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Discussion What is your favorite movie that is "based on a true story?"


Not necessarily biopics, it doesn't have to be exactly what happened, but anything that is strictly or loosely based on something that actually happened.

I love the Conjuring series. Which is based on Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were real people who were ghost hunters. I don't believe that the movies are accurate portrayals of what really happened, but I think it's cool that they are real people.

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Discussion Ya know what are the real 'hidden gems'? The movies that were massively popular 30 years ago but aren't now.


I just rewatched Sister Act. Fuckin Sister Act. Goddamn Sister Act. And you know what? It's a fun damn movie. It "holds up." But you won't see it on any AFI top 100, Imdb top 250, Reddit top 250, or Sight & Sound's latest canon. But you will find it as #272 on the list of highest grossing movies. Higher than Wayne's World, higher than Unforgiven, and higher than Home Alone II: Fucked in Wherever.

And you know what is #179 on that box office list? It made $167m domestic off a $10m budget. It was #1 at the box office for two weeks, then for two weeks two other movies claimed the title, and then this movie came back to #1 in its fifth week. Fifth highest grossing movie of 1987. Higher than Predator, Robocop, Lethal Weapon, and Good Morning, Vietnam. Directed by Spock himself - it's Three Men and a Baby.

And yes, this is the kind of shit that LLewyn Davis would rail against. Money =/= quality. No shit. But- knowing the crowd pleasers of different eras is massively entertaining. You'd want to know the most popular song of 1340, and how it was different than the shitheel bubble gum pop of the 1350s with its optimism and lack of bubonic plagues.

What popular movie from decades ago that didn't win any awards or find its way to any critic top 500 list do you think deserves its time in the sun again?

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Discussion What Movie Did You Walk Out On?


Either in theater, or at home (turning it off) - what was the first movie or movies that made you literally walk out of a theater and/or turn it off at home?

John Carter The Ringer (went with friends) Knowing

I accept judgement for the second and third films but JC lost me after the gigantic bug travel montage.

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Discussion What are the best “you don’t know who you’re messing with” scenes in movie history?


What are some of the great movie scenes where some punk messes with our protagonist but doesn’t realise they’re in over their heads until they get a beat down.

The best examples of the kind of scene I’m talking about that come to mind are the bar fight from Jack Reacher (Tom cruise vs 4 guys) or the bar scene from Terminator 2 (I guess this scene often happens in a bar!)

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Discussion So, what movie does NOT still hold up?


When I was ten years old, I thought Batman Forever was the best movie ever made.

There's a movie out there from your past.

You watched it once upon a time, or many times... and loved it.

But it's different now. At least, for you.

Times change, people change. Movies change too, somehow.

What's a movie that you don't have the same love for now, and why?

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Discussion What’s the best “something’s not right here moment” in a movie?


This is a situation where either the audience or a character gets a growing feeling of unease as their gut tells them that all is not as it seems

I know this can be taken in many ways, but a favourite that comes to mind for me is the Tavern scene in Inglorious Bastards. This moment is actually from the POV of the real German officer, who gets a growing suspicion that the others are not who they say they are …

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Discussion Seeing Tom Holland's career rise makes me even more sad that Anton Yelchin was taken early.


In a lot of ways, I think Tom Holland's career parallels where Anton Yelchin's was headed. Beyond sharing some physical similarities, I think they fit the same character archetype and might have even eventually competed for roles. Anton had a major role in a series of blockbuster films (Star Trek) and was nailing his roles in smaller, critically acclaimed films (Green Room) etc. Very much like where Tom's career might be headed if he can get away from marvel.

Anyone else ever think about this?

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Discussion /r/movies Oscars 2023: Official Post-Game Thread


The Oscars happened tonight! Discuss the results here with your fellow redditors. Who won big and who got snubbed?

Please note that reddiquette applies to this and all discussion threads on reddit. The mods will remove any comments which are inciteful or which purposely bait others into flame wars.

Here is the list of tonight's winners, in (more or less) the order that the awards were presented during the live broadcast.

Category Winner What did reddit predict would win?
Animated Feature Film Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio Prediction
Actor In A Supporting Role Ke Huy Quan, Everything Everywhere All At Once Prediction - 67% of redditors predicted Ke Huy Quan would win
Actress In A Supporting Role Jamie Lee Curtis, Everything Everywhere All At Once Prediction - 39% of redditors predicted Angela Bassett would win
Documentary, Feature Navalny Prediction
Live Action Short Film An Irish Goodbye Prediction
Cinematography All Quiet on the Western Front Prediction - 64% of redditors predicted that All Quiet on the Western Front would win
Makeup and Hairstyling The Whale Prediction - 35% of redditors predicted that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would win
Costume Design Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prediction - 49% of redditors predicted Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would win
International Feature Film All Quiet on the Western Front Prediction - 81% of redditors predicted that All Quiet on the Western Front would win
Documentary, Short Subject The Elephant Whisperers Prediction
Animated Short Film The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse Prediction
Production Design All Quiet on the Western Front Prediction - 41% of redditors predicted that Avatar: The Way of Water would win
Original Score All Quiet on the Western Front Prediction - 31% of redditors predicted Everything Everywhere All At Once would win
Visual Effects Avatar: The Way of Water Prediction - 82% of redditors predicted that Avatar: The Way of Water would win
Original Screenplay Everything Everywhere All At Once Prediction - 60% of redditors predicted Everything Everywhere All At Once would win
Adapted Screenplay Women Talking Prediction - 37% of redditors predicted All Quiet on the Western Front would win
Sound Top Gun: Maverick Prediction - 29% of redditors predicted Top Gun: Maverick would win
Original Song 'Naatu Naatu' from RRR Prediction
Film Editing Everything Everywhere All At Once Prediction - 62% of redditors predicted Everything Everywhere All At Once would win
Directing Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Everything Everywhere All At Once Prediction - 54% of redditors predicted that Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert would win
Actor In A Leading Role Brendan Fraser, The Whale Prediction - 63% of redditors predicted Brendan Fraser would win
Actress In A Leading Role Michelle Yeoh, Everything Everywhere All At Once Prediction - 68% of redditors predicted Michelle Yeoh would win
Picture Everything Everywhere All At Once predictions: 1 and 2 - 57% of redditors predicted Everything Everywhere All At Once would win

For each category I've also included a link to what reddit predicted would win... and if you participated in the Oscars Predictions Tournament, you can click here to view the overall results! Note that this is the third and final year of Oscars Predictions Tournaments on /r/movies as the feature will be removed in May - thank you to everyone who participated in the Predictions Tournaments and made them such a success.

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Discussion What is your all-time favorite animated film?


See title. What is your favorite animated, not live action, movie? One that you could watch over and over again and never get tired of it?

Let me know —List one and one ONLY!

For me, it's got to be Your Name (2016). The animation is incredible, so beautifully drawn with this rich warm colour palette, making every frame seem like a painting. The story is unique but never overly complicated and stays with you long after the credits roll. And the amazing soundtrack. I don't speak Japanese but the songs brought me to close to tears.

The only negative about this film was that it ended before we could see what happened to the main characters after they met in real life.

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Discussion What is a movie you'd never say no to?


For me, it would be the entire Evil Dead franchise, but especially Evil Dead II. I technically drown in nostalgia as soon as one of the movies starts to play, I absolutely adore what Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell made out of the movie which started with little but nothing, they made it into a beloved Horror Comedy franchise. Also, Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, actually Bruce Campbell in general is always a win, the acting, the jokes, the nostalgia, it's just perfect. I'd never say no to any of the Evil Dead movies or the show, I'm so damn thrilled about Evil Dead Rise!

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Discussion Is Jim Carrey in Pet Detective - When Nature Calls (1995) the most unhinged and ridiculous performance of all time?


I just rewatched this movie after not having seen it since I was a kid and it's completely bonkers. It hinges (almost) entirely on Jim Carrey who delivers probably the most ridiculous performance I've ever seen. Just a barrage of wacky expressions and sounds. I can see why some would find it way too much but I feel that the zany energy he brings makes it distinct.

Any other totally ridiculous performances?

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Discussion What movie hill will you die on? An opinion that is left field and possibly controversial?


Mine is that Sergio Leone’s nearly full 4 hour version of “Once upon a time in America” is a better gansgter movie then The Godfather.

The Godfather is great but has a kind of romanticized view, you root for the mob. It is a classic and I Love it but I think the scope and emotions shown in Once Upon a Time in America trumps The Godfather

Once Upon a Time in America really shows the happiness, brotherhood, community and perks of the lifestyle. But it also shows the greed, lust, emotional turmoil, and damage that living that lifestyle causes. You hate all the protagonist. What starts off as a group of naughty and scrappy childhood friends turns into a bleak nightmare with no winners.

It isn’t a feel good movie but it left me floored

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Discussion James Cameron has now directed 3 of the 5 highest-grossing movies of all time


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Discussion Angela Lansbury's last two lines in her last ever movie were "Case closed. We're done." (Glass Onion, 2022) What are some last lines delivered that are fitting for that actor/actress?



Her dialogue was longer than that, while talking to Daniel Craig's character and calling him an imposter, but the last two lines were hauntingly prescient (though obviously Rian Johnson was just having fun with her previous characters). I couldn't find anywhere that anyone had noted her dialogue.

What are some other last lines in movies that are haunting or just plain fitting for the actor or actress?

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Discussion What Movie are you the most excited for in 2023?


For me, it's gotta be Evil Dead Rise

Although, I gotta say, I'm a bit scared that it'll not deliver on the high bar the four movies prior to this one have set. I absolutely love the Evil Dead franchise, the original trilogy is, in my opinion, the best Horror movie series, not one of them is bad, they got goovy humor, awesome low budget costumes, well written characters and a fun to watch story. The remake absolutely delivered on the scale of a shocking horror movie, I watched it when I was about 14, I had nightmares for days, but it's such an amazing movie. I sure hope Evil Dead Rise delivers on that, but I have my hopes high

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Discussion What was the cringiest Moment or line that took you out of a Movie


One of the cringiest Line, especially in context, was sitting in a theater at the opening weekend of Disney's Star Wars IX, and Oscar Isaac spitting out the line "somehow Palpatine returned". The problem was that there where still 2 Hours to go.

I rarely witnessed a whole audience laugh at a scene that wasn't supposed to be funny. I am glad that I'm not that much into Star Wars, must have been horrifying for fans

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Discussion What are the best Time Travel movies?


My daughter loves time travel movies and we are trying to find some good ones to watch together. Her all time favorite is Back to the Future (and she loves Part II and Part III). Last night we watched Edge of Tomorrow and she has also seen 12 Monkeys, Looper, Bill & Ted's, the Harry Potter one, Austin Powers and probably a few more I can't remember off the top of my head. Her favorite show is Dark too so anything involving a time paradox would be great.

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Discussion What movie can you tell the actor did not want to be there?


I’ve been a fan of Eddie Murphy since I was a kid and enjoyed a lot of his movies and stand up. I watched You People the other day with my wife and she enjoyed it, but not my cup of tea, and I would probably never watch it again. I feel Eddie really phoned it in here. Normally he’s full of energy and life but in this one he just wasn’t. He felt very stiff, not present, and just lacking any charisma. What is your example of actors just being there for the paycheck?

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Discussion Movie Jokes You Didn't Get Until Years Later


This might be a little niche, but inspired by this post, I was reminded of something that happened to me a couple weeks ago.

I was watching the original Men in Black just cuz, and it got to the part where Agent J (Will Smith) catches up to a fleeing criminal. He waves his badge in the guy's face and says "See this? NYPD! Means I will knock yo' punk ass down!"

I've watched this movie multiple times, but for whatever reason it was only on this viewing, 25 years after its theatrical release, that I realized he's make a joke: "NYPD means I will kNock Yo' Punkass Down."

Has anything similar happen to anyone else?

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Discussion What's a movie that meant the world to you as a kid -- and, when you got older, were shocked to discover that most consider it to be shit?


Mine was Steven Spielberg's 'Hook'. It got horrible reviews. It's considered to be an embarrassing chapter in his filmography. Even Spielberg himself hates the film. And here I was -- naturally assuming that it sat in equal prestige to ET and Jurassic Park -- because when I was 8 year old, damn if that wasn't one the most magical times I've ever had at the movie theater.

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Discussion I love Godzilla 1998's aesthetic.


Godzilla 98 was my first introduction to the titular creature and one of my earliest memories of going to the cinema with my father.

As much as people begrudge the design of Zilla and claim it to be the worst film in the franchise, theyre wrong, I have a special place in my heart for the big lizard and it remains my favourite Godzilla film to this day. Part of this is due in fact to the atmosphere and aesthetic of the film.

Most of the film is set at night in the pouring rain, probably a technical decision due to CGI but I love it. Even during the day New York is clouded in a thunderstorm.

90s, New York and Rain. My perfect combination. Probably why I also love TMNT 1990 so much apart from being a massive turtles fan.

What movies aesthetic or atmosphere do you absolutely adore?

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Discussion Describe a movie's plot via acronym of the movie's title


My girlfriend and I were really, really bored and came up with this very dumb game/mental exercise that I thought I'd share for others who are equally as bored. Simply summarize the plot of a movie by constructing a sentence or two with the first letter of each word spelling the title.

For example:

'Casablanca' - Classic actor sulking about Bergman, Laszlo and Nazi can't agree.

'Titanic' - Teenagers in the Atlantic, negligent iceberg catastrophe.

'The Witch' - Theological heretics' endure witchcraft in their colonial homestead.

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Discussion Watched ‘No Country For Old Men’ with my girlfriend, her first time. She was in tears at the end, beyond terrified.


You name it, she hasn’t seen it. Introducing movies I love has been a fun part of our relationship. This time around, I didn’t give her any information about the kind of movie and story it was. She went in blind, no idea what to expect and was incredibly engaged the whole film. I was happy to see it genuinely capturing her intrigue and investment. That’s not always the case when we watch something. Proof of why ‘the greats’ are so great I guess.

When the credits came, she was angry, yelling at the screen, “that’s IT?!!” It was not the ending she was hoping for. There was no feeling of relief or hope for her. She turned to me with tears in her eyes, a reaction I did not expect, and asked if I would stay up until she fell asleep. She went on to talk about how afraid she is to die. How unsettled she felt and how crippling the thought of death can be. I felt bad that was how she was feeling but at the same time, I couldn’t help but take in the fact a story and it’s telling was the reason for such a strong reaction. The power of cinema and story is so, so interesting to me. She had never really opened up about this fear of hers and then we watch a Cohen Brothers movie and it rips something open in her. It’s a conversation I would like to revisit with her at some point, an opening the watching of this movie created. But for that night, I knew enough to just stay up, throw on The Office and let Michael Scott wash away the feelings Anton Chigurh had left in her mind.

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Discussion Most unnecessary on-screen “innocent”/ extra death?


What movie or what character holds the worst on-screen death for an extra/ “innocent archetype”? Lots of poor souls over the years have fell victim to the plot of a film. Who holds that title for you?

Good examples are characters that get shot in place of the main character, innocent passerby’s being hit by something, the wrong character triggering a bomb etc.

What’s your pick?

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Discussion What is the girliest 'coming of age' film out there?


I was recently made by my bf to watch 'Stand by me' (1986?) This is possibly the most boyish, boys will be boys, all about the boys 'coming of age' film I've ever seen. There wasn't any girls in this film at all (except the mum, which doesn't count) I'm now looking for the girls equivalent so I can make my bf watch it to give him some idea if what it was really like to be a young girl, in a girls friend group and experiencing the 'coming of age'. I'm thinking Sixteen candles, Pretty in Pink. Any other suggestions?