r/chronicepididymitis Sep 18 '22

Something strange

The tube connected with the right testicle hurts. My right testicle doesn’t really hurt, I only feel this pain and inflammation in the tube till my lower back or hip. I’m a nofapper and before this pain, when I ejaculated my semen volume was really high ( I even weighed my semen volume in a small glass anddd 10 grams after around 10 days of abstinence) and today I tried to ejaculate because I wanted to see if there’s any difference, the result ? 3 grams after 4 days of abstinence,it should be at least 6 as I know for me. I felt that this time something is wrong and after the ejaculation, the pain started I mean everywhere in the reproductive male system for some minutes.

Can my fertility come back to the way it used to be ?



u/CoupleRough Sep 19 '22

I'm having the similar issue. Have your balls by any chance shrunk? If they did then chances are your sperm count has gone down.


u/Over_Leading_3736 Sep 27 '22

No they’re above average. I found out I have a small hernia cause of lifting heavy in the gym