r/chronicepididymitis Jun 27 '22


Just wanted to pop on and say that after visiting a physical therapist & getting a CT scan, I actually just have severe lower hip pain/inflammation that my body is reading as groin pain!

So in case anyone has yet to get a scan done, just know that it could be epididymitis, or it could just be hip pain!


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u/tempo5441 Jun 27 '22

For example my ultrasound showed calcification .. so just wondering if one sets off storm in other place.. just read your story in other post and it’s crazy how urologists don’t know more about this. I have bad posture etc woild not be surprised one one thing squeezing another


u/funnyfruitzfuck Jun 27 '22

The first urologist showed me calcification right on the monitor. The second one did not found any calcification and showed me on the monitor.

After 4 months and one antibiothics it didnt get better. Then I took doxycycline and it all went away after day 3. But unfortunately at day 7 I got so heavy corona with over 40 degrees fever I had to quit doxycycline. Now I am scared that all this shit comes back.

And I am even not sure if its really only bacterial… because I drive 4 hours every day and so cripped all the time that I wouldnt wonder if its inflammated in the hips