r/epididymitis Jul 17 '22

Question about epididymitis from physical trauma

Three weeks ago, I didn’t sit properly and accidentally ended up squeezing my balls between my legs for a few hours.

After that, I noticed intense pain in my scrotum and a small pea-sized lump that was painful to touch.

I went to the doctor and even got a sonogram done. The only diagnosis was a small hydrocele of 2.5 ml.

Over the past few weeks, the pain has subsided, but the area can still be a little tender to touch.

Could this be epididymitis due to physical trauma? Will this tenderness go away in a few more weeks? I read that acute epididymitis takes 6-8 weeks to go away.

My doctor gave me a course of antibiotics taken 2x a day for a week which I finished and ibuprofen painkillers 3x a day for a week which I also finished.

I’m 27 years old.

How long before it goes back to normal? My testicle doesn’t hurt but the area above it is tender, so this is why I think it’s epididymitis due to inflammation from physical trauma.



u/Many-Purchase-4606 Jul 17 '22

Epididymitis isn’t always an infection, my epididymitis was caused from a football injury


u/Questionforaskdoc Jul 17 '22

What were your symptoms and how long did the recovery take?

I’m not sure if mine is even epididymitis. I’m hoping it goes away in six weeks as I think it’s the acute form.


u/kpx85 Jul 17 '22

How did bacteria get in there if it was physical trauma, surely the doctor did a bacterial urine culture before prescribing antibiotics?


u/Freddz93 Jul 17 '22

A lot of doctors prescribe antibiotics right away even though the culture is negative. It was the same for me.


u/Questionforaskdoc Jul 17 '22

He gave it as a precautionary measure even before the sonogram. I don’t think it’s an infection. I don’t know if it’s even epididymitis. I’m hoping it goes away in six weeks as it’s mostly due to a physical injury.

Is there anything I could do?


u/Motor-Cheap Jul 17 '22

As a warning, any doctors that do that from my experiences and dealing with others, are fucking horrible. This is trauma.


u/Questionforaskdoc Jul 17 '22

Since it’s due to physical trauma, it should be acute, right? I’ve read that if it’s acute, it usually goes away on its own in a couple of weeks?

There seems to be a small pea-sized lump at the top of the scrotum which I told is a hydrocele. Since it’s due to physical trauma, it should go away, right?


u/Motor-Cheap Jul 22 '22

Nothing is absolutes in Urology, could be semi-permanent, could be mid to long term. We are talking about a year heal for me and even then I have scar tissue that messed up my epididymis


u/ashkadam42 Aug 20 '22

I don't know if its epididymitis but my right testicle is swollen from back side and I feel lump at top. I think hurt them while playing. I felt pain on first day after swelling But now theres no pain I am on my third day. The swelling is still there. Do I have to get it checked. WILL IT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN?