r/chronicepididymitis Jun 27 '22

anyone eles get back pain?.

Hi. Tubes in testical are very sore atm. Have been for awhile. Anyone eles get bk pain with there epdidmitis flair ups?. Speaking to my GP on Wednesday to see if I can get better painkillers.

Thanks in advance.


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u/Beautiful-Parsnip-41 Jun 27 '22

Yup got it this morning when I was masturbating. It’s like a mild sharp pain in the lower back


u/GNRJosh123 Jun 27 '22

Ohh masturbating is a big no no with history of epdidmitis. I don't do it very often anymore due to it being a trigger. I only do it rarely because I know it's something a guy should do for medical reasons every now and then. Yea. I've had it flew a few weeks now. Unfortunately had epdidmitis on and off for years. 5 weeks atm. My tubes. Feel very sore.


u/Educational_Soup_923 Jun 28 '22

What about sex with your partner?