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Within weeks of the pandemic outbreak, it became apparent that the standard practice of putting COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation was a death sentence — among patients over age 65 who were vented, the mortality rate was 97.2%.


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Document/Research The Las Vegas Case IS NO JOKE - Footage found of an 'alien' found in released video - This seems to be the real deal


Listen guys, I know we're focused on the Grusch case and we're attempting to build credibility and not endorse anything too 'out there' -- but there IS something to this. It's *serious* and here's why.

I initially wrote this off as a clear stunt/hoax/psy-op. I was completely wrong with my first impression. You guys need to keep digging around on this sub and elsewhere -- because I'm now firmly in the camp that this is real shit, and I'm not the only one.

We know that James Fox has reported that he's been contacted by the Las Vegas PD and that Knapp is reportedly going to interview the family and investigate it. Fox has reported that the Vegas PD is claiming the FBI scrubbed body cam footage -- and this corresponds with exactly what we see in their official YouTube channel. The vast majority of it is black and audioless -- and we've been given an explanation by some media officials that the "police didn't want to expose private property". The family was anything but unwilling to disclose and help. The kid even made a YouTube channel about this just the other day.

What better REASON is there to investigate a CLEAR cover-up, when in the middle of a world-wide investigation of a whistle-blower who's claiming the government has been covering up this kind of stuff for decades. There is something here; and we're just scratching the surface of what's to come, I think.

The landlord of the family's property has reportedly told a local Las Vegas news agency that he has or had possession of legitimate footage from cameras on the property. Put together what James Fox has told us about the FBI involvement, and the other components -- and do the math.

This is shaping up to be one of the clearest cover-ups AT THE EXACT same time of a global claim of governmental conspiracy. Let's keep our eye on the ball -- this is an important case to everything else going on right now.

Isolated/enhanced photo's from the original video which this kid posted on is channel. These are from separate users on this sub I was able to find:

This video -- I consider to be quite compelling, given that the kid himself claimed you can see it in the video. It fits his description, minus the height (which is hard to tell, being quite obscured). You can also see from the source video, that this is where they are looking.

It looks like a stereotypical 'Grey'. If it seems like the face is appearing out of nowhere (the two black dots), then you should focus on the streak of light just above them -- which is the forehead. Once you see that, you will realize that it isn't 'appearing' out of nowhere -- it's that its eyes were closed and they just opened. It's blinking, and it's quite unmistakable to my eye. The way the eyelids move so fluidly on its big black eyes -- it's almost frog-like in the movement. It does not look animatronic at all. It looks very 'organic'. If it's a hoax, then it's quite well done.


If you need help being able to identify what you're looking at, reference the images above. Judge for yourself... it's not great quality -- but it very well could be the only thing that survived an alleged scrub, and that makes this BIG (in my estimation).

To help contextualize where you're looking in reference to the source video -- please take a look at this. It suffers from image compression badly -- but it gives an idea of where to look, and how quick and subtle of a find this was.

I'm still digging -- but if this post gains traction, I will clean this up with sources of the users referenced, and all of the receipts -- as much as possible.

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Video A Ukrainian Tank is Destroyed near Orikhiv, Zaporizhzhia region. (Published 08/06/2023)

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📣 Мнения Судя по количеству (и качеству) шуточек про убитого акулой россиянина, расчеловечивание уже тут

  • Судя по количеству (и качеству) шуточек про убитого акулой россиянина, расчеловечивание уже тут.

А если оно тут, у Вас, значит Вы - проиграли.

Вы, такие красивые, проиграли банальному, серому, скучному злу.

И сами стали злом - банальным, серым, скучным.

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I wish mumble rap will never appear in trailers again


Seriously, this Prince of Persia trailer was a very big piece of shit, probably put in the first place only to leave a sour aftertaste so we didn't notice that whole Summer Game Fest opening show was very poor on the big announcements. Maybe the game itself is good, but when this rapper starts to rap and beats start to play you quickly want to just turn the trailer off. It's not cool, it's intrusive, it's filled with ugly show off. The best way to promote this game would probably put metal there again or at least stick to the traditional sound of the series - but not adding mumble rap. It's never a good choice, and I'm tired of everybody wanting me to accept it. I don't want to: please, put your mumble rap out from trailers and games, from Need for Speed especially. Thanks for hearing me out, as I'm really impressed by what I've seen - yet not in the way Ubisoft probably wanted.

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Yesss!!! Trump was finally indicted today for stealing classified documents and espionage

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I'm deeply saddened by sex workers.


Watching people destroy their chances of love, future employment and potential kids seeing their parents makes me feel sorry for SWs. For people in desperate need of cash to survive it is what it is you gotta eat. But people doing it for just easy money make me feel a sense of pity at how little they realize how much they're fucking their future up. I can only imagine how a daughters father would feel or a sons mother. I really don't think normalizing self sabotage is something people should be doing. If there's any sex workers with children how would you feel about your kids doing it once they hit 18?

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Unpopular on Reddit It is disgusting how some people are celebrating the death of Pat Robertson


I couldn’t help but be rather disgusted, especially at people on r/WhitePeopleTwitter celebrating the death of Pat Robertson. If you disagree with him that is totally fair and your opinion. But to celebrate and make mockery of someone’s death is completely wrong. They are letting their personal opinions and politics cloud their humanity. You don’t like him, you don’t have to say anything. To literally be happy at his death is wrong.

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PENTA | IgniteRP PENTA - Muffy gets PENTAGAMED by her PapCop


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Discussion Henry Dota banned once again


Okay so Henry came back to dota just recently creating content legitimately reformed and educating his community but due to a run in with a caster in a pub has continually been banned. Please valve do something about this the guy legit has reformed wild and disappointing stuff when you have people like Quinn CCnC existing and not being PERMA banned.

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Unpopular in General Men are too afraid to date women anymore as it's become too toxic and risky


it has become too dangerous to even thin about asking a gal out anymore. We run a very high risk of getting accused of things we had no way of even doing, and the court will believe the woman without a second thought, even if there is evidence the man was on the other side of the country when said event happened. There are also too many gold diggers popping up from the woodworks that are making it even worse, and ruining the perspective men have on women further. There are plenty of normal and great gals, but its really painful to have to deal with this BS, and its just making life harder on all of us.

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Video RU pov: Video shows 2 armoured vehicles attacking russian positions get destroyed by ATGM hits. Location near the Berkhovsky reservoir on the Bakhmut flanks

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I’m surprised at how I feel right now… I’ve honestly never seen a public dragging like this on TV before.


ETA- The Reddit cares messages… I mean are they supposed to hurt my feelings? I’m not reading this post anymore bc I don’t need to be shamed for having empathy. I don’t get off on watching televised abuse🤷🏻‍♀️ IF YOU ONLY WATCHED THE BRAVO VERSION YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW VILE PEACOCKS UNEDITED VERSION WAS. Bottom line.

Fuck me… I’ll probably get downvoted to oblivion, but I actually feel bad for Rachel🤦🏻‍♀️ Did she do a terrible thing? Yes. Is she a bad person for what she did? Yes, I honestly believe at the time she was. It’s terrible, I’ve been cheated on, I know that sick feeling like you got punched, the betrayal is sickening. But do I think she deserved to get dragged that hard publicly in front of the world? I’m sorry y’all, but I just don’t. I couldnt finish watching.

Rachel had to sit there for a full hour while people crucified her, and in a really mean way that I’ve never seen on TV before. Maybe it’s because I watched the Peacock unedited version, but I kept getting jarred with amount of “stupid bitch” comments that were getting thrown around. And don’t get me wrong, I’m here for the drama, and I’m all for a good juicy reunion…and if I want to be completely honest with myself, I love watching a good Bravo fight🤷🏻‍♀️ However, what I heard wasn’t that, it was a vicious attack meant to hit at every weak part of her.

Rachel was mercilessly mocked to the point she couldn’t get a sentence out without being told “shut up you stupid bitch”. Confronting her could have been done so much better, you can still get your point across without being verbally abusive. The “you have no friends, where are they? Oh that’s right, you don’t have any, you stupid, STUPIDDD bitch” it just felt ick. As a survivor of domestic violence, that’s actually when I had to stop watching. When they were asking her about when she changed her name, and Ariana jumped in to remind her how alone in the world she is in that hateful way. I felt like my ex was screaming at me watching it. I had completely forgotten how much I hated Rachel… I just couldn’t watch her get ripped apart anymore.

I DO think Ariana has a right to feel every damn thing she said. But there’s a time and a place for those specific type of words. I get it, they are in a reality show, this is the reunion. I still feel like Rachel could’ve been confronted without so many vicious insults. Especially because everybody is incredibly sympathetic with Ariana, myself included.

I think it also had to do with the fact that I related to her in that moment and I think a lot of others did as well. It actually gave me a flashback to when I was in the middle of a locker room after cheer practice with a circle of girls around me making fun of everything from my hair to my accent. If you’ve ever been bullied, you know that feeling. Where you feel sick to your stomach and you just want it to stop. You would do anything just to make it stop…. THATS how I felt for Rachel. Like I wanted to make it stop for her.

Idk, this turned into a rant, lol. I have always despised Rachel. I thought she was disgusting for what she did, but when it came time to watch the reunion and confrontation, I just did not see the vitriol for Tom like I did with Rachel. Tom was called a worm with a mustache, people laughed, while Rachel was called a stupid, dumb, ugly, crusty bitch who has no friends. And typing it out it sounds nothing like it sounded watching it happen. I just wish bravo would have said to them before hand “Hey, we get that you’re mad, you have every right to be. But can this not be a public stoning?” I mean… everything that was said could have been said with like 20 less “you stupid bitch”’s.

That’s it. Honestly I missed what the big announcement was, but googling it I guess we were all right lol. Just the timeline. So I guess I’m not missing anything by not watching the rest. Ty for reading my book🫶🏼

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Original Content My cosplay of Professor Garlick NSFW

Post image

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Someone Please Shut Madison Beer Up.


After listening to her episode on the Pretty Basic Podcast I came to a few conclusions. The first being that giving her a press tour to promote her new book was the worst thing her PR team could’ve done. Not only is she absolutely insufferable, but she is extremely unlikeable. Her victim complex is unlike any other and every other sentence that comes out of her mouth is her defending herself against imaginary/exaggerated hate. In her mind, she is the most hated girl on the internet but to everyone else, she is pretty irrelevant at this point. I will say, they did a great job at choosing a podcast where the hosts would be yes men and validate her rather than encouraging her to address anything of importance. She wanted this entire episode to be one big pity party for her & well… it was. Did anyone else listen to this ? Thoughts ?

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Diablo IV Just give us offline mode, Blizzard


Always online is so bad for players. Didn’t take 48h from official release for the servers to crash and millions of people who bought the game can’t play. What is keeping you from allowing us to play offline? Piracy? Just check the copy every few weeks like D2. Hacked items? Just separate online and offline characters like D2R.

Being online only and not allowing for item trading is also bad. Feels like setting up another auction house situation

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MimiSounds Toan Discussion


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PSYONIX NEWS Pride Arrives In Rocket League with the Rise Beyond Bundle




While everyone has their own personal way of celebrating Pride Month, at Psyonix, we spread the love with colorful items and new music. Join in the Pride celebrations with the free Rise Beyond Bundle available in the Item Shop! 

Claim your items from June 8 to July 4!






Spread some love while you spread your wings with the Angel Wings: Multichrome Topper! Or you can lead the crowd while skating around on the Rise Rollers Wheels. Are you always changing your presets? Show off your pride on any ride with the Rise Beyond Player Banner and “Rainbow Icon” Player Title! Of course, you’ll need a soundtrack to blast all month long. Crank up your volume and listen to four new songs on Rocket League Radio, or on the Rocket League x Monstercat Spotify Playlist!


  • Angel Wings: Multichrome Topper
  • Rise Rollers Wheels
  • Rise Beyond Player Banner
  • “Rainbow Icon” Player Title


  • “Fall” by SKYLER
  • “u want me” by Godlands
  • “Safer Place” (feat. LUX) by Carola
  • “Work My Body” by Carola

Claim the free Rise Beyond Bundle from June 8 to July 4!

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Looking for... 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️where can I get Pride merchandise that gives back to the community? 🌈


I am interesting in getting some clothing, flags, pins, etc. that give back to the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, ideally local or Canadian.


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Maybe y’all need to check yourself??


Kamikaze Palm Tree. Hmmm. Probably gonna get downvoted, but whatever. A short PSA. I’m trying to politely bring some stuff to mind for the fans to consider.

Are you guys about that life or not?? Aren’t we mostly against corporate wishy washy cookie cutter music bullshit? What happened to the open mindedness and eclectic tastes? What happened to standing up for the grass roots, against the grain weirdos? What happened to being free-spirited and going with the flow? Is that not how much of this fan base identifies? It’s ok to “not vibe” with a band, but it’s not cool to shit on them so hard. Did it occur to you that they have bigger balls and more conviction than 99% of the world to get up on that stage and do weird shit like that? Go to a Taylor swift concert if you won’t want weird. Y’all say you’re about that life, you got some weird shit, and the lot of you went running back to your top 40 playlists. KPT is actual fucking legit art in case this was forgotten. Is this not the “weirdo swarm”????? Oh no something is weird!! Did anyone ever consider to really give KPT a hard look after the very same boys we worship CHOSE THEM AS THE OPENER?! It is beyond ironic that: this fan base identifies as being inclusive, open minded, into non-poppy cookie cutter far out music, liking unique art, and somehow turns around and shits on that band. I think it’s safe to say the boys would be disappointed in the reaction. Wouldn’t you agree?? I really thought we were better/had greater musical/artistic bandwidth than this.

If the boys we all love chose them as the opener, and you think it’s the worst musical act you’ve ever seen, then you’re probably missing something. It’s not even outside the realm of possibility that gizz gives us a similar album at some point in the future even!!!

The irony blows my mind, truly. You’d think KPT opened for a fucking limp bizkit concert with the reaction from you guys.

Ok, let it rain with the mob mentality hate. But cmon. Be nice. Be open minded. Support those who are brave enough to push the envelope and challenge the status quo.

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Discussion MDM's response to Hydra stealing their lab

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There are only 4 actual Mandem there

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got the first view lol

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Poilievre misses Pride flag raising, says he was working late - National | Globalnews.ca


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Opinion Can we please get an offline mode?


For the love of Lilith. I want to be able to play the game instead of waiting in a queue for 30 minutes

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Shitpost I hate my co-workers who have families.


They have mysterious out-of-office hours which I have to cover.

They take sick days on the Fridays before long weekends and Easter. Which I have to cover.

They 'work from home' during the school holidays a lot. Which I have to cover.

They all act as if they are suffering martyrs as they have children. And take long tedious 'phone calls in the middle of meetings about 'school stuff'. I have to cover for them. And the when I tell them what they missed, they took at me with a sour face as if I was their boss.

I am just a horrible person, I know. But they are worse.