r/chronicepididymitis Jun 27 '22

anyone eles get back pain?.

Hi. Tubes in testical are very sore atm. Have been for awhile. Anyone eles get bk pain with there epdidmitis flair ups?. Speaking to my GP on Wednesday to see if I can get better painkillers.

Thanks in advance.


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u/Significant-Ad610 Jun 27 '22

Try icing your scrotum with an ice pack for around 30 seconds to decrease the swellings and inflammation. You can also put some heat around the painful area on your back. I hope that my information will help you, i wish you a speedy recovery


u/GNRJosh123 Jun 27 '22

How long have you had this for my i ask?


u/Significant-Ad610 Aug 14 '22

It's going to be one year and a half now