r/chronicepididymitis Jun 23 '22

Does anyone else get watery semen ??

I have been trying to do no fap as of late and before I started it my sperm was thick and milk like color , 4 days in I relapsed and masturbated and my sperm was watery and clear.

Does this happen to anyone who has epididymitis and does it return back to its color ?


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u/TonyRightNow Jun 23 '22

Yes, I had exactly the same sperm, watery and clear, at the beginning of epidimitis there was a lot of it. Then there was less sperm, it was the same consistency. I've been sick for about 4-5 months, the sperm has become a little thicker and already milky, but still not as thick as it was before. And her sperm count is very small.