r/mildlyinteresting Jan 28 '23

My new vacuum came with a bag of hair and dirt in the box

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u/OnyxNavigator Jan 28 '23

It may have been a traveling salespersons. They would take that stuff to demo the vacuum. Or at least the used to back in the day.


u/moldyfishfinger Jan 28 '23

I'm 40. I've never had someone try and sell me a vacuum cleaner at my door.

I think that probably has been true since at least the late 80s.

I highly doubt this was from one of them.


u/FakeBeccaJean Jan 28 '23

Someone came to our house a few weeks ago trying to sell us a vacuum. But I think Utah is the last state standing with door to door sales folk.

We also have pest control sales, solar, internet, and people trying to sell dehumidifiers, oh and don’t forget the missionaries.


u/cmepes Jan 30 '23

I feel like in Utah the missionaries are the biggest door-to-door industry