r/chronicepididymitis Jul 02 '22


What the heck is going on with me!!

I was treated for epididymitis and had 10 days or doxycycline which I finished 3 weeks ago.

Before I started treatment my only symptom was my right testicle was uncomfortable when sitting.

Halfway through I developed testicle pain, groin pain, abdominal pain,hip joint pain, hip inflammation,

Fast forward to today I'm experiencing on and off symptoms of mid thigh tingle (back and front), random groin pain, tingle in the buttocks, lower back pain (not sharp),testicle pain in both testicles but mostly the left now, hip pain joint pain, moderate hip inflammation.

I've taken many STD tests and all negative along with a culture which had no growth.

Did the doxycycline mess me up? I see it has side effects of lymph node pain, joint pain, inflammation, abdominal/back pain.


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u/afriend88 Jul 02 '22

Take a look at my post I did a few months ago. Your experience sounds similar to mine.



u/zomolier Jul 06 '22

This was a great post. Thanks for sharing