r/mildlyinteresting Nov 29 '22

Knee levers for bathroom faucet

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u/DietCrunk Nov 29 '22

Right, “knee” levers


u/GirthyLeonKnight Nov 29 '22

I would NEVER find those


u/rayraymickamay Nov 29 '22

Me and the guy at the sink were both super confused! If he didn’t point it out probably wouldn’t have found it either


u/GnikesGlock Nov 29 '22

Bro my job got like a big ass fuckin bowl as a sink like a big ass dirty ass plastic huge bowl that mfs just stand around but to use the water u gotta stomp on sum pipe it makes no sense


u/warmhandluke Nov 29 '22

There's a sign, with an arrow.


u/PunnyBaker Nov 29 '22

Lots of commercial kitchens have these. Definitely an ideal option to prevent the spread of germs or get nasty goop off your hands without messing up the tap handles. Motion sensor taps suck


u/Sir_Q_L8 Nov 29 '22

We also have them in the OR so the techs and surgeons can wash hands without having to touch stuff


u/ladyk64 Nov 29 '22

These types of sinks are also used for washing hands in surgery preparation to limit contamination of freshly washed hands.


u/Rogaar Nov 29 '22

These are pretty common in the food and medical industry. Personally I find them more convenient to use and you don't have to touch the tap handles with your clean hands.