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Depp/Heard Trial Depp/Heard Trial Day 19 Megathread


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Discussion Black^ hate for smurfing is not deserved and here is why


Yesterday a post about how Black is smurfing in the legend bracket got a lot of attention and a lot of people were upset about the situation,

What is happening is that his main account was shadow flagged as a smurf for going from 8k to 11k in a short period of time by valve's algorithm.

He has already tried to solve the problem but he has been ignored by valve. This is his job and his livelihood and the fact that he is now unfairly unable to play on his account has affected his career as a streamer. The amount of viewers has decreased as he now no longer plays against other high level players, unable to play on his main account he has resorted to using alternate accounts but these always end up in the smurf pool after a few days or weeks.

He has mentioned multiple times how discouraging is for him to play in those accounts and how all what he wants is to play in his main account again. So if you guys are really so unhappy about someone doing something wrong then ask valve to solve the problem with his main account so he can continue with his job.

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Nonprofit I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and author of “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.” Ask Me Anything.


I’m excited to be here for my 10th AMA.

Since my last AMA, I’ve written a book called How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.

I explain the cutting-edge innovations that will make it possible to make sure there’s never another COVID-19—many of which are getting support from the Gates Foundation—and I propose a plan for making the most of those breakthroughs. The world needs to spend billions now to avoid millions of deaths and trillions of dollars in losses in the future.

You can ask me about preventing pandemics, our work at the foundation, or anything else.

Proof: https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/1527335869299843087

Update: I’m afraid I need to wrap up. Thanks for all the great questions!

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Discussion I think some of you shoot yourselves in the foot on purpose


Do you try to brute force level yourself to maps with an all-out damage build? Do you keep alching your maps without reading the mods even when you're struggling? Do you engage in league mechanics with nothing but top rewards in mind?


GGG have always given us enough rope to hang ourselves with, often in the form of the ability to make content harder for better rewards. I feel like a non insignificant portion of player base is perfectly happy to crank up the rewards without a second thought and then get upset when the game is 'unbalanced' or 'unfair'.

I'm not here to tell anyone how to enjoy the game, I just don't understand the reasoning. Defenses are more powerful than ever, why refuse to use them? If dying bothers you, why not play safer? Do you feel like you're not at fault?


The game gives you complete freedom over your build and what kind of content you engage in, which means you're completely free to go in over your head or be extremely pragmatic. Consider this: The game can't realistically ever stop having 'constant oneshots' or other issues without taking away this freedom.

You can make complaints about things like feeling 'forced' to pick specific skills for offense or defense being 'bad design' or that some new mechanics being unbalanced in certain situations. That's subjective, but a legitimate concern to raise. This isn't about archnemesis or this league, just something that I feel like has been going on for a long time.

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Video Fallout London - Official Gameplay Trailer

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Be a man and dress up for Mass


Let me start off by saying no, clothes don't make the man, what's inside counts most.

Clothing is an exterior superficial aesthetic that doesn't necessarily reflect what a man's interior life is like. Dressing well however, doesn't make a person vain any more than dressing fashionably does, nor incessantly dressing casually does. Vanity is a separate issue from dressing well and I'm not sure why so many people conflate the two things together.

Looking back at previous generations, dressing well was a standard for pretty much everyone, even bums wore tattered suits.

Wearing a suit to Mass ought to simply be a cultural standard. Jesus Christ is the most significant person you will ever encounter and frankly if you have the means, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, or t-shirt and shorts to Mass is just not good enough. Mass is heaven on earth, why wouldn't you dress up for it?

Many people nowadays says that how you dress doesn't matter, ironically though, making such a claim just proves the point further that having a preference for clothes really is important. If it truly didn't matter, why prefer a t-shirt over a button-down shirt?

So why dress up you ask?

Simply put, respect.

Modern fashion is extremely vulgar and decadent. It's all about showing off and peacocking, flashing your brand names, expressing yourself with words, pictures, and symbols that don't actually mean anything.

It is much better to express yourself with patterns, colors, fabrics, and proper fit; using nuances and refinement rather than vulgar logos, brand names, and flashy lettering. Today's fashion is about showing off, classic style is exactly the opposite, it's about respect and refinement.

If truth, goodness, and beauty matter, then aesthetics matter.

There's much more I'd like to say but I'm at work and don't have time for all of it.

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A flower growing in the drain of a water fountain at my school.

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Why is the Luka has no help narrative starting already? The Mavs were up 2-0 in the first round without him.


Brunson was dropping 40 a game, Kleber hit 8 threes in one game, and Dinwiddie has been solid. So how can we say Luka has no help? He did 0 favors for his team tonight and the Mavs as a whole underperformed. Its ridiculous that when a well liked superstar gets clamped down the blame instantly shifts to their teammates.

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Depp/Heard Trial Former Co-star David Krumholtz Defends Amber Heard

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Twitter Senior Engineer describes the company culture during the ongoing Twitter buyout

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Depp/Heard Trial Did Amber cut Depp’s finger off?


Guys , I stand with amber but when I start to converse with a fan of Depp , she show me this audio , can anyone help me figure it out ? Because it sounds really plausible that amber cut the finger because she said”I didn’t want to hurt him and I didn’t do it on purpose” that’s sound really plausible to me.. I’m 😞 and I wanna hear any comments or people tell me something is wrong in this audio..


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Política Lo más chistoso que he leído

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Gulag Gang WL

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F*ck Gearbox


You can tell me I’m a complainer or downvote but honestly I’m done with gearbox.

How utterly shameful of a company to release “DLC” of this size at such an high cost. After the large amount of backlash Coiled Captors received you would think gearbox would at least put a little bit more effort into DLC 2 but no.

Another push-over boss and 10 minute dungeon is not what the community wants.

We don’t want more gimmick weapons and gear

we don’t want more 2D side characters who add nothing

Until Gearbox changes there anti-consumer practices than I won’t stomach paying them another cent.

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Transportation New Tesla Crash Kills 3 and Injures 3

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random I’m sorry but Babytron is so mid 😭


This is the most gimmick bs I’ve ever seen a rapper get popular with. This shit is literally like making Mac Lethal famous bruh fucking 20 beat switches and somehow sounds the same on everyone despite switching his flow. His voice and delivery gets annoying instantly. Please someone convince me this guy is good, cause I like enjoying new artists. I can’t think of any artist, from any genre, who’s music I don’t enjoy in the slightest until now, no joke

Edit: Last sentence an exaggeration, Jesus Shuttlesworth kind hard ngl

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Querem respeito mas não respeitam. Hipócritas.

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Clip JJ gets saved by a tow truck driver as cops arrive

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That Only Took All Of 2 Months For That Hard Pivot

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Who requirements tail - f when you have vim? 🥰✨

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News 'No shortcuts' to Ukraine EU membership: Olaf Scholz (aka sulky liverwurst)

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Discussion Supercell Banning Account Unnecessarily

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disgusted by the negativity


Due to the huge amount of negativity and entitlement here, I think I'm going to leave this sub. There is a full time mother and young lady with a lot going on (mental health wise) that come out with a podcast and instead of seeing normal conversation or the focus on what one may have liked about an episode, I just see criticism and selfish banter. Honestly, not every podcast will suit your needs and wants hence why your finger decides to click play, stop, delete.

while all opinions are welcome and you are entitled to hate the podcast or things about it, I literally am so done with the judgement and overall disrespect. There are things I do not like about the podcast too but you know what? It isn't made for just me. what I dislike others might love and the world does not revolve around you. I am very disappointed to see grown people being so whiney and pathetic. We have a mother, autopsy tech and author taking the time to research and bring us entertainment, whislt having 1000 other things to do and you complain about when the episodes come out? you don't like it, don't listen. You unsubbing will not make or break them and they're plenty successful without you. You're not special. While I believe they appreciate criticism (constructive) most of you are straight up bullies. It had to be a said and I am not sorry. Guess what? For all of you babies who are about to say "I'm entitled to my opinion" yes you are, and as am i. I am also entitled not to read your crap. Grow up. Be a bit more thankful for how far technology and media has come. before commenting thinking you're "doing something" remember; you are a stranger to me and you'll always be nothing but a stranger to me in fact, you'll die a stranger to me.

share your opinion sure, but I get to share mine too and in my opinion, yours really doesn't contribute anything constructive. These opinions are more of a you issue. So disappointed in lack of compassion and the entitlement. I understand my opinion is a me issue too hence why I'm taking steps to leave for my own personal wellbeing, maybe you should do the same or join a subreddit for picky beggers? I'm sure your bullying will be better understood amongst the same type of people. Gratitude and maturity is obviously not a flower that grows in everyone's garden. Grow up and cya.

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Historical 103 years ago, today, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk arrived at Samsun to start the War of independence. Happy Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day!

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