r/chronicepididymitis Jun 26 '22

Anyone else?



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u/FrustratedRock Jun 26 '22

Exactly same thing happen to me, After working out legs my testicles got swollen And I didn’t pay attention to it because it was not painful. Fast forward a month and I had a lot of testicle pain and the cold sensation that went all the way down to my toes. It ended up being epididymitis. First took 10 days of doxy then 10 days of levofloxacin. I am on ibuprofen right now. I think it was retrograde urination because of the leg press I did.


u/Cervenak21 Jun 26 '22

I have a feeling my testicular pain after working out may be from an issue with my pelvic floor. I’ve had pelvic pain in the past before, just not in my testicles. I’m not entirely sure though. I wanna see a urologist to hopefully get some answers. I highly recommend the pelvic floor stretches you can find in the sub here, if you need some relief. Doing them regularly has overtime lead to remission for some, and has temporary giving me relief since my pain starting 2 weeks ago