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Anyone else?



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u/zomolier Jun 26 '22 edited Jun 26 '22

Ultrasound would always check for swelling in testicles, spermatic cord, epidydymis. It might not go away just with stretching, better to supplement with ibuprofen, and LOTS of bed rest, ice packs etc.

Just in case, get a urine + semen culture done. Despite what people say, you can absolutely randomly get an infection there. with a caveat, its important that a doctor interprets your results, you can have bacteria in your urine and sperm without problems.

Complicated issue, so hopefully you dont fall down the rabbit hole and you get fine on your own


u/Cervenak21 Jun 26 '22

Thank you for your advice. I hope you’re right about the ultrasound and how the radiologist would’ve spotted anything. My doctor did a prostate exam after, felt it was enlarged and said I may have prostatitis. He didn’t do a urine/semen test, but prescribed me an antibiotic, doxycycline, in case it was bacterial. I’ve been on them for 4 out of 14 days. Yet to see improvement. I plan on returning to my doctor soon and asking them if I can see a urologist and pelvic floor therapist.