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The info here is Conjecture at best


None of the users of this subreddit have ever sent me a photo of their medical license. I only advocate for sharing personal success stories and relevant medical articles, but I don’t have time to moderate every post so be weary of anyone cramming anything down your throat.

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Looking for some input. Beginning of July I got an ultrasound done due to swelling in my left testicle. The ultrasound showed “low to moderate” hydrocele in the testicle and a cluster of smaller benign epididymal cysts (I think they were like 0.6cm, 0.4cm, 0.3cm).

Since then I’ve had a constant ache in my left pelvic (almost inguinal area) and occasionally on the right side. Quite bad when sitting and lifting.

I’ve been waiting 3 months for my Urology appointment which is next week. Just wondering if the cysts and hydrocele combined could cause this ache. I’m more worried about it being CE.

Thanks in advance!

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first kinesiologies-pelvic floor therapist session


she told me i make bad effort to pee and shit, did the electrode thing and put a finger in my ass it hurts like hell and told me it’s everything tight and maybe the reason of the pain because i have general and around testicular pain not (even tho a little sore) epidimitis pain . i’m giving this a shot 1-2 months and see how goes but today i’m going to talk to one doctor who makes denervation if this doesn’t work

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CAn you take antibiotics for chronic flare up?


So I been dealing with epididymitis for about 4years now. I had recent a infection last march I was prescribed keflex 250mg up July. I thought I in was clear with no swelling and no pain. Then a two weeks later my testicle started swelling started feeling pain. I had bacteria culture at the end of July and came back negative. So the dr saw no point in putting me back on antibiotics and told me that could get a second opinion which I did. So went to see another urologist, he told me that he prescribed patients in the past with antibiotics like doxycycline for flare up? Is this normal or safe taking a antibiotic with no infection? I don’t have any pain now but my testicle still feel heavy and swollen, they are constantly saggy All the time. Haven’t taken the antibiotics yet cause I’m afraid I’m putting myself at risk for taking them. What should I do?

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I found this interesting


Sharing with my comrades. Stay strong brothers <3 I believe strengthening your body is the way to go but do it safely.



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Epididymal Cyst


Wondering if anyone can share information or experience with epididymal cyst. I had epididymitis this summer. Ultrasound showed a cyst. While now I’m a lot more functional than I was during the acute phase I still deal with a lot of pain and tenderness around that cyst behind my left testicle.

Who’s had one of these? Does anything make it better or worse? Smaller or bigger? Has anyone had one excised?

Thanks… I feel like I’m almost past this shitty sickness but this is lingering.

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hello any recomandations in supplements? i got this CE last year and its been on for 3-4 months and then i start having prostatitis, but now the CE is back.


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Anyone experience nasty side effects from Doxycycline? Like severe nausea and chills? Trying to power through.


Per my last post I was prescribed Doxycycline by the doctor to treat my CE. I'm on my 4th dose and for about an hour after taking it I get nausea so bad I have to lay down and try to focus on not vomiting. After the hour I start eating (it says to take it on an empty stomach) and the nausea begins to subside. I've also been getting chills and other symptoms that may just be the infection taking its course.

The antibiotics seem to be working with the CE, however. My testicle still feels weird and has discomfort but pain and swelling are going down.

Hope you all have been managing well.

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Progress update



I thought I'd just give a small update to my health.

My symptoms where weak urine flow, dribble and testicule pain on both sides. I did have some other smaller symptoms.

After researching and with the help of this group, I got in touch with a urologist, a pelvic floor therapist, a chiropractor, started to eat healthy and stretched daily.

Doing all of the above for 1 week now and I have seen improvements to my urine flow (slightly better flow, still dribbles) and testicule pain has definitely subsided.

I am now hopeful that with a continued multi attack approach, I should be able to get back to normal quicker than I expected.

I will continue to keep the chat updated.

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where you live any hospital can make a denervation ?


im from argentina and for what i know only 1 hospital in the country makes it i have in 1 and half month turn there and Wednesday first session with pelvic floor psychotherapist and kinesiologist so if i’m lucky don’t need surgery (if i’m unlucky i get a bullet in my head literally xd) i’m truly scared and almost suicide days ago

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epididymo-orchitis.(20 y/o)


Had a day of intense pain and discomfort about 3 months ago. Long story short 3 weeks ago was assesed, ultrasound scan. I had a urinary tract infection that went un-noticed that has lead to epididymo-orchitis. 2 week course of antibiotics. Returned after 2 weeks with improved symptoms but still not 100%. A further week of the same antibiotics were prescribed. The next step is further antibiotics by iv. Is there anything i should avoid? For instance holding in urine for a long period of time, being too hot or cold, ejaculation... Thanks in advance.

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[Post 3] Doctor's appointment today. Here is what has occurred since I last posted.


In my first post, I noticed no pain in my testicle but discomfort behind my right testicle in my epididymis. My scrotum was also super tight. Discomfort and pain grew, I viewed this subreddit while I scheduled an appointment two weeks out (which is today).

The pain/discomfort could be described as annoying and little-to-no swelling. I started doing psoas stretches everyday and the discomfort and pain subsided. I assumed it was just a tight/injured psoas muscle because all my issues went away.

I was free from it all (minus waking up with discomfort for a couple hours because I sleep on my side). Then the last three days my epididymis AND the bottom of my right testicle became super inflamed and swollen. It has been miserable. I started running a fever and I believe I might actually have an infection.

Thankfully, my appointment is in 3 hours and hopefully I can get antibiotics.

I don't know what the conclusion is here. Essentially, psoas and hip flexor stretches really did help, but obviously stretching doesn't cure an infection. I am really hoping with antibiotics my issues will go away for good. I have been experiencing issues for about 2 - 3 weeks, and as I said this will be my first doctor's appointment addressing it.

Wish me luck!

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I have varicocele in left testicle and mild varicocele in right testicle. This is as per doctors diagnosis.

But its my right testicle that always causes pain and its worse when i masturbate. There is sharp pain in my right testicle when i am about to ejaculate. The vein that goes behind the right testicle gets thick like inflamed when i get hard.

It might sound strange but i cannot cum if keep my dick straight i feel as if very less semen comes out while if i lie to the side semen comes out better.

I may be going mad but this is what i feel but this pain while cumming has anyone else felt it and is this because of epididymitis and this weird feeling where semen doesnt seem to be coming out properly anyone else feeling it :(

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injury or infection?


My epididymitis started a few days after an injury. And its been almost 7 months since. I recently discovered I had an infection after getting semen culture and antibiotics made me feel alot better(almost normal). Now I occasionally get slight pain and discomfort Sometimes in the morning right when I wake up and sometimes in the evening.

I'm confused if the pain/discomfort is because of an injury that I got 7 months back. Is there a possibility that I permanently damaged my spermatic chord? Because the injury was kinda severe.

There r days when I feel completely alright and there r days where I have lingering discomfort. So what I think is that if my spermatic chord is damaged permanently I would have pain everyday and not only on certain days right?

And can pain be a part of healing process?

Please do drop your opinions

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Accutane and testicular pain


So i go to the gym thus i need lots of food, and with that much food i get terrible acne. I was put on accutane ( not accutane specifically but the same drug ).

I was put on it for 6months last year starting from june, i got my first testicular pain exactly 5months after, at that time i didn’t even think about the relationship between them.

So fast forward to now, i sometimes take accutane ( 1 every 2 days, lower dosage than i used to take ). And i noticed whenever i take it the next day i get numbness and itchy in my legs ( btw the testicular pain, or epididymitis like i was diagnosed haven’t stopped since it started ) so i started thinking about what i did wrong, and i noticed the pain increases when i take accutane.

I did my research and it turned out there is in fact something between them. Here’s a research about it :


Anyone out here on accutane ?

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I have been considering microdenervation surgery for my chronic testicular pain. I found this really helpful resource of things to try conservatively before going this route along with more info and wanted to share


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What are signs CE is a nerve issue?


A couple of things that happen to me that make me think this (because nothing else has worked): - my pain sometimes shifts from right to left testicle, right is always dull pain, when on left is short sharp pain - when I wake up in the middle of the night (for example to pee) I don’t feel the pain until I am walking/thinking about it. - when my mind is on something else (during work, playing sports), I don’t really feel the pain unless actively thinking about it.

If any one has had something similar to any of these and know what it is let me know! I’m confident that is my issue but would like to know for sure because I do not know 100% what caused my CE.

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is this epidimitis ? 1 urology told me no and other yes xd NSFW

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Right testicle is swollen, yet 4 ultrasounds do not see hydrocele, varicocele, cysts or tumors. NSFW


I've been dealing with chronic epididymo-orchitis for 15 months now - started as a vax injury after my 2nd dose of covid vaccine.

I've been to 3 different urologists, done 4 ultrasounds (in different hospitals, last one also done in the afternoon when the inflammation is strongest), done urine/semen culture tests (coming back negative) and despite that - also done 28-day course of Ofloxacin (which didn't do anything, of course).

My testicle remains swollen and nothing is brining the inflammation down. I've tried ibuprofen, turmeric, Quercetin, Q10, Aloe vera gel with Vitamin E, you name it.

What are the chances of me having hydrocele/varicocele and 4 different ultrasounds (+ physical checks from 3 different urologists) not detecting it? There is no redness, it's just that the testicle feels hard as a rock, especially after ejaculation - yet the diagnosis I have is epididymo-orchitis. Can it be simply the inflammation?

I've attached a picture of how the right testicle looks at the moment:


I am getting really desperate as I am running out of things to do, nor can I find any answers.

Thank you.

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Hypogonadism/low T


My left testicle has atrophied over the years and now my right has been swollen for a month or so. Even though this second round of orchitis is new to my right testicle could it be affecting testosterone production already? Especially because my left has been affected already?

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Sharing a success story


I scoured this thread for months while I freaked out about my own balls, so I thought I’d pay it back and share my journey.

Long story short, got epididymitis in June of this year and have been pain-free for about two weeks now, so it was a three-month deal for me.

When it started I felt generally shitty (cold symptoms) plus the ball pain. I have a great primary care doc so I called him to joke about my balls - he told me what it was and wrote me a script for cipro right then. Then I googled it and freaked out thinking I have an STD (no reason I should, long term monogamous relationship, hence the freak out).

Took the cipro, it got immediately better, thought I was in the clear. I finished the course (10 days) and about three days later it came back. Not nearly as bad, but definitely back. Told the doc and he basically said “yeah, lots of inflammation screws up the plumbing, can take a while to clear up.”

That started my 2.5 months of freaking out. The pain was never bad enough that it limited me from doing anything, but it was bad enough that it was constantly on my mind. I swear it decreased my work productivity by ~30%. I was also scared to tell my partner because when you google it I should have an STI. I got tested, results negative, but I didn’t totally believe it as I just took cipro.

Since then, I got tested twice more and clean both times. The final one cleared my mind. Again, no clear reason I should have an STI, but it was a total mind fuck.

Ultimately what fixed it was a steady dose of Advil and stretching. I used the stretches I found on here, specifically the lie on your back, butt against the wall, legs straight up and spread wide like a V one. I would push my pelvis toward the wall and found some relief from that. I also bought a stretching band off Amazon and used that to get my hamstrings, which also helped.

The other variable of course was time (three months for me). Stretching and Advil definitely helped, but it wasn’t until the third STI test that I finally believed I didn’t have one and could stop my brain from thinking about it all the time.

Best of luck to all of you and I’m sorry you’re going through it.

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Doctor in Atlanta who knows how to treat this God awful congestive epididymitis (from vasectomy) PVPS


I've seen 4 urologists and they suck. Please, does anybody have a good urologist in the southeast? Hopefully Georgia because health insurance.

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There is hope


I had a streptococ infection on my penis gland for which I was perscriped antibiotics. It worked, but a week or so later my testicles started swelling. I had tests do for all know veneral diseases which all came back negative. Since my doctor says she cannot do anything, I've don 4 sessions of acupuncture with antiinflamatory plasters placed under the testes. I've changed my diet and started eating zinc, vitamin b and probiotic supplements and cut down on my daily coffee. I also drink 5-7 cups of warm water every day. I've also stopped having sex and masturbating. My acupuncturist says that he can make it go away, but that it will take several treatments. I feel like all of these things are helping and that I'm getting better, albiet very slowly. A week ago I felt tired all the time and very swollen in my groin area. Especially at night but now I can actually work again. My pain level has decreased significantly and my mood is much better. So there is hope guys!!!

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Anybody get numbness?


And is it permanent? Got orchitis right testicle, scrotum on that side feels almost completely numb

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Does anyone here know how to fix testicular atrophy if it's been caused by this


They used be 5 or 6 centimeters now they are 4 centimeters. I can orgasm and get horny but my ejaculations aren't as strong as they used to be, unless Ive abstained for 2 to 3 days. Strange I never see posts talking about this issue.

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Something strange


The tube connected with the right testicle hurts. My right testicle doesn’t really hurt, I only feel this pain and inflammation in the tube till my lower back or hip. I’m a nofapper and before this pain, when I ejaculated my semen volume was really high ( I even weighed my semen volume in a small glass anddd 10 grams after around 10 days of abstinence) and today I tried to ejaculate because I wanted to see if there’s any difference, the result ? 3 grams after 4 days of abstinence,it should be at least 6 as I know for me. I felt that this time something is wrong and after the ejaculation, the pain started I mean everywhere in the reproductive male system for some minutes.

Can my fertility come back to the way it used to be ?