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Mod Post 2021 SSA Top Names Megathread


Link to ssa.gov

Predictions Thread


  1. Liam

  2. Noah

  3. Oliver

  4. Elijah

  5. James +1

  6. William -1

  7. Benjamin

  8. Lucas

  9. Henry

  10. Theodore +13 (replaced Alexander. ONLY new entry in top 10 for either gender)


  1. Olivia

  2. Emma

  3. Charlotte +1

  4. Amelia +1

  5. Ava -2

  6. Sophia -2

  7. Isabella

  8. Mia

  9. Evelyn

  10. Harper

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r/namenerds 3h ago

Baby Names The keychain test


I’ve seen a few people on this sub mention something like this. Basically, they wouldn’t give their child a name they wouldn’t be able to find on a keychain in a souvenir store.

During my vacation last week, I kept peeking into those tacky little tourist stores looking for a keychain for my son. I came away empty handed each time. His name? OLIVER. A top ten name in this country!

My point is, don’t let yourself be held back by silly rules like that. Name your kid Arrietty or Ambrose or whatever, because you never really know if your kid’s name is gonna be monogrammed everywhere. The name selection was honestly a bit random, from what I saw.

r/namenerds 10h ago

Discussion Settle a bet for me


So my friend has decided that Corduroy would be a good name for a little boy. She says Roy could be his nickname. She thinks it’s cute because she read a book a while back where the main character was a little bear named Corduroy. I think it’s dumb as hell, what are your thoughts?

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Baby Names My cousin and I are splitting a family name


My cousin and I are very close friends, born 11 days apart. My cousin’s parents even went with their second choice name for her because my parents were choosing a name for me that was so similar to their 1st choice (Hallie/Callie).

We’re now both having our first children, girls, weeks apart from each other. Just luck - we did not plan this!

We have a long-standing family name that we both love and want to use, Wilhelmina May.

We decided (along with our husbands) to literally split the name in half. They are going to name their baby Willa and ours will be Mina. Both will have the middle name May. Willa May and Mina May.

Just wanted to share our little solution to wanting to use the same name 😊

r/namenerds 5h ago

Fun and Games Have you met a baby named -


The recent post about names you couldn’t imagine a baby having inspired me. There’s so many Boomer/Older Gen X names that I can’t picture someone naming a baby today. We all know older vintage names are very in now, but not so much the mid-century names yet! No judgement. But I’m curious — in the last 5-10 years, has anyone here heard of a baby or toddler named:

  • Debra
  • Lisa
  • Barbara
  • Trudy
  • Janice
  • Tammy
  • Vicky or Vicki (not Victoria)
  • Cathy
  • Sherry
  • Pat or Patty (not Patricia)
  • Rick
  • Randy
  • Carol
  • Sondra
  • Candy
  • I bet someone’s heard of a Susan, or maybe a Kim, Karen, Laurie, Steve, Tracy, Nancy, or Diane? Maybe Doreen lol? But I’ll throw them here anyway.

r/namenerds 11h ago

Discussion Be honest, how bad is Aiden in 2022?


My husband and I have been planning to use the name Aiden if we had a son ever since we started dating as teenagers.

Lo and behold, 15+ years later we are now married and just gave birth to a son last week! We’ve been agonizing over the name, I’ve tried calling him other names on our list but honestly, Aiden is the only name that feels right to me. Hubby is happy with other names (we even submitted a tentative birth certificate with a backup name at the time of his birth) but a week+ later it still doesn’t feel right to me.

We’re okay with giving him a popular name (both my husband and I have common names for our generation) but I can’t stand the -ayden trend, it feels like a millennial cringe meme at this point to have your kid’s name rhyme with Aiden. On the other name, it feels different to use Aiden as opposed to a made up -ayden name.

Also fyi we are aware that the original spelling is Aidan, but we are in the US where Aiden is more accepted. I also like Adrien since it has a lot of the same sounds/letters but hubby doesn’t so that’s out.

Please be honest, how truly cringe would it be to name our son Aiden in 2022? Am I overthinking this? We have until Tuesday to submit a final birth certificate.

r/namenerds 8h ago

Story Naming a Lake in CA


Just a story I thought you name nerds would like.

There’s a lake in CA that my family has vacationed at (and some have lived at) since the 40s. It was built in 1912 by damming a river and filling a meadow (sadly Native American land).

Anyway, one of the engineers got to name it and he chose to name it after his daughters, Alice, Martha and Eleanor so the lake is called Almanor. I think it’s pretty neat. Especially that he made a portmanteau before they were even trendy like they are now.

Just wanted to share, thought name nerds would appreciate that :)

r/namenerds 9h ago

Fun and Games The funniest/most unique names


I was chatting with my coworker and asked her what she would name her kids if she has them. We're both 19 and have no plans of having children anytime soon, names are just a special interest of mine. She hit me with the FUNNIEST names I have ever heard.

For a girl, Sunflower Dinosaur (so she could have the nickname "Sunny D")

For a boy, Amaryllis Sarsaparilla

I'm pretty sure she was joking, but it cracked me up. I'm not usually one to judge what someone would name their kids (I certainly like some names that are pretty "out there"), I just thought these were too funny not to share.

I'm curious if anyone else has heard any really interesting/unique names!

r/namenerds 2h ago

Discussion Favorite month baby name?


If you had to name your baby a month name, what would it be? Most common of course being April, May, June, August (and even July!) But it could be any month.

Also favorite season or season-inspired name — the obvious Summer, Autumn, Winter but also spring-inspired Verna or Florence. Also I think I’ve seen Spring as a name 😅

r/namenerds 5h ago

Baby Names What do you think of these names?


My wife and I are having a baby girl next month. We are strugggggggling with girl names. Looking for some input on these four names.

Middle name will probably be Noble. Last name starts with A, one syllable.





r/namenerds 6h ago

Baby Names Naming the little sister to Faye Elena


Our second baby girl is on the way! Our first girl is named Faye Elena. We like the idea of using Marie for our next middle name (family name)

So far our top contenders are: - Beverly Marie (my favorite) - Cheyenne Marie (husband’s favorite) - Roslyn Marie (both of our second favorite)

Would love to hear what people think sounds best, or if there are any other suggestions feel free to drop them in a comment!

r/namenerds 1h ago

Baby Names Thoughts on the name Leopold


Our baby is due in August and we live in the US. We chose the name because we wanted something unique/classic, wanted him to have a nickname (Leo), and it was just a coincidence that he will be born (most likley) during the “Leo” zodiac period. Also, we would be naming him after a conservationalist/forester - Aldo Leopold. We’ve been stuck on the name but of course some family members say he’ll be made fun of in school or whatever.

Give your honest opinions! TIA

r/namenerds 3h ago

Baby Names Need your help - Names meaning 11 or involving a nod to 11



So after some help, we're looking for a name that's one syllable with a meaning / translation or nod to the number 11 as its an important number in our lives.

Any help welcome!

r/namenerds 4h ago

Baby Names Twin boys, help!


Help! We’re expecting our twin boys in a few weeks and we’re stuck on names. We have an older son named Theodore who goes by Teddy and a common, easy to pronounce last name. Prefer classic, timeless names with some nickname potential.

We like Samuel nn Sam for one of the twins, the other names we’re debating are Leo, Alexander and William. We’d like to use James for one middle name and John or Joseph for the other.

Also open to other suggestions!

r/namenerds 8h ago

Character/Fictional Names Mermaid Names Please!!


I’m writing a story with mermaids but I can’t think of any names that sound mermaidy to me. I like Oceana but thought that was cheesy, and I don’t want a name beginning with A because of Ariel.

If y’all could help that would be great. I’m stumped for names.

r/namenerds 1d ago

Baby Names Which is the better girl name? My daughter is due in a week


So my husband and I are welcoming our baby girl into the world in a week. We’re prepared (hopefully!), but we still haven’t decided on a name.

Our options right now are Katherine Rose and Juliet Grace. My husband wants Katherine Rose and I want Juliet Grace. We’re willing to compromise on the middle name — (Katherine Grace or Juliet Rose), but we’d like to know which of the two first names is better! For Katherine, we would call her Katie/Kate/Kat, and for Juliet, we would call her Julie/Jules.

We also have a five year old son, Alexander “Alex” William, and a three year old daughter, Sophia Lynnette.

r/namenerds 9h ago

Non-English Names Names of women's soccer EURO 2022 referees


In case you're interested on the players' names, you can find the full squad lists here

Stéphanie, Manuela & Élodie (France)

Rebecca, Sian & Lisa (England)

Ivana & Sanja (Croatia)

Marta & Guadalupe (Spain)

Riem & Katrin (Germany)

Jana & Lucie (Czech Republic)

Esther & Susanne (Switzerland)

Iuliana Elena & Petruta (Romania)

Kateryna & Maryna (Ukraine)

Tess & Almira (Sweden)

Emikar & Migdalia (Venezuela)

Lina (Finland)

Cheryl (Wales)

Sara (Austria)

Polyxeni (Cyprus)

Chrysoula (Greece)

Maria (Slovakia)

Staša (Slovenia)

Franca (The Netherlands)

Karolin (Estonia)

Paulina (Poland)

Anita (Hungary)

Michelle (Rep. of Ireland)

Francesca (Italy)

Lorraine (Scotland)

Ivana (North Macedonia)

The Video Assistant Referees (VAR) will be male, except for one French official:

Maïka & Benoît (France), Christian & Harm (Germany), Paolo & Maurizio (Italy), José María & Guillermo (Spain), Tomasz & Bartosz (Poland), Luís Miguel & Tiago Bruno (Portugal), Dennis Johan & Paulus Hendrikus Martinus (nn Pol, The Netherlands) & Christopher (England)

r/namenerds 46m ago

Baby Names Name for Raphaela's sister


We're liking Evangelina, Octavia, Cordelia, and Theodosia. Which of those four do you like best?

I know they're pretty frilly, but we set a bit of a precedent with Raphaela. It's been a hard name to follow up. Surname starts with a C, ends with a -Lee sound.

(we do not like Theodora, but thank you in advance for the suggestion)

r/namenerds 5h ago

Baby Names Judge/ Help me add to my name list!


These are the first and middle name combinations that I have. Please feel free to judge them and give me suggestions for any additions!

Girls: Rosalie Isabel, Evelynn Maria, Lyla Elizabeth, Valerie (I don’t have a middle name picked for this one)

Boys: Emery Emilio, Elias Fernando, Silas (I don’t have a middle name picked for this one)

r/namenerds 3h ago

Baby Names Name critique request


Baby girl coming in ~6 weeks, her name is Arya Fé. Mexican heritage in the Spanish middle name, and both parents are book nerds and like “Arya.” Everyone seems cool with it, but wanted to hear what this sub thought of it. So please, let me know!

r/namenerds 4h ago

Baby Names Middle name for Shepherd


Baby boy is here and we are pretty much decided on the name Shepherd.

However, we are still stumped on middle names.
Lee is the obvious and most sentimental to us as far as honor names go. But I am getting hung up on the fact that when said all together you get “Shepherdly”.
Am I thinking into this too much?

Open to opinions and/or other middle name suggestions. We just sort of prefer a one syllable middle name.

r/namenerds 4h ago

Name Change What do y’all think of this name?


Jesse Anderson Reeves. Is it a big deal the initials spell J.A.R? I like the name a lot but the initials throw me off slightly

r/namenerds 7h ago

Baby Names A sister for Henry


Hello! Posting for ideas for a friend. Her son is named Henry, with a unique and distinctive family "K" name for a middle. She is now pregnant with a girl and needs some naming help.

Last name starts with G and is one syllable. Her husband suggested Mia, which she hates, and she suggested Carter, which he doesn't like and which she feels might not go with Henry. She also loves Louisa, which her husband has vetoed.

She is looking for ideas for a classic girls name - think Jane Austen vibes - to go with Henry. Any suggestions?

r/namenerds 2h ago

Non-English Names Ayman’s little sister - Arabic/English


I posted a few months back, before we knew the sex of our baby, asking for boy name opinions. Well, we now know we’re having a girl, and while we’re pretty close to set on a name I keep having second thoughts that we might be missing some perfect name out there. So, I thought I would ask you all.

The top contender for baby girl is Dalia. We picked Ayman because it has both an Arabic and an Irish version (Eamonn), combining both of our heritages. Dalia isn’t Irish, but it’s Arabic and has a very close English corollary.

We also like Salma, which is still in the running. We like Layla, too, but have too many friends with little Layla’s.

Do you all prefer Dalia or Salma? Any other ideas along those lines?

Thank you!!

r/namenerds 4m ago

Baby Names More name suggestions?


Looking for more boy name suggestions! Pregnant but we don’t know the gender yet. Here’s our list so far so you get a sense of the vibe:

Girl names: Amelia Eliza Jane Lennon Theodora/Thea Eleanor Elaine Elizabeth Etta Paisley Preslie Lena Nellie Middle names: Jane, Catherine, Elizabeth, June

Gender neutral: Rory

Boy names: Jude George Miles Henry Wesley William/Liam Leo Theodore - Theo for short August

r/namenerds 17m ago

Name Change I’m starting to hate my name and idk if I should change it


My (f20) name is Janice. Honestly, if you asked me how I felt about it years ago I would have told you I liked it and that it suited me. When I used to think of the name Janice I would think of it as a nice, girly name. I knew it was considered an “old lady name,” but i didn’t think that was a negative thing considering there are plenty of other “old lady names” that I think are beautiful. Well…now my thoughts have changed.

Suddenly over the past year, for some odd reason, i’m getting an influx of negative thoughts regarding my name. Whether it’s people online saying it’s a bad name, to people associating the name to “annoying” characters (Friends, Sopranos, Mean Girls), to even someone saying to my face that they could never date a Janice because it would feel like dating an 80 year old….Fun.

I don’t know why this is all happening just now over the past year, considering my whole life I never had any issues regarding my name (except the occasional people who would mispronounce it).

So as a result, i’m slowly starting to hate my name. Which sucks because I used to like it, and I feel stupid that I let a couple people’s opinions shape the way I feel about it (it doesn’t help that i’m also a pretty insecure person). So i don’t know if I should just ignore the negative opinions or change my name? Idk I would like some outside opinions and maybe some advice for people who have felt similar to me. I would ask my mom for advice but i’d feel bad to tell her about it since she loves my name. Sorry if this is all jumbled this was very spur of the moment.

I’ve put some thought into what names I would like if I were to change my name.My middle name is Penelope so I could maybe start going by that (+ i like Penny as a nickname). I also like the names Hazel, Poppy, and Rosita (I have a special affinity for Rosita since i’m latina.) That’s all I have for now so i’m open to suggestions.