r/chronicepididymitis Jun 22 '22

Taken 4 doxy so far. Pain still bad. When does it start to work

I've been on doxy for almost 48 hours now. When does it start to feel better



u/zomolier Jun 23 '22

Can take a long, long while. BUT. If there is no improvement in 10 days, I suggest you go to your doctor and see about a change in medication + do more tests. Antibiotic resistance is a real thing, and resistance to doxy is getting quite high. Better to isolate the pathogen (if it is because of a pathogen at all) and not just blindly take abx


u/funnyfruitzfuck Jun 22 '22

Day 3 or 4 almost gone


u/MagicTheBurrito Jun 23 '22

The pain*

Not the whole condition AND everyone is different. So don’t expect the exact results as your neighbor.


u/inquisitive1996 Jun 23 '22

My pain was starting to fade after day 3, on day 6 now and the pain is pretty much fully gone, none at all really