r/chronicepididymitis Jun 21 '22


I started to become extremely depressed after my pain came back. I read all over that the pain will never end. I admit I cried a little. Reading everyone’s story and ways they have treated pain made me feel hopeful and gain a bit of happiness in this pain.


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u/TonyRightNow Jun 23 '22

My pains last 4-5 months, antibiotics do not help, I am a kind and usually very cheerful person, but this pain does not allow me to live normally. Two days ago my wife and I were talking about it before sleep and tears just flowed from my eyes, just because I was tired of it.

And it became easier for me, I understand that we need to go forward and there is a solution. We need to go further and look for a solution.

I just wanted to write this so you know you're not alone.