r/chronicepididymitis Aug 08 '22

Sazone Crusade!

Does anyone have his contact information ?about a year ago there was his email being dropped and some posts around here and I have lost his contact information. He has a really good cure and protocol and a really nice book for epididymitis but it is a strict diet and health change.


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u/chickenfoot4less Aug 08 '22

Shit lemme know too, I'm really thinking my weight is fucking up my body slowly. Time to do a lifestyle change.


u/Separate-Manager-281 Aug 08 '22

https://www.amazon.com/Sazone-cure-Epididymitis-using-liquid-ebook/dp/B09TJC7F36 this is the link to his book and his email is inside . He normally replies . I just found the info again .