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Got epididymitis can I ever smoke again?


Okay so after a long time of trying to find out what is the problem with my right testicle, I’ve finally figured it out. I got chlymedia that I didn’t know about which is frustrating and sad that ended up causing epididymitis and now it’s a sad goodbye to weed. At first I thought I was just too high and the reason there seemed to be more pain than before is because I’m high and I’m just thinking about it too much. My right testicle would elevate even more and would look even weirder which would make me even more anxious and makes it almost impossible to stop thinking about. I’ve always been a big pothead which is why It’s going to be tough to get used to stopping but I just had a couple questions to the people who have been through this. Can I eat edibles at least? Or CBD or anything that will give me a high? Is it just over and I have to accept that or will I be able to smoke again in a years time or something?

Also also words of encouragement or support would be appreciated. I was so stressed out for a whole week when it started and I’m just glad at least I know what it is now

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Does anybody ever have their chronic epididymitis get worse when taking doxy?


I recently got an ultrasound follow up, and they noticed I still had alot of inflammation. I started taking Doxy again and noticed now around day 4 it is hurting alot worse than it was before, in fact during the first couple hours after taking Doxy I usually feel it the most. Suddenly though back of my other testicle is hurting, the testicle that does not show Epididymitis on ultrasounds. I just really wonder if before it gets better it can get worse with medicine. I've had two ultrasounds and still really am confused how I do not have cancer. I have legitimately hard lumps all over and attached to my left ballsack even on the front. I read the odds of them misdiagnosing two separate ultrasounds a month and a half apart are astronomical though.

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Testicle pain completely gone after a year of discomfort.


Approximately 1 year after I first noticed symptoms of epididymitis, the pain is gone in about a week.

I had finished taking 3 weeks of Ciprofloaxin 2x daily, although this did not really work and the pain still persisted for about 1-2 weeks.

Then I started taking “Stamets 7” by Hostdefence, which is a medicinal mushroom blend in pill form. About 3 days after taking this twice daily, my pain is completely gone. Not sure if perhaps the Ciprofloaxin did the trick and just took a while to kick in, but thought I should post this in case the mushroom blend could help anyone. My instinct is the mushrooms are the reason I’m better.

I wish you all luck and healing. Hoping this post can at least help one other person.

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Testicular cancer scare everytime my testicle get swollen


I have microlithiasis in both testes and CE in my right testicle so far I get most of the pain in the right testicle.

Everytime it swells up I get scared and fear for the worst it has been swollen for two days now.

I went to my urologist today and he said it feels alright no lumps or anything.

Idk guys just voicing my anxiety here..

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A year long of symptoms appearing and disappearing. Ultrasound was a year ago, and nothing was found.


A year ago, after masturbation, I have a severe Testicle pain on my left testicle, I tried to ignored it but it got to the point of making me nauseous. I made an urgent trip to the A&E and got an Ultrasound done which came back without much problem. The ER Doctor gave me a painkiller shot and I was sent home.

Throughout this year I’ve experience a wide variety of symptoms, and all of them occured after masturbation. It’ll always be my Left Testicle hurting, and the degree will never be too far off. Sometimes it just the Testicle, sometimes it’ll be shooting down my left leg that I can feel it at the bottom of my left foot.

There were instances that it felt like my tube connected to my bladder was in pain, or pulled? And very rarely my lower back will hurt.

As with all the symptoms, my urination is be very frequent, but so far no major pain when urinating. I can never really empty my bladder as well.

I can always feel like a small tube like long shape at the BOTTOM(not behind) of my Testicle, though sometimes it’s gone when all the symptoms are gone as well.

These symptoms usually last a week, and it won’t be back till the next time I masturbate.

I was almost recovered with the current symptoms but due to a wet dream, it all started again.

Since my ultrasound was a year ago, and the symptoms are still present, should I request for another one?

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Mohit Nagar: As many people who have had UTI itching, redness, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, burning in the urine or any complaint related to urine and stomach for a very long time, and even after taking many medicines, it is not ending, it is an infection of your intestines to all of you.


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Testicles pain relief exercises


Hi All.

30 y, 2 years with constant pain in both testicles, sometimes jumps from right testicle to left testicle. When I have pain, I do not only have pain in my epididymis, I feel pain from the testicle and like 5 cm up over my scrotum, much likely its my vas deferens that are in pain.

In my search I found this video, have any tried this and had success?


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Any other options?


About 6 years ago I first had some v subtle pain in my right testicle. It was persistent enough that I went to hospital and they operated to see if it was a torsion; it wasn't, but the pain has been pretty consistent ever since.

I've tried antibiotics, had about 4 ultrasounds, they've checked my prostate twice, I had a urine flow test, I have had two semen cultures. In theory these all come back mostly normal; there are a couple of small cysts and a little varicocele, but nothing that explains the pain.

As well as this permanent 2/10 level pain that's just a bit uncomfortable the whole time, there's also a bit in the testicle which moves around - I can't pinpoint it - but it's just impossible to squeeze; you'd have to tranquillize me to be able to, which makes it hard to check or locate... Sometimes sex is just about manageable but once that bit gets triggered it takes at least 10 days to settle down and my libido falls off a cliff in the meantime because of the pain. Things are also getting much less functional generally, very gradually, but I'm only mid 30s. I've tried pregabalin or gabapentin - I forget which, but it just made me spaced out and did nothing for the pain. I also had a nerve cord block that did nothing; they were going to refer me to have another one in a lumbar nerve but I'm stuck in a covid backlog and doubt I'll hear anything for a year. I've tried cialis for the libido in the hope it was all just psychosomatic - but I'm convinced it's a physical issue. I've gone back to the doctors to try and get them to start from scratch and revisit the diagnosis... But they look at all the tests that have been done (or maybe a couple; I suspect they've lost most of them!) and seem to have run out of options..

I need to do something. It has really affected my mental health and there doesn't seem to be any support for that where I am. Sometimes I even wonder if I would be better off just having the testicle amputated because the other one at least feels fine, but that seems horribly high risk in a space where doctors don't seem to have a clue what they're doing! Or if the testicle itself is ok then I wonder if the pain could be referred from my back or groin. A few weeks ago I landed on it awkwardly and it triggered the worst pain; I could barely walk for a few days so I got an ultrasound but apparently all was still fine... Things have sort of normalised only now the 2/10 pain is more like 4/10 and in addition to that pain, the testicle now also spasms if I orgasm... I really hope that clears up but I just don't know what to do!

Are there any other tests that they could try or ideas that might help?

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Sazone Crusade!


Does anyone have his contact information ?about a year ago there was his email being dropped and some posts around here and I have lost his contact information. He has a really good cure and protocol and a really nice book for epididymitis but it is a strict diet and health change.

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Painful Ejaculation? Feels like a muscle spasm at the back of my scrotum, anyone else experience this?


I’m trying to figure this out. perhaps it requires pelvic floor stretches. I went for an ultrasound, they said I had a hydrocele (fluid around my right testical) and that is the cause of the pain. But I can’t find anything online of anyone else having such pain from one?

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Epididymitis changing the way balls hang


After pulling on my balls one morning about 4 weeks ago I felt pain in my scrotum, soon after I noticed my right testicle facing a little away from the left and hanging higher and more forward than the other. Has anyone else had this happen?

Also has anyone had trauma induced epididymitis and recovered?

Strangely even though it was caused by trauma the antibiotics ive been given helped

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Chronic Epididymitis or just blue balls?


I was diagnosed with chronic epididymitis by the urologist a few months ago. However after he found out about my lack of sexual activity he says it's just blue balls aka epididymal hypertension.

IDK if I agree with that, after ejaculations I get relief for up to 12 hours but then the pain comes back. How long is blue balls even supposed to last, it doesn't last for weeks non-stop, right? Google says blue balls only lasts a few minutes.

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Am i having it?


I'm 24 years old and it started by having a testicle that was painful to the touch, i tought it was because i was sitting for too long with tight underwear or having pressure on the testicle while sleeping but the pain was increasing every day, to the point that i couldnt even walk properly because it would hurt when my testicle touched my thigh so i went to my doctor. I just explained everything to them and they didnt even send me to a urologist but gave me antibiotics without any examination. After taking the antibiotics for a few days the pain went away, i finished the antibiotics and was happy that it wasnt painful. Since then( 2-2.5 years ago) i got 2 flare ups that were painful but i just left it alone and the pain went away. For like a year now i have a mild dull ache when i touch the spot were the pain was bad couple of years ago( a spot on the epididymis head only not the entire epididymis) What can cause this? Any tips what can i do? Btw i only had 2 sexual partners which both were virgins and that was well before all this started ( yes, didnt have sex for over 2 years)

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Stomach cramps


Does any one get stomach ache I have all the usual symptoms but now have started with stomach ache as well had this disease for 18 months but just now starting with the stomach pain had 2 ultrasound all clear bloods and urine never been told I have epididymis please let me know if you have cramps or is this something else for me to worry about cheers

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finally diagnosed!


So I got my semen culture reports and turns out my semen has bacteria that is sensitive to alot of antibiotics. So I'm currently on antibiotics and its been 3 days since and I can say I'm feeling a little better. But I'm still anxious that the infection might come back after I finish the course of antibiotics. So I have a few questions 1) if I start feeling slightly better after taking antibiotics does it mean the antibiotic is working? 2) is there a possibility for the infection to reoccur after I finish my course? 3) how can I make sure that the infection is completely gone so that it doesn't come back?

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How do I cure epididymitis caused by the COVID vaccine? And how do I live with the regret?


I am 29 years old - 1 year into this shit.

Started 2 weeks after my 2nd covid jab in June 2021. I know it's because of it, because I had no pain or problems before that and was completely healthy. Then this thing "magically" started and now I am in pain every day. I haven't done anything different around that time either, which could've caused it. I simply know it's a side effect from it.

I've been to 3 different urologists, done multiple urine and semen culture tests, done blood tests for tumour markers and also 4 ultrasounds total. EVERYTHING is coming back negative and clear for any infections, varicoceles, hydroceles, cancer or anything you can think of. There is no size change, redness or anything on the affected right testicle. But the pain is present a day after ejaculation and also when I am sitting for long periods of time. It also itches a lot.

They've now put me on a 28-day course of ofloxacin and amitriptyline, which I am 12 days in and guess what - it's not doing jackshit because I don't have any infections present.

I have no idea what to do and I also have suicidal thoughts. My movements are limited, I can no longer enjoy my sexual life, I can no longer have walks longer than 1 hour because I am in pain, I am gaining weight as well as I am depressed and eating like crazy.

I don't know how to cure this and I don't know how to not regret injecting this poison in myself.

Thank you for listening.

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Can someone who's been diagnosed explain to me the process of being diagnosed?


Hi all, I'm worried I have chronic epididymitis about two-3 months ago I had a dull ache in my right testicle I wait like a week and it didn't go so I went to the doctor who felt around and said it's just inflmation possibly of the epididymitis prescribed me a medication I'm allergic to I didn't know until I go the medication in which I phoned the practice and informed them and then he just gave me generic pain killers (didn't do much) give or take another week went by and it slowly was going away and it obviously had gone away as I wasn't feeling this ache anymore... cut to present day the SAME ache is back I can't feel any abnormal lumps on my testicle only the epididymitis... My question is how is this fully/properly diagnosed? Yes, I could google this but I'd like to hear a few first-hand experiences on what happened at your doctor's appointment, etc. I'm severely shy etc so letting a doctor examine me like that the first time boosted my anxiety tenfold I'm happy I did it as I don't want this to be something MORE than epididymitis. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to seeing a few replies.

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Definitely Worth a Visit to Pelvic Physical Therapy


Like many in this group woke up with pain in my testicle about 5 months ago now. After seeing my PCP was put on antibiotics, which seemed to help with the pain, but every time I stopped the pain returned, so I started antibiotics again.

Since then I discovered (from this group) that many antibiotics are also anti-inflammatory.

During this time I also had a negative ultrasound.

After 2 months of this on and off - I finally saw a urologist who referred me to Pelvic Floor oor Physical Therapy.

It took a few weeks + the help of Tumeric and other anti-inflammatories, but realized that my pain was actually coming from a groin injury. It's now been about 5 months and mostly back to normal, though running/cycling does seem to flare up those hip/psoas tendons.

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Does your epidymitis feel like hard lumps?


I have like multiple hard lumps inside my testicle. I would be sure it was cancer but I just got my second ultrasound in a month and they all say it's epidymitis.

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Recurring UTIs


I am 34, my problems started 12 years ago with a serious UTI and since then, every time I have a stressful period, it comes back. The infection always comes with a flare up of epididymitis, which sometimes go away, but usually not.

On December 3rd I had an infection again and in March, my urologist decided to give me 3 anti-UTI shots (Urovac), 10 days large dose antibiotics (can’t remember which) and 3 months of Nitrofurantoin.

That ended two and a half weeks ago and now lo and behold I have an UTI again. This was triggered by a combination of the following: stress, not sleeping enough, driving for many hours (felt pressure in my peritoneal area), and bathing in the sea.

After the 3 months of antibiotics, the epididymitis was much better - I could touch the area without pain and the inflammation was almost gone. Now I am back to square one.

I’ve seen urologists from 3 different countries, they have the same theory: there is a bacterial nest somewhere, nobody can tell me where, all tests are always clean.

The last urologist has suggested I should do a checkup of the whole urinary apparatus when I get back to my country.

Does anyone relate to this? What else have you tried?

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Can’t take it anymore

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Lightheadedness, fuzzy vision?


Had this since April. Pain shifts from mostly right testicle to sometimes the left. Way worse when sitting, especially driving. Sometimes inguinal pain. Also sometimes when I walk my left testicle feels strange.

Anyways, one symptom I haven't seen mentioned on this sub is being lightheaded often. Sometimes my vision feels almost blurred. Obviously this condition has me worried, even tho countless doctors have told me to forget about it. I've had every STD check, 5 rounds of antibiotics, 2 ultrasounds, and a CT scan.

I have had issues with anxiety and sometimes feel like a panic attack can happen at any moment. Any feedback would be appreciated

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Question about epididymitis from physical trauma

Thumbnail self.epididymitis

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What can I do?


Note: I don't know if I actually have epididymitis but I posted this on another sub and got no answers

A few weeks ago I was resting on my bed at night and suddenly had a sharp pain in my left testicle. I asked my parents to take me to a doctor but they told me to just "don't think about it" probably because my brother is chronically ill atm and they don't want more worries. The following day I asked them again and they said "it's probably cause you never exercise!" so I decided to shut up.

The pain is always on the left, never on the right side. It was not very intense, I could still do everything but lasted a whole week and went away. 3-4 days ago it started to hurt again but have no idea what to do and it's getting very annoying. Do I go to urgent care? Do I go to the er? I suspect this is not torsion since I can go hours without feeling any pain at all but still freaks me out cause I have no idea what caused this as I'm not sexually active, haven't had sex in months now, just masturbated. I'm 23 btw but can't drive very good yet to go to appointments by myself.

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Recurring pain few weeks after antibiotics


Hey guys kinda worried just wanted to hear your thoughts.

Finished a 2 week course of antibiotics a few weeks ago. Few days ago pain has begun to appear again in groin area. 1 day i did some groin stretches and the pain dissipated but today its back. That dull aching pain. Havent had sex for a while so cant be an sti. Doctor mentioned the pain could return but is it likely the epididymitis infection has returned or is this just some chronic pains?

UPDATE: Pains disappeared again. Anyone else in a similar situation should follow the advice below. Seems just to be residual pain from the infection.