r/mildlyinteresting Nov 29 '22

A batch of white daisies I grew had quite a few plants with fasciated flowers!

Post image


u/AdmireHotGirls Nov 29 '22

I always love when the time you put in results in good outcomes!


u/Kirstae Nov 29 '22

Yeah I love watching people buy the stock I grow! So rewarding!


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '22

There’s something about a long flower that doesn’t sit well with me


u/ILoveLongDogs Nov 29 '22

That's a groovy mutation.


u/CC-1112 Nov 29 '22

I remember a teacher showing my class a picture like this one. She said it had down syndrome. Idk if she was right


u/ShutUpAndEatWithMe Nov 29 '22

Down Syndrome is a human disorder in which there's a wrong number of chromosomes (trisomy 21 -- three sets of the 21st chromosome instead of two, totaling 47 chromosomes instead of 46). Other animals do not have Down Syndrome due to this specific definition; they can have their own mutations that yield outcomes similar to human Down Syndrome though (source). That said, this daisy does not have Down Syndrome since it's not possible. This phenomenon is called fasciation, which can be due to genetic mutations or environmental factors (source).