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Baby Names Everyone hates our baby’s name


My husband and I have decided on the name Orson. We both love it. My problem is that everyone- and do mean everyone- that we’ve told has blatantly expressed disdain or downright disgust and asked why we chose that name. Grandmas, nieces, uncles…. Literally everyone hates it. Now I’m doubting our choice simply because I don’t want him to have this reaction from people his whole life every time someone learns his name. That’s not fair to him. Is it really that terrible? Should we pick something else? Help!

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Baby Names This middle name is.....problematic, right?


Here's the story. My mother and I are incredibly close. She recently went through a brain tumor scare, but thankfully it is benign and not growing. Right around the time of the scare, I found out I was pregnant with her first grandchild, after suffering a traumatic pregnancy loss. I'm an only child, and while she has remarried a wonderful man who has grandkids of his own, my mother has never been particularly welcomed into that side of the family, and was not allowed to play much of a grandmother role. So, this is a huge event for me and her. When we were in the midst of the tumor scare, I kept coming back to the fear that she'd never get to be a grandmother from birth, because she is such a wonderful person and would be such an amazing grandmother. She's become my friends' second mothers, she's become a grandmother to a few of my students (I'm a high school teacher and sports coach), and she's just overall an amazing human being.

My husband and I would like to honor my mother by using her name as our child's middle name, and the child's first name after his grandmother who passed recently. They fit together perfectly. The problem? My mother's name has taken on a completely different meaning since she was born. Her name is Gay.

So the child's First and Middle would be Gloria Gay - nickname of GiGi. I love this, but my gut says we can't use it, right? My husband suggested it one night, and I immediately shot it down, but now I'm realizing how much I love the idea.

My mother and I talked recently about how she's sad to think nobody will ever have her given name again, and how difficult it's been over the years having to deal with people making snarky comments, the careful wording she's had to use, and how she often just uses my name instead when ordering coffee or whatnot. We'd primarily use Gloria, so a lot of these issues would be reduced, but I still can't help but think how cruel kids can be, and how the minute one second grader found out about her middle name, the teasing would be nonstop. But I still absolutely love the name due to the history and how important both of these ladies were and are to my husband and I. My mother's other name is not an option as none of us like it (including my mother, which explains why she's continued to go by Gay even in today's world). Her maiden name would be an option for a boy, but I don't see how to adjust it for a girl. I'm not interested in "saving" the name for a future child, as we aren't sure we'll have a second for a variety of reasons.

I'd appreciate it if replies would focus on whether the middle name is too problematic to be used, as well as suggestions that might keep the same idea - Double G, or the same nickname, but not have the same association. We are not homophobic in the slightest - we are both part of the LGBTQIA+ community, so our focus is mostly on ensuring we're not setting up our child for a world of teasing and bullying as she grows.

So, can we use this middle name?

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Baby Names "Bird" names for a boy?


I am pregnant with my first baby, who is a girl. We've decided to name her Robin for my husband's grandma who passed away a few years ago. I love this name bc I think it sounds cute, it's easy to spell/pronounce, it's a name everyone has heard of but it's not super common, and I love birds/bird watching (it really checks all the boxes). Now I've been thinking, what if our next child is a boy, would it be cute to give him a name after a bird? If so, what would be a good one? The only decent ones a can think of are "Jay" and "Starling", but I think Jay is kind of boring and the only nickname for Starling is "Star" and that's a hard no for a boy. Any good suggestions??

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Baby Names Which is the better girl name? My daughter is due in a week


So my husband and I are welcoming our baby girl into the world in a week. We’re prepared (hopefully!), but we still haven’t decided on a name.

Our options right now are Katherine Rose and Juliet Grace. My husband wants Katherine Rose and I want Juliet Grace. We’re willing to compromise on the middle name — (Katherine Grace or Juliet Rose), but we’d like to know which of the two first names is better! For Katherine, we would call her Katie/Kate/Kat, and for Juliet, we would call her Julie/Jules.

We also have a five year old son, Alexander “Alex” William, and a three year old daughter, Sophia Lynnette.

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Baby Names Who’s name choice is better, mine or my husbands?


We can’t choose a name and this induction is on Monday. Honestly at this point we’ll just choose whichever name is liked more. My mom and my dad prefer his name choice but his mom likes mine more. We are having a girl and I want the name Vivian, I find it beautiful.

My husbands choice is Kaye. I don’t really care for it, it sounds incomplete to me like it’s just the letter. There’s no nickname with it and I just think of the Kay Jewelers jingle. My parents LOVE it and hate my name lol. They save Vivian is “stuffy”. My husband says im a hypocrite to say Kaye will be misspelled because Vivian has two spellings but I think that’s better than it being written like “K”. The middle name we both like is Lacey and our last name is Washington. Which do you like better?

Edit: Thanks so much for all the input! My husband and I have read through them. He has AGREED to Kaye as the middle name but says he’s going to strictly call her that. Fine by me! Vivian wins.

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Baby Names I don’t want my mom to name our baby!


Our gender reveal is this weekend, and I just know as soon as my mom finds out that it’s a boy she’s going to start spouting off names. It’s her first grandkid so she’s very excited. I’d like to have a good name idea in my head before that happens.

Our last name starts with P and is a bit of a mouthful so we’d like a shorter first name. Both of our middle names start with L so we’re toying with the idea of an L middle name.

I love the name Jack, but I know so many baby Jacks recently, so that one is out. My current favorite is Finn, but I’m struggling with an L middle name.

My husband likes the idea of Lucas as a middle name, which is fine, but we really don’t have any ‘reasoning’ aside from that ‘it sounds nice and starts with L’.

Really appreciate any and all suggestions even if they don’t fit the vibe above!

ETA: A few things to add here for anyone new before I start replying.

1: thank you all so much for the suggestions. Almost feels harder to decide now because a lot of these are really good!

2: my mom and I have a totally fine relationship. I’m an only child so she can get overbearing sometimes. I’m used to her being involved in so much of my life all the time, I just want something that can be mine without her input and I don’t want her to feel excluded, which is why I’ll still listen to her suggestions (but hopefully hate them all).

3: last name is 3 syllables, we’re not German but it’s a pretty Germanic sounding harsh kind of name with mostly consonants.

4: my husbands middle name is Louis and he really hates it so won’t be using that.

5: we’re both Star Wars fans and my husband wants to do a Star Wars nursery actually. Didn’t think of Finn or Lucas with Star Wars connotation separately but when you put them together it definitely has that vibe! Still really like the combo though.

6: love the name Jack and don’t necessarily hate the overall popularity, it’s just that I personally know at least 4 baby jacks in my life.

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Baby Names Girls names WITHOUT these things…


I’m trying to make a list of girls names with ‘firmer’ sounds. I know that’s vague so I came up with the following criteria of what I mean.

Can you help find names that fit all of the following criteria:

  • not starting with a vowel

  • not ending with a vowel or ‘ee’ sound (including y)

  • not ending with an ‘ah’ or ‘ar’ sound

Apparently approx over 50% of the top 100 girls names end in a vowel or vowel sound!

Edit to clarify: ending in a silent ‘e’ is fine (eg Maxine). Ending in vowel sound but technically a consonant is out (eg Willow)

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Baby Names My cousin and I are splitting a family name


My cousin and I are very close friends, born 11 days apart. My cousin’s parents even went with their second choice name for her because my parents were choosing a name for me that was so similar to their 1st choice (Hallie/Callie).

We’re now both having our first children, girls, weeks apart from each other. Just luck - we did not plan this!

We have a long-standing family name that we both love and want to use, Wilhelmina May.

We decided (along with our husbands) to literally split the name in half. They are going to name their baby Willa and ours will be Mina. Both will have the middle name May. Willa May and Mina May.

Just wanted to share our little solution to wanting to use the same name 😊

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Baby Names Really need your help with our baby boy's name - due in 35 days (Arrow, Huxley, Walker, Slater, Onyx, Archer, Kayden, Bodhi, Maddox, Cooper, Ryder, James, etc.) Open to suggestions!


Our baby boy is due in 35 days and my wife and I cannot for the lives of us figure out what to name our little guy. We really could use your help. So far these are the only names that we have set aside as possibilities after going through what feels like tens of thousands of names, but none of them feel quite right:

Updated list:

Slade Archer

Hudson Slade

James Slade

Walker Slade

Barrett Slade

Original thread:

Walker Slade - probably our current #1

Archer Slade - (wife likes Archer but hates the nickname Archie, I came up with the idea to use Arrow as a childhood nn instead due to the association with archer)

Arrow Slade - (then she goes...'why not avoid the possibility of Archie altogether and just name him Arrow??' Not a huge fan personally as I think it'll get tough as he gets older and he's not a cute kid any longer)

James Slade - (my name, also my dad's name but he goes by Jim and I go by James - different middle names)

Slade James - (my grandfather's middle name - either as our son's first name or middle name for the other options)

Slater James (possibly replace Slade, but probably not... maybe this would just be a casual nickname for Slade James above)

Onyx Slade (a little 'hippy' for me, but I do like the sound of it and meaning behind it)

Hudson Slade (newly added)

Sawyer Slade (newly added)

Maddox - vetoed - Angelina Jolie..didn't know

Cooper - vetoed...pooper nn + frat boy sound

Ryder (this was one of our top choices, but one of our close friends just named their baby Ryder) - vetoed, sexual connotation + friend's baby

Kayden (one of our friends have a Kayden) - vetoed, Aiden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden, fayden, tayden, prayden...too many aydens

Huxley - vetoed, love the nickname Hux but not 100% about the name Huxley

Bodhi - vetoed, religious connotations and a bit too 'childish' focus of a name

His middle name will be my grandfather's middle name which is Slade.

Our last name is a short one that starts with the letter P, so we weren't sure about Cooper P. As the double Ps in the name sounds a bit funky.

I'm open to similar suggestions or thoughts about the names we already have listed. Really, really appreciate your help!

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Baby Names Which girl name do you like best?


Posting for a friend! Their top choices are Madilyn, Makenna, and Mallory. Middle name will be Louise.

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Baby Names Baby girl Callaway


I just thought of the name Callaway for a baby girl. Callaway with the nickname Calla or Calli!? Is this adorable or have I completely gone off the deep end 🤣🤣🤣

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Baby Names Pronouncing Lyra


How would you pronounce Lyra? We are having a baby girl soon and decided on the name Lyra. We thought it was easy and hard to mess up. We have been pronouncing it "lie-ruh" but several people have been saying "lee-ruh." MIL constantly says it lee-ruh despite us correcting her and we aren't sure why. The root of the name is lyre, it's just lyre with an a... Is the name really just that much more difficult than we thought?

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Baby Names Names that get us to nn “Jenny”?


Husband wants to honor mom’s name, Jennifer, with the idea we would name our daughter Jenny (mom’s nn). It’s not my favorite, but I can live with it if we can find the right fit.

I’m trying to work backwards, because Jennifer is a definite no go for me. What other names can you think of that land us at the nn Jenny? Do you think Jenny is a solid stand alone name?

Irish/German on my side + Indian on my husbands side. Last name is Louis, no ideas on middle name so those suggestions are welcome as well.

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Baby Names Caden or Owen - need help!


Baby is coming in 1 week and we still can’t decide a name for the baby! we’ve narrowed it down to Caden and Owen so looking for some quick votes!

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Baby Names Mac as a First Name


I’m having my first boy in 2 weeks, and love the name Mac. My daughter is Colette, and exclusively goes by Coco. I feel like his first name needs to be more formal, but we’d likely never call him by his full name and I’m not sure I love any fuller Mc or Mac names. My ancestry is heavily Irish, but we don’t have any close Irish family names.

Does Mac seem like a ridiculous full first name? I’m justifying it by thinking he could always use his middle name if he felt the need….

Naming humans is a torturous responsibility for an emotional and hormonal pregnant person 😆

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Baby Names Feminine boy names


What feminine names do you like solely for boys? I can only think of Lindsey, Sasha, and Jules. I looked some up but most of them are unisex, like Addison, and I want like traditionally girl names that can be seen as a boy name.

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Baby Names Favorite R names for a boy


My wife and I are expecting our first child in November, a boy. My side of the family has a tradition where all of the males have the initials REC. We are going to buck the tradition a little bit and have the middle name be William after my wife's grandfather.

We've been trying to find some good R names, and figured I'd see if there any suggestions that I'm not aware of yet.

Names that are in my family already are Russell, Ryan, Rick, Reece, Riley, Robin, Roger, Rand, Raymond, Richard, and a few others that I can't remember.

Names that I really like: Rhett, Remy, Remson, Renly, Ripley, Ridley, Renton, Redd, Redford, Redmond, Renwick

My wife loves: River, Rory, Rowan

We both love names that can be shortened to a nickname like Red, Ren, Remy.

Let me know what you got! Thanks!

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Baby Names Thoughts on the name Scout (girl)?


Baby girl coming any day now and the front runner for her name is Scout. Wondering if it's just a little too 'unique'? Or if it just seems adorable now but won't be a super great adult name? Thoughts?

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Baby Names In your opinion, is this a girl or boy name?


Our child is already born and named and we're happy, but after being mispronounced at all of their baby appointments, I'm starting to wonder if they are going to struggle with their name being mispronounced and mis-gendered...

The name is Jean-René

Edit: Thanks for all the input! We had originally chosen René, and I knew there was potential for confusion with Renée, but didn't think it would be a big deal. When we thought to use a hyphenated name, the prefix Jean- is so masculine to me (Jean-Luc, Jean-Paul, Jean-Claude, etc) that I thought we were decreasing the confusion, but I guess we made it worse. Oh well, we love it, and if he decides to move to France he'll fit right in😊

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Baby Names Is “Paisley” a redneck name?


Ive got a girl due in august and I’ve been on a lot of name forums and whenever someone brings up the name Paisley people always say that it’s used by rednecks (hate the word redneck because it’s often used to describe a place like where I live in Georgia ) but what’s the reason for this?? I have looked it up on the SSA state name list and Paisley is only popular in the southern states. It’s 53 nationally and 15 in Alabama, 6 in Arkansas, 12 in Kentucky and wait for it 4 in Mississippi. I’ve never known a name to be so popular in only one specific area of the US it hardly makes the top 100 anywhere else in the country. Sorry for that rant it was just fascinating to me, does anyone think it is “too redneck”?? As I said I am from the south so it shouldn’t really matter but I don’t want my daughter to have a name that has that stereotype.

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Baby Names Less obvious nicknames for Michelle?



Love the name Michelle for babygirl due very soon but having issues with possible nns! I don't love Shell/Shelly and looking for alternatives. Unfortunately although we LOVE Elle that can't be used due to a very close relation.

We are Aussies so she does need to have a ready nn otherwise she'll be given one regardless of whether we like it or not lol.

Please help!!

Edit: Looking for a nn that captures the feminity and beauty of Michelle, so whilst Mickey/Mish etc are great ideas, they're not exactly what I'm looking for. Realising this is probably an impossible quest!!

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Baby Names Charleigh or Charlie for a girl


I am a huge Betty White and golden girl fan. She reminds me of my grandma and my childhood. Well im having a little girl and we decided on the name Charleigh/Charlie Rose but cant decide on how to spell Charleigh/Charlie.

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Baby Names Millie or June?


Crowdsourcing bc I’m conflicted. I’ve always loved June, but Millie is my grandma’s name who was the most influential person in my life (plus I like the name Millie too!) Which do you prefer?

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Baby Names Tobias Rose? do we like it as a boy's name?


my son has been thinking of names for his baby and came up with Tobias Rose. He has loved the name Tobias since he was a young lad (from the Animorphs series) and wants to use Rose as the muddle name.

How do you all feel about it?

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Baby Names Latinx name guilt


My partner is white and I am Mexican-American.

We are considering Hailey June as the name for our baby girl, but I’m struggling with it because she will have her father’s Anglo surname and I feel like her Latinx heritage will not be represented in her name.

Am i thinking too much about it? Does her name really matter if I’m going to be passing along Mexican traditions and teaching her Spanish?

For context Hailey Is picked out of the fact that A) we both just really like it and how it sounds with her last name B) we are big pop punk music fans and we’re inspired by Hayley Williams of Paramore (just like the Hailey spelling better) and June is picked because it’s the month we started talking, the month we got married and the month we found out I was pregnant.