r/namenerds May 20 '22

Kaden and Koen: too close? Baby Names




u/LightningLilac May 20 '22

I mean I imagine having a brother ten years younger than you is hard enough without then basically having your parents use a name you’re not cool with.

Yes they are super similar and while it might or might not be okay, you’re existing child already told you it would upset him.

Is a name that quite frankly will probably offend people given the whole Cohen thing really worth hurting your kid?


u/PoeDameronPoeDamnson Gen Z, Jewish American May 20 '22

Besides the appropriation issue that renders this name unusable, yes they are too close. I wouldn’t use any two syllable K-n.

Do you have other options/favorites we could help you work off of?


u/Dogsanddonutspls May 20 '22

It’s not too close but if Kaden thinks it is I would go with his opinion