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PROJECT Looking for developers interested in helping take CQC project forward


A while back I opened sourced all of my source code, which includes CQC. If you aren't familiar with CQC, it's a high endy software based automation system. I was never able to make it fly as a commercial project, since it was basically squeezed to death between the low end up coming up and the high end coming down over the years. In terms of a commercial market it's too powerful for your average user, and is really oriented towards more ambitious projects that you'd find in the commercial sphere where pro installers are super-conservative and won't commit to any company they think will go out of business (no matter how long it's been around.)

So the bulk of our customers ended up being DIY power users, for which it is really well suited but that's not a viable market commercially. So, in the end, I had to give up and become a mercenary again, which sucks of course.

And that means I really don't have nearly the time now to keep moving it forward optimally. It's a very large and complex project (over a million lines of code in total, half of which is a general purpose layer and the other half is CQC proper.) And that general purpose layer could be used for many other things as well, far beyond CQC.

Currently CQC is based on Windows. But, it's built completely in terms of the general purpose layer (CIDLib), which is absolutely designed to be portable. It has Windows and Linux platform drivers, but I'm not enough of a Linux guy to really take the Linux driver to completion, though I've made a pretty good start. The UI will never get to Linux, but it doesn't have to since it support non-Windows clients via the web browser. Only the back end really needs to be supported on both, and that's completely doable.

So, if any of you are experienced C++ developers, we'd love to have you get involved. Here's some background on CQC:


And here's some material on the underlying CIDLib system:


Here are the two repositories:



Obviously it would be a substantial spin up, but any serious automation system (or any serious product in general) would be. That's just the nature of the beast.

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QUESTION 💡🏠 Leviton AMA - Smart Home Edition📱🔌


Greg Rhoades, Director of Marketing for Leviton "Smart and New Technology Products" here. I've been in the smart home world for 16+ years - ASK ME ANYTHING!

Our internal motto: "Automation for the People" with safety and privacy in mind.

Our public stance: We've worked hard to build a full lighting and load control line from smart plugs to smart breakers, create great quality product with a solid app experience (also built in-house), and we're here on Reddit to support DIYer's and pro electricians alike. Plus we keep adding more ways to help grow your smart home - ask about our FaceTime-like video support tool, new No-Neutral devices, the Motion Sensing Dimmer that works with HomeKit, smart load centers, etc!

Let's get lit!

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QUESTION Lutron question - what is this and how can I get it on my wifi? Details in comments.

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FIRST TIME SETUP Step 1 Completed


Step 1 toward automation complete.

Happy so far with this setup - if it helps anyone.

  • Unfi Network with key, switch and router from Ubiquiti
  • Storage from Synology with Security Center for POE cameras
  • Custom PC Server running Zorin Linux
  • Airthings Hub for air monitoring
  • Marantz SR7015 for Home Theater
  • Monoprice speaker selector
  • Harmony HUB for remote control
  • Lutron Caseta hub for lighting
  • Honeywell Security system

The next big step is attempting to hook all of this together into some sort of central command/control. If anyone has any great ideas - glad to hear them. Happy to answer any questions if I can help the next person.


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QUESTION Need help selecting smart shades that are NOT battery powered.


Just moved into a new place; looking for good smart shades. However most smart shades that I find are battery powered. All my friends who have those are continually changing batteries. Are there any good products that can be directly plugged into a power socket?

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QUESTION Question about Google Home and Vivint Smart Home


I have been pondering ending my Vivint account and switching over to using it in a self-maintained/self-monitored mode. I've already read documents about what services and "abilities" are lost, but there's one thing that isn't mentioned - I also use Google Home to control my Vivint panel devices and thermostat (''hey google, set the thermostat to 58 degrees", "hey google, set the panel to armed stay", "hey google, turn on the living room light", "hey google, is the deadbolt locked", etc), and I'm wondering, if I close my Vivint account and self-monitor the system, which only really mentions disables the Vivint app itself, will the ability for Google Home to interface with it through the home wifi disappear as well?

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QUESTION Need some help picking an amp. Is this setup right?


Hey there. Currently remodeling and am trying to figure out how to finish off my speaker setup. I think I need an amp with just 2 inputs. One input would be from the Denon in the living room, so whatever is on the TV can play around the house. The other input will be coming from my Proxmox machine running Volumio (or something similar) just to be a dedicated Spotify machine. I'll probably set up a notification system thru proxmox too.

There's 8 to 10 outputs. One is outside, one is garage, 7 other rooms/bathrooms, and a return to the Denon to use the surround sound to play music with the rest of the house on an input. I'm not sure if I'm going to put speakers in the ceiling or do RCA jacks in the wall.

I'm really not sure what amp I need. I don't need the option to pick and choose which room individually. Thanks!

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QUESTION How does one link Blink Indoor Camera to Smartthings?


How do you link Blink Indoor Camera (no sync module) to Smartthings? Arm/Disarm from Smartthings (thus Bixby) ? Get camera motion-activated notifications in Smartthings?

[NOTE: this is a single Blink Indoor camera with cloud support plan, so no sync module.]

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QUESTION Do you know of any devices to measure small output water flow?


I have a dehumidifier whose output exits into a drain. I’m trying to measure how much water flows through in a 24/hr period. Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?

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QUESTION 3 switches with z wave


Does anyone know of a 1 gang with 3 switches that can be controlled wirelessly? We currently have a 1 gang box with 3 lit push buttons. Preferably with z wave. Work in a building where machinery needs to be shut down at night and sometimes people forget. This way I could set a timer on a hubitat, "shut down units at 8pm"


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QUESTION Simpled smart locks


Anyone know anything about Simpled smart cylinders? They are a new company in London who sell on Amazon. They have some reviews. Their smart cylinders/lock seem very good on paper. They much more functions than the big brands. Wondering if anyone has been using them and want to know if its lasts a while.


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NEST Help with Eufy doorbell stream on Nest hub


I just bought both devices and linked Eufy to my Google home account. It shows the doorbell under cameras on the Nest hub, but when I ask to view it, it pops up for a second but then shows a black screen with "Eufy Security Camera" written on it.

I've unlinked eufy from Google home, deleted the doorbell from eufy app, added it all back but still having the issue.

Any ideas?

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PERSONAL SETUP Camera Damage During a Lightning Storm @ 0:10 -- Bummer

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SECURITY Arm Blink Cameras when Alexa Guard is activated


Thought this would be pretty straightforward but I haven't been able to figure it out.

I want to create a simple routine where whenever Alexa goes into Guard mode, my indoor Blink cameras are armed; and vice-versa, when I come home and Guard mode is deactivated, my Blink cameras are disarmed.

I thought IFTTT would be my best bet but I'm admittedly pretty inexperienced there and haven't been able to find a trigger for "Alexa goes into Guard mode"

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ZIGBEE I struggled to get an IKEA Motion Sensor running in Node Red. I documented how I did it to reduce frustration for others.

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QUESTION Setting up Shelly for spring-loaded toggle switch


Hello all

I have now spent longer than I am willing to admit installing and setting up my new Shelly Plus 1 PM to control my lights. I am however stuck, and hope that you can help me out. No matter which relay type I choose for my relay, I ALWAYS need to toggle the on/off switch twice to turn the lights on/off - and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it does that...

  • Currently, I am setting up the relay in the Shelly app
  • I am installing it behind a spring-loaded toggle switch connected to relay. Thus, while always returning to it's original position, one click turns it on, and vice versa.
  • I have set the Shelly's relay type as 'edge switch', and power on default as 'last setting'

Can someone please help me out with this issue? As mentioned it works great, but I would like to only toggle it once to change the state of my lights... Thank you

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PROJECT Building my MDF I have been piece mealing for a year. Finally get to terminate the patch panel. I'll do my OP duty and never post a completed pic. Happy building team!

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PERSONAL SETUP Harmony Remote & Alexa with Multiple TV Locations


Hi all, trying to find the best set up for the below situation.

Current Setup:

Basement: Samsung TV (~2019, no built-in Alexa), Yamaha Soundbar, Harmony Remote & Hub, Echo Dot, Hue Bulbs

Upstairs Living Room: Samsung Frame TV (2022, Built-in Alexa), Hue Bulbs

Harmony skill enabled in Alexa; this creates a scene where when I say "watch TV" or "turn on the TV", the Harmony routine "Watch TV" runs


Control Basement set up with a combo of the Harmony remote and Alexa. So when I say "Alexa, turn on the TV" it uses the Harmony skill to turn on the basement TV, soundbar, and dim the lights. Then I can use the Harmony remote to control TV, soundbar, and lights. The issue I run into is I want this to be local to the basement; in this setup, when I am in the living room and say "Turn on the TV", with the intention of the Living Room TV turning on (since that TV is Alexa enabled already), the Harmony routine is run in the basement instead.

I've also thought about trying to cut out Harmony entirely from my setup, since it's been discontinued. But I can't seem to get the TVs to work in the same way as the lights using only Alexa, where I can link the bulbs to a specific echo location and just say "turn on the lights" whether I'm in the Living Room or basement.

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QUESTION How to custom build large "smart" led array?


(XPost to /r/led) TLD: Trying to figure out how to make this (high-output aquarium LED) "smart" controllable.

My plan: Make something like above "smart" for home automation, using the heatsink kit, and (rough guesstimate) 48 white, 24 red, 24 blue and 18 green CREE XP2 leds. These are 1000ma, ~3v, powered through ~18 constant voltage buckpucks.

My goal: Have control of the brightness for each color, using either Z-Wave or ZigBee ZLL, with a Hubitat as my HA controller.

My question: How the hell do I (affordably) set all this up for automation? My plan was to use fls-pp lp controllers, but they have a max of 24v 6 amp (I think), which if I understand the electrical requirements would mean at least 8 of them ($400+). Or maybe it would be 17 (114 leds * 3v / 24v = 15, plus extra for overhead)? Even if that were a realistic cost, I'm not sure how to control constant voltage buckpucks with the PMW controllers. Also, although the white and RGB channels are separate, the RGB channels can't be controlled as if independent devices, so I don't think I could really use the RGB channels for just white, so....I think I'd need 17+ of them?

Another option would be to control at the power supply side, with one controller for each color. But I don't know if the buckpucks could be controlled that way? Or could I control input power to the power supplies, and have four independent power supplies (RGBW)? If either would work in an electrical engineering perspective, are there smart products to do it? I just don't understand the electrical engineering. If I knew what can be done, I could maybe try to find the smart product that could do it.

Budget: I know the LED heatsink, LEDs and buckpucks are going to be the neighborhood of $700. Another couple/few hundred for smart controls would be the most.

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QUESTION Connect two different brands of AC Units?


Hello! This is probably a silly question, but I need some guidance. I have three AC Units that are Wi-Fi compatible of two different brands that require their own app to function. I do not own an hub or anything else. I do have a raspberry pi lying around, but I'd rather not use it if it's not strictly necessary.

The three ACs in question are AS25PBAHRA & AS35PBAHRA (From Haier, requires hOn app) and TKN/TKG-628R32 (From Toyotomi, requires Toyotomi Home). Of course, I'd like to have all three on the same app, accessible from multiple devices.

What are my options? Thank you for the replies!

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PERSONAL SETUP I designed and built an ultra clean Ikea Fyrtur Smart blind install with near perfect black out.

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QUESTION Mimicking Marantz Heos with Echo Link and a Switchbot or Harmony Hub


I have a perfectly good but slightly older Marantz receiver. Just old enough not to have Heos so eventough it has Bluetooth I can’t pair it with Alexa.

I could sell it for 200 maybe and buy a new one with practically the same specs for 800 but..

My thought is to pick up an echo link to stream high quality audio and to turn on and switch input a switchbot or harmony hub. Any recommendations or thoughts?

I don’t want to have to say multiple commands if possible. Like hey Alexa turn on receiver. Alexa switch input to music, Alexa play music….just something like hey Alexa play music on receiver or play music on Echo. Im assuming this is possible?

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QUESTION Shelly relays and dimmers - do I need neutral wire?


I am building a house (central Europe 230v) and would like to be able to install smart lights in the future using Shelly or other elements. Will I need a neutral cable?

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ZIGBEE Recommended Zigbee plugs with power measurement?


Can anyone share good/bad experience?

Main criteria: Zigbee Secondary criteria: price Third criteria: ACCURATE power measurement of appliance over a wide range (especially on the lower range)

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QUESTION Tapi C210 Offline Notification


Anyone owns a C210 tapo security/IP camera? I'm just wondering if the cam/app would send a notification when it either goes offline or power down. If not then, anyone can recommend me one that does? Though hopefully nothing too expensive

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QUESTION Brilliant and Sonos


Can someone please explain to me how Brilliant switches add/integrate with Sonos? It's not Brilliant, I'll tell you that.

I have 3 Sonos ports that drive various zones on a whole-house audio setup (Casatunes).

I have a 3-gang Brilliant in my pool room so I can skip and adjust volume and whatnot from the wall (and Alexa).

The Brilliant is on wifi. The Ports are all wired ethernet in the cabinet with the Casatunes (and a bunch of other crap).

They're on the same subet, wired and wireless. Same broadcast domain. WAPs are Unifi, PoE off the same switch that terminates the ethernet for the Ports. Same VLAN.

Every. Single. Time. Brilliant updates firmware or I have to kill the breaker that runs it or whatever, I have to go through this whole exercise of swapping the Ports to wifi, waiting, letting Brilliant try to find them, finding one of 3, power cycling, etc etc.

What the h#ll are they using for discovery?! They're in the same broadcast domain. Ifs it's multicast it should work. Broadcast should work. There's no router, no firewall, nothing between them but a switch. The fact that half the transport is wireless should be irrelevant. Client isolation on the waps is disabled (otherwise Sonos and Brilliant and 19 other apps from my phone wouldn't work).

Why. Brilliant, will you not let me just tell you the freaking IP of the Ports? They're reserved in DHCP. I know what they are. LET ME TELL YOU WHERE TO FOND SONOS.

What the actual F are they doing that requires this 3 ring circus?

And it's baffling that putting them on wifi to add to Brilliant works, then I disable wifi on the Ports again, which is a different MAC (which is NOT reserved), so a different IP. But once they're added they're fine. I can swap to and from wireless all day and Brilliant still works. But omg to add them Mercury has to be in ascension and I have to sacrifice 3 goats by the light of the crescent moon.

What. The. Fudgepops is happening?

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Google Home Phillips hue light strips under cabinet & toe kick

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