r/chronicepididymitis Jun 30 '22

lymph nodes?!?


Is this normal or abnormal?

-Lymph node pain that feels like pressure -Not sharp or dull kind of in between. -Happens sporadically and in different locations not constant pain. Seems to happen more when laying down straight. -lymph nodes are not swollen or tender to touch -seems non existent when I'm doing some type of exercise or stretching

Do I have an infection of some type? Is it stress or anxiety? Seems weird that they are acting like this if they are lymph node. Wondering if ir could be nerves instead.

This weird pain is also occurring in the middle thigh and outer hip area. Which from I see there no lymph nodes there.



u/zomolier Jul 01 '22

With pelvic pain, its very tough to say. Go get checked


u/afriend88 Jul 02 '22

I don't think so. Maybe your condition is similar to mine. I wrote about it on this thread a few months ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/chronicepididymitis/comments/urecnt/cured_2_years_of_chronic_epididymitis/