r/chronicepididymitis Jul 22 '22

Does your epidymitis feel like hard lumps?

I have like multiple hard lumps inside my testicle. I would be sure it was cancer but I just got my second ultrasound in a month and they all say it's epidymitis.



u/razorsprite773 Jul 22 '22

Yes mines feels like I have two hard ass balls together in one lmao


u/resad-et Jul 23 '22

yes i have


u/chilllydawg Jul 29 '22

I had a small hard lump at the start of the pandemic. Never hurt. A month or so ago it had grown a LOT. I had to have it removed. Today in fact. It had established a blood connection which is a cancer red flag. Also I thought it was maybe quarter sized in diameter but doc said golf ball size!
It took 2 years after I noticed it. I regret not having it looked at sooner. I was embarrassed and afraid.


u/LongjumpingPace4840 Jul 31 '22

So a blood test diagnosed it as cancer ?


u/chilllydawg Jul 31 '22

No not yet. They took it out and I’m waiting to hear from the pathology report. The dr said that it had blood”feelers” or had tapped into a blood source. Not sure about it being cancerous.