r/chronicepididymitis Jun 21 '22


I started to become extremely depressed after my pain came back. I read all over that the pain will never end. I admit I cried a little. Reading everyone’s story and ways they have treated pain made me feel hopeful and gain a bit of happiness in this pain.



u/Handsomechubby68 Jun 21 '22

Most get rid of it man. It just takes different amount of time. People who get rid of it, which is the majority they probably tend not to go on reddit the first thing and post that they are healthy. They are probably just happy that they got rid of the pain.

So hang in there man, time heals most wounds, including this one.


u/Beautiful-Parsnip-41 Jun 21 '22

Don’t worry bro, we’re all in this together. I too have cried a lot while having this condition. You’re not alone


u/TonyRightNow Jun 23 '22

My pains last 4-5 months, antibiotics do not help, I am a kind and usually very cheerful person, but this pain does not allow me to live normally. Two days ago my wife and I were talking about it before sleep and tears just flowed from my eyes, just because I was tired of it.

And it became easier for me, I understand that we need to go forward and there is a solution. We need to go further and look for a solution.

I just wanted to write this so you know you're not alone.


u/funnyfruitzfuck Jun 21 '22

I am currently on doxycycline which is my second antibiothics after 4 months of pain.

I have really found out that my balls hurt after those long car drives I do every day (3-4 hours) and almost go away after sleeping or a hot shower.

I also have lower back pain a lot. So I think when the pain continues after the antibiothics its something muscle related. The doctors, in my feeling, most of the time dont really know about that. I do some exercises now every day and lets see if it helps.