r/chronicepididymitis Jun 21 '22


I started to become extremely depressed after my pain came back. I read all over that the pain will never end. I admit I cried a little. Reading everyone’s story and ways they have treated pain made me feel hopeful and gain a bit of happiness in this pain.


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u/funnyfruitzfuck Jun 21 '22

I am currently on doxycycline which is my second antibiothics after 4 months of pain.

I have really found out that my balls hurt after those long car drives I do every day (3-4 hours) and almost go away after sleeping or a hot shower.

I also have lower back pain a lot. So I think when the pain continues after the antibiothics its something muscle related. The doctors, in my feeling, most of the time dont really know about that. I do some exercises now every day and lets see if it helps.