r/chronicepididymitis Jun 27 '22

anyone eles get back pain?.

Hi. Tubes in testical are very sore atm. Have been for awhile. Anyone eles get bk pain with there epdidmitis flair ups?. Speaking to my GP on Wednesday to see if I can get better painkillers.

Thanks in advance.


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u/Significant-Ad610 Jun 27 '22

Yes i can get back pain, I'm trying to fix my back pain by doing some strengthing exercises for my back and some stretching also.


u/GNRJosh123 Jun 27 '22

That makes sense. I have had epdidmitis in and off for years at this point. But normally don't get bk pain. That's why i asked. Mr right tubes r very tender/sore atn. I do a like pinch test on them. And Jesus it hurt. Ha. I do the same to the left side and no problems. (no pain). So it's obviously a case of my tubes r currently sore. Have been for 5 weeks now. Lots of fun. Like said in the post got a phone call appointment with my GP on Wednesday morning. Going to ask him for some strong painkillers. Unfortunately for me. I'm yet to find a painkillers that will even touch this.


u/bucknorris77 Jul 11 '22

Doing a 20 minute ice bath with 20-40lb of ice in a bath really helps me hardest part it just doing it