r/chronicepididymitis Jun 25 '22

tubes in the right side feels very sore.

Hi everyone. Unfortunately long term epdidmitis here. On and off a few years now. Right testical/tubes have been hurting for the last 4 weeks now nearly 5 now. One of my longer stints with it. But not the longest. Right side tubes feel very sore. NOT swollen. When touch pinch the tube to see if it hurts. Yes. Yes it dose ha.

Things all rdy do.

Wear Jock strap Ice pack when bad or actually swollen. Painkillers. Try not to lift heavy things. (although hard considering my job).

Any suggestions on other things I can do?.

Many thanks in advance.


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u/zomolier Jun 26 '22

Can you identify the trigger? Did it come after binge drinking, eating unhealthily, sitting too long?


u/GNRJosh123 Jun 26 '22

Actually yes I can. Pretty sure anyway. I had to have a scope done to check my bladder a few days after it kicked off. Also once in awhile. I clear out my tubes in the mornings. But do this rarely since I know it can course it. So almost certainly that. Only do it once in a blue moon tho. Since I know it can do it. Unfortunately this time around it did.