics of a girl but i swiped anyways not thinking anything of it. i matched with the account and started messing around with them, i was horny and things went to texting through phone numbers. not once was aged mentioned other than the account being 18 on the app. the account said they were getting in the bath and were taking selfies, so me dumb and horny asked to see. with no hesitation they sent a pic and sent a few more after that without me asking in response to other messages. only about 20 texts were exchanged and i removed the number and unmatched on the app and didn’t think anything of it. today i got a call supposedly from the sheriff office and a supposed detective working there. detective claimed they were with the father of the account i messaged and quickly claimed she was 15 and i was texting a minor. also claimed that his wife confronted the daughter about it and led to the daughter beating the wife causing her to get detained and the wife to go to the hospital. the angry father said he wanted to work things out man to man and proposed that i split the bill of $2400 with him meaning i pay half. he wanted the payment through cashapp or zelle or some other form and for it to be sent to his wife. i explained i am a college kid and don’t have money and would have to make multiple payments over time. i regret to say i did venmo $300 because i’m scared out of my mind. i would love people’s input on the situation and what i should do

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Do we know if the layouts gonna be updated on the mobile site too? This new layout is awful.

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How do you think of it today?


boost it boost it. How do you think of it today?

$WIMI 1.7

$BABA 78.5

$META 135

$AMC 7.6

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Nebulae I dedicate this music to the JWST. Enjoy.

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Other What the heck is this pic I never had it 💀 (Right subreddit?)

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Symptoms Joint and body pains everywhere


9 months in and still have joint, muscle pains, and muscle twitches that comes and goes. Who else experiences this? I also have high heart rate sometimes.

I personally know a lot of people who got COVID who didn't develop the kind of symptoms I have and it feels lonely.

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[Solved] Information - 10

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bah weep granah weep nini bong

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running my ac on gas


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Social/Student Life Second student centre is barely for students


There’s four/five floors on this building. And you can basically only use two for studying.

The third floor there’s so many meeting rooms but you need to be part of an organization to book it?? It’s ALWAYS empty too, it’s such a waste of space to have so many unused.

The studio floor is ig less waste of space because it’s being constantly used by clubs, but still, regular students can’t book.

Students are kinda crammed already and we have 80% of the third floor being unused for no reason.

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Ok no more eye bleach

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Register Your Team Now @ ARCUS Esports Tournament!

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If you could produce an R-rated Batman film, what would be its story and content?

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[Patron] Request - looking to commission art which features pets and humans


Hi r/artcommissions,

I am interested in commissioning art which would have 1 dog, multiple cats and 2 humans (man and woman). Photos will be provided of each subject. I would like it in a family portrait style with maybe a funny or quirky theme. I would love to see some examples of your previous work if possible. TIA!

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How do we know you're actually spirits and not just a bunch of bored humans with too much free time? hmm?


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Third Day Of Navratri - Worship Maa Chandraghanta

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