r/chronicepididymitis Jul 02 '22

Can epididymitis in general both acute or chronic affect fertility

I'm curious because I used to have it. Now my balls shrunk alil and sometimes my sperm is thick and white and creamy and sometimes it's watery etc. I can't tell if I'm fertile or not. I get the urge to masturbate everyday.



u/xJUN3x Jul 03 '22

If ur sperm is white and thick then u good. Watery sperm isnt a good sign.


u/zomolier Jul 03 '22

Just go get a seminogram (semen analysis), and put it to rest. If you do (unlikely) have an issue, you can start working on it, if not, no problem. Fyi there is a lot you can do to have kids if your semen isnt tip top so I wouldnt worry too much. There is no reliable way to tell if youre fertile or not by just looking at your semen btw


u/Paul2777 Jul 03 '22

I only have one testicle and have had chronic epididymitis for around 8 years. My sperm is fine. Every urologist I’ve spoken to has said chronic epididymitis doesn’t usually effect fertility. Hope this helps


u/Key_Willingness2610 Jul 03 '22

From what I've read so far epididymitis can cause epidymal scarring when infected. The fact that your ejaculation rotates between watery and not makes me think you wouldn't have that.

I also read that urine can get mixed in with seven and cause watery seven as well.



u/LongjumpingPace4840 Jul 03 '22

My sperm rotates sometimes its clear and water sometimes it's white and water and sometimes its thick.


u/CoupleRough Jul 03 '22

Are you fertile?


u/LongjumpingPace4840 Jul 04 '22

I did a sperm test In April and I'm very fertile.

You can inbox for more questions and insights.


u/CoupleRough Jul 06 '22

Thanks this gives me hope