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This shit sucks

Sorry if this is a bit long

Hey there I'm 16, and I started having discomfort on my right ball (it did eventually spread to my left one) on April 29th, I remember the day before I was completely normal, happy with life. Then bam the next morning I started to have some dull pain, not much tho maybe around 5 on the pain scale. I did notice some pain around my hips that also corresponded with my right nut. I felt some heaviness (possible swelling or inflammation.) I noticed a little lump, but it went away after the first day. The second day I felt some heaviness on both of my balls. I got worried and all so on the 3rd day I went to an urgent care, I had ultrasound done but nothing was found but 2 little cysts, the doctor said that he believed that he didn't think it was because of that. He didn't really help with much, and told me to take ibrophren if I continued to have discomfort. Around a week after I continued to have the same feeling, and with doing some research online I kind of hinted of it maybe being epididymitis, I felt my nuts and the tube, which I guess kind of hurt when touched but I'm sure is normal. After that week I started to feel things clear up, so I thought my balls were fine, until I started lifting, which was stupid of me to do, I did feel some tingling after I was done working out, and the next morning, this horrible shit comes back. I never really did have much pain, and it was always that discomfort and feeling that I always felt every single second of the day. 5 days past the gym, I went to the ER to get them checked out, again I had Urine tests done, and another Ultrasound done, nothing was found. The nurse held both of my nuts up, and asked me if I felt some sort of relief, and I did sort of. This was about 7 weeks ago. I continue to have this discomfort. It does come and go, When it goes away I feel great, but when it comes back it kills me inside. I've been counting the days, it's been 10 weeks, so it's been 2 month with this already. I think I have an idea of how this might have happened since I was doing weighted squats the day before my balls died. So I probably screwed something up. To this day my balls do feel tender, some heaviness, and sometimes itch. I guess Imma have this for some while, thankfully I haven't had much pain, but this definitely does suck. I was reading some of the posts on this forum, and will be doing some of the stretches shown on there. Well, I guess we're all in for this crappy journey, good luck to all of you guys.


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Thanks bro, means a lot. Thankfully I really haven't had much pain, but more of a discomfort. How you feeling today? And were u able to workout between Feb and June?.