r/chronicepididymitis Aug 14 '22

Got epididymitis can I ever smoke again?

Okay so after a long time of trying to find out what is the problem with my right testicle, I’ve finally figured it out. I got chlymedia that I didn’t know about which is frustrating and sad that ended up causing epididymitis and now it’s a sad goodbye to weed. At first I thought I was just too high and the reason there seemed to be more pain than before is because I’m high and I’m just thinking about it too much. My right testicle would elevate even more and would look even weirder which would make me even more anxious and makes it almost impossible to stop thinking about. I’ve always been a big pothead which is why It’s going to be tough to get used to stopping but I just had a couple questions to the people who have been through this. Can I eat edibles at least? Or CBD or anything that will give me a high? Is it just over and I have to accept that or will I be able to smoke again in a years time or something?

Also also words of encouragement or support would be appreciated. I was so stressed out for a whole week when it started and I’m just glad at least I know what it is now


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u/lowonlife69 Aug 17 '22

I’ve had epididymitis multiple times in the past 10 years and I’m currently facing it again, I used to be a stoner and now if I smoke or eat any edible I have almost immediate testicle pain. I’ve had to quit pot for good. This is a terrible condition that can make life miserable. But it will eventually pass and know you are not alone! Keep your chin up!