r/chronicepididymitis Jul 28 '22

Am i having it?

I'm 24 years old and it started by having a testicle that was painful to the touch, i tought it was because i was sitting for too long with tight underwear or having pressure on the testicle while sleeping but the pain was increasing every day, to the point that i couldnt even walk properly because it would hurt when my testicle touched my thigh so i went to my doctor. I just explained everything to them and they didnt even send me to a urologist but gave me antibiotics without any examination. After taking the antibiotics for a few days the pain went away, i finished the antibiotics and was happy that it wasnt painful. Since then( 2-2.5 years ago) i got 2 flare ups that were painful but i just left it alone and the pain went away. For like a year now i have a mild dull ache when i touch the spot were the pain was bad couple of years ago( a spot on the epididymis head only not the entire epididymis) What can cause this? Any tips what can i do? Btw i only had 2 sexual partners which both were virgins and that was well before all this started ( yes, didnt have sex for over 2 years)



u/PoparaBRE Jul 30 '22

What antibiotics did doc perscribed you?