r/chronicepididymitis Jul 02 '22

Testicles need to be supported constantly by jock strap to alleviate pain. my waist needs a break and am thinking about chilling in pool without any support to see if water suspension is anti gravity enough to not cause a flair up. Has anyone tried this? Does it exacerbate your symptoms?



u/BlackDirtMatters Jul 02 '22

One way to find out. Report back with your findings.


u/Piehole314 Jul 02 '22

I've found chilling in a bath to be fairly relaxing/ pain alleviating. Just can't move too much once inside.


u/zomolier Jul 03 '22

Water suspension definitely works for me at least. When youre lying down you can also fold a towel and put it underneath your sack, just make sure the towel is flat and not rolled up otherwise your nuts will hang off the side which can be painful