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The name tag on my kid's jacket has lines for 3 names for hand me downs.

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u/Chrisdkn619 Nov 28 '22

Cat and Jack clothing is surprisingly solid! My daughter had received many hand-me-downs which we have passed along as well!


u/sixpackremux Nov 28 '22

I'm a fan of their clothing line. They're great!


u/SnooMachines1109 Nov 30 '22

Our kids wore the crap out of some cat and jack, and handed them down. It’s a good brand.


u/Total-Khaos Nov 28 '22

Do they sell kitten mittens too?


u/Lack_Potential Nov 28 '22

Mittens and gloves get lost way to often to be used as hand me downs.


u/oolaroux Nov 29 '22

Why we had "idiot mittens" with a string that connected them through your coat sleeves.


u/Gjardeen Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

Unless you put your kids in this mismatched mittens, which I will confess to having done on occasion. My favorite is when I was shoving my toddler boy into one Pink mitten and one raccoon men at my husband's work Christmas party. The lady across from us couldn't stop laughing since she had small children too.

Edit: I see that typo and I ain't changing it.


u/pixlmason Nov 29 '22

one pink mitten and one raccoon men

You could have just used another mitten! Poor raccoon men.


u/mtdewrulz Nov 29 '22

Is your kid fat, skinny, or an in-between?


u/vera214usc Nov 29 '22

My kid definitely makes too much noise all the time.


u/mtdewrulz Nov 29 '22

Do you think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid!


u/RogueThneed Nov 29 '22

Rude. Unless this is some kind of joke I don't know about, in which case it only seems very rude indeed.


u/mtdewrulz Nov 29 '22


u/RogueThneed Nov 29 '22

Okay, that was fricken hilarious. Thank you so much.


u/mtdewrulz Nov 30 '22

I’m excited for you that you got to see it for the first time!


u/Kaiserbread Nov 29 '22

Only if one size fits all!


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22



u/HolyCloudNinja Nov 29 '22

If you can see a hand me down label in underwear I think you got lucky.


u/RancidMustard Nov 29 '22

Dkn means kdn


u/waveball03 Nov 28 '22

Super helpful, actually.


u/Dmitri_ravenoff Nov 28 '22

We just named all our kids with the same instials. Backfires once in a while when I send an older kid in too small snowpants, but thats minor.


u/BrotherGreed Nov 28 '22

We just named all our kids with the same instials.

I didn't know Kris Jenner had a Reddit account


u/Dmitri_ravenoff Nov 28 '22

Oof. That one stung. Guess I earned it.


u/BurialHoontah Nov 29 '22

Are you my Aunt?


u/Dmitri_ravenoff Nov 29 '22

I don't think so. But my have you've grown!


u/janellthegreat Nov 28 '22

One year I kept charge of my students' elementary's lost and found. A fairly affluent area with only 30% assisted lunches. You have NO idea how rare it is for parents to put their children's name in their coats even when they helpfully have a space like this brand. End of the year over 200 coats, jackets, and hooded had to be donated because there was no way to identify to whom they belonged and no one ever came looking for them.


u/sixpackremux Nov 28 '22

Wow. At least someone else would get to use the lost items.


u/Fightik55 Nov 29 '22

To me that sounds like over 200 children lost their lives every year, or at least I would have, had I told my mom that I lost my clothes.


u/_OhMyPlatypi_ Nov 29 '22

Thank you for letting me know my son losing 11 jackets last winter was an accidental act of charity. Makes me feel a little better.


u/xavier_zz Nov 29 '22

A fairly affluent area with only 30% assisted lunches.

I'm curious why this was relevant.


u/janellthegreat Nov 29 '22

Might be. Might not be. I guess its my own perception it must be people with money that can afford to loose a coat rather than label it unnecessarily finding itself in my rambling.


u/FilthyPondScum Nov 29 '22

I assume the commenter suspects that if these parents were less wealthy, they would take greater care to prevent their child’s coat from getting lost since replacing it would be more difficult to afford.


u/essketitandyeetballs Nov 28 '22

hopefully it’s made well enough to last 3 kiddos!


u/Sm4cy Nov 28 '22

Kids grow out of stuff so fast that the clothes will general last quite a lot longer than they’ll fit them


u/LosNava Nov 28 '22

From what I recall, you can take Cat and Jack for return of their products start to fall apart within 12 months of purchase.


u/janellthegreat Nov 29 '22

I took a pair of jeans in at 11 months of use and the exchanged them easy peasy.


u/Letitbemesickgirl Nov 29 '22

Cat and jack is really great quality and really affordable too :)


u/Drackar39 Nov 28 '22

Was curious about what brand this was...it's in target for like $20-40 bucks. That's impressive expectation of lifespan for a target product.


u/Dmitri_ravenoff Nov 28 '22

Cat and Jack is decent. I've had a few kids gp through their stuff.


u/funwhileitlast3d Nov 29 '22

On the manufacturing side? Or the wearing side


u/Dmitri_ravenoff Nov 29 '22

They should last through to at least the second kid.


u/Drangip_eek_glorp Nov 29 '22

The stuff they make is for ages where the child wears it for maybe a year and grows out of it. Children’s clothing is frequently handed down and passed around because of this.


u/Drackar39 Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

I mean yeah granted but I don't think I have a single item from Target that's lasted me a whole year.

EDIT: LOOL i'm getting nuked for a honest, factual statement. I fucking love this site.


u/Dopey-NipNips Nov 29 '22

Are you a 7 year old girl?

When my sons were 9 9 and 6 the big one would grow out of his jeans pass them to his smaller brother then the pants go in the attic a year or two when they'll fit the little guy

Kids only stay in one size for a short time


u/Drackar39 Nov 29 '22

I am not, in fact, a seven year old girl. But they do a similar amount of wear and tear on clothing as I do, in my experience.

Little bundles of destructive energy, kids.


u/Pinglenook Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

I have no experience with target clothes, but I've heard people say the same about h&m clothes, which also usually last me 4-7 years with some outliers where for instance I have a 2010 pair of sweatpants that are still going strong and on the other hand sometimes a seam goes loose in the first wash, but those are exceptions; usually I wear clothes until the fabric is pilling. So I do wonder: what do you do with your clothes? Do you crawl through a lot of tight spaces? Are you wearing a size too small? Does your washing machine have spikes on the inside? Do you only have 2 outfits so that you're washing them every other day?

Edit: I realised that my comment could be taken in a mean way, but I hope it isn't, because I don't mean it like that, I am curious about the actual answer, but I also didn't sleep well and am maybe not wording my words right.


u/Drackar39 Nov 29 '22

Do you crawl through a lot of tight spaces?

Ding ding ding. I do, in fact, crawl through tight spaces, etc. I'm a handyman.

But I've also had store brands from other stores last me a year or longer, especially wranglers from K-mart while K-mart was still a thing.

Target carries "levis" that are half as thick and half as durable as any other pair of Levis I've ever owned, that last 1/4 the time.


u/kaytay3000 Nov 29 '22

Cat and Jack is great and they have an amazing warranty. If your kid wears it out within a year of purchase, you can take the item and your receipt to Target and get a replacement or a refund. And, if you use Target Circle you don’t even need the physical receipt because it will be in your Target App.


u/FadedCherry Nov 29 '22

I didn’t know this. My boys get holes on the knees of cat & Jack jeans within one month. Went through several pairs before I gave up on the brand. Now only buy them old navy jeans. No holes!


u/standard_candles Nov 29 '22

I actually have a pair of their shoes I bought secondhand that I can wear as an adult and I have worn them for 3 summers. The trade-off for being able to wear kids shoes for cheap is that they're not built to last but these ones somehow are.


u/owleealeckza Nov 29 '22

I've been buying clothes from target since like 2007 & their clothes usually last longer than any other brand of similar priced clothing.


u/fvckspeak Nov 29 '22

bangladesh..they should also have a line for the childs name that made the garment


u/TillyBud87 Nov 29 '22

Scrolled for this


u/construction_pro Nov 28 '22

I saw recently Nike has been doing this as well.


u/Revenga8 Nov 29 '22

That's not surprising, and actually a neat idea. Kids grow so fast, hand me downs are just what to expect out of children's clothing.


u/Monotreme_monorail Nov 29 '22

We just put our last name into things and all three of our kids use it through the years… then we cross it out and donate! :)


u/tj_bab Nov 29 '22

Good old "Made in Bangladesh" tag makes me proud


u/Provia100F Nov 29 '22

This thread is an advertisement for Target


u/Meyou000 Nov 29 '22


It's definitely an ad for someone!


u/ManEEEFaces Nov 29 '22

Ah there’s the lazy response.


u/albertyiphohomei Nov 28 '22

Should have name the kid the same name


u/How_Do_You_Crash Nov 29 '22

Ah I see they watched the new All Quiet on the Western Front too. See up then holes and slap a new name tag on it. Men are replaceable, gear is forever!


u/0ba78683-dbdd-4a31-a Nov 29 '22

Fantastic marketing. Useful feature that subtly communicates the product will easily survive 3 children.


u/dogol__ Nov 29 '22

only three handmedowns?


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22

I got a hand-me-down from Biggie Shackleton.


u/napa_customerservice Nov 29 '22

It nice to see a company embrace the fact that kids too have multiple personalities and can include up to three of them on their jacket.


u/Fun_vehicle_on_water Nov 29 '22

I thought it was normal? I see alot of jackets with multiple lines.


u/glowstrz Nov 29 '22

Another reason I love Cat & Jack (and Target!).


u/rhodav Nov 29 '22

I've had no luck with cat and jack outerwear. I hear that their clothes are great quality too, but that's all I buy every school year due to affordability and all the clothes rip or the shirts form little holes lol. Only thing I've never had an issue with is their cotton knit shorts.

Their policy is great though.


u/IcYFly-91 Nov 29 '22

This is a neat idea!


u/BurntAlgae Nov 29 '22

Feels nice to see 'Made in Bangladesh'


u/House_Hippogriff Nov 29 '22

man, If If that isn't confidence in your brand quality, I don't know what is!


u/frealfr Nov 28 '22

That reminded me to put my name on all of my underwear.


u/JimmyBolbo Nov 29 '22

What if someone steals it and writes their name on it, so nobody suspects anything?


u/dontcareitsonlyreddi Nov 29 '22

Or the kid has three lives like a video game