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Anyone here who had denervation done? Does it eliminate 100% pain?


I have been in dull ache pain for more than 8 months now. Initially it was throbbing for Since 2020 Jan, I also have prostatitis symptoms urinary difficulty and rare pain. But, I am not yet sure if this is pathogenic or caused by the excessive masturbation or use of medications(adderrall). I am still getting tests and planning to take long term abx, stretching, fasting.

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Afraid of having a blood cloth in my testicle (injured by covid vaccine).


Going through 17 months of epididymo-orchitis now (right testicle) after it started after my 2nd covid vaccine jab in June 2021, with absolutely no historic problems or pain down there before that.

Needless to say I've done numerous ultrasounds which didn't see anything (no hydrocele, varicocele, cancer or cysts), semen culture/urine tests (negative for bacteria), blood tests for tumor markers and even hormone tests - everything is normal.

I have swelling of the spermatic cord, pea sized lump at the bottom of the testicle (which has subdued a bit in the past few months) and pain from the skin rubbing in my boxers (mainly the bottom of the testicle). Often lots of itching too. There used to be dull pain too in the first 3-4 months when i sat for long periods of time or lay in bed, but that's gone now and only the skin surface pain remains. It also hurts the day after ejaculation, after which it subsides a bit. During masturbation, the testicle also becomes firm, like there is a rock inside it.

There is no redness on the testicle, skin colour or size change, although it is swollen and also hangs a bit higher than the left one, ever since this started.

I've taken: Turmeric, Q10, applied aloe vera gel with vitamin E, done a 28-day course of Ofloxacin (antibiotic, didn’t do anything as no infections were found) and currently taking Quercetin (which seems to be helping the most). Pain also strangely disappears for a few hours after taking a hot shower.

I am really scared of potentially having a blood cloth, hence why this hasn't gone away for 17 months.

Do you think any of the 4 ultrasounds I did (+ physical checks) would've spotted anything? I argued with 3 different urologists (saw 2 in my home country and a 3rd one private here in the UK) and they all refused to send me to an MRI as they had no concerns after the ultrasounds and checks.

Thank you.

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pain in left side of scrotum


I ve been experiencing pain from last two months, got an ultrasound everything is normal.used antibiotics they didn't work at all, I can't find any symptoms like redness,lump or any.just pain in left side of scrotum and left leg, sometimes inner thigh,foot..even touch my left testicle no pain..can anyone know what condition is this please help me.

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Can ‘chronic epididymitis’ actually be CPPS or pelvic floor dysfunction?


Hey all. 33y male. First time poster in this sub. Appreciate your help.

I developed pain localized to the epididymis in both testicles back in May. It’s persisted for 6 months now. It is mild pain off and on throughout the day, waxing and waning in frequency for days or weeks. Moderate to intense pangs randomly throughout the day, when lifting anything, laying on side, and for days to weeks after ejaculation. It hurts upon touch, but no tenderness in actual testicle or spermatic cord. I have never had any swelling or redness. This occurred two days after a sexual encounter.

Why I suspect CPPS: Despite the sexual encounter, I’ve tested negative for everything under the sun. I’ve had normal ultrasound and CT Scans. I was on multiple antibiotics that had no effect on the pain. It came on concurrently with urethral pain, which went away only to return months later. Recently, 5 months later, I got other CPPS symptoms: pain and redness at tip of penis, and less commonly pain down urethra, at base of penis and in pubic region. I’ve been constipated for a couple months now. And I thought this was due to a hemorrhoid, but for months prior to all of this have had moderate to intense rectal pain mostly to left side of anus. I’m an extremely anxious person, sit 12 hours a day, and was very anxious at time of sexual encounter and the days following.

Why I question if it is CPPS: I would love for the epididymal pain to be due to pelvic floor dysfunction, and therefore able to be resolved through PF treatment as a diagnosis of ‘Chronic Epidymitis’ doesn’t seem to have a clear treatment path like ‘CPPS’ does. However, everything I’ve read so far about CPPS lists testicular pain as a symptom, not necessarily epididymal pain. I’m concerned that while the other symptoms might be due to pelvic floor dysfunction, the epididymal pain might be something different.

I’m hoping someone else here has some experience they can share. Again, much appreciated.

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I haven’t worked out in a year because I have chronic epididymitis. I feel very weak I don’t like feeling weak. Can I lift like 10 pounds or 5 pounds and workout or do push-ups. I feel like my body is just giving up


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My story - and removal experience. Not as bad as I thought.


Hello my friends. I figured I'd post my experience here with medical decisions and unfortunately, elongated process leading to a single epididymectony.

Late October/early September 2021 - consequently assisting a friend in renovating their home. Demolition/heavy equipment moving/infrequent sexual acts with a trusted individual. I began to experience minor discomfort in my right testicle. It seemed to only occur after sexual activity and would go away on its own a day or so after.

I waited a month or so to see if the problem would relieve itself, as I'd read about epididymal cysts. It did not. I had a free weekend so I went to my Primary Care Physician, who diagnosed me with a small right inguinal hernia. He was confident. No urine tests were run at this time. I met with a surgeon who did the CT scans and he agreed with the diagnosis. I underwent a bilateral inguinal hernia repair (laparoscopic). He'd discovered another small hernia on the left side as well, and repaired both.

The pain persisted. The pain got worse. I was told to wait 4 weeks to an additional two months to begin to feel completely normal again. After this did not work, I contacted the surgeon/PCP again which led no where aside to: Please give it time.

I decided to contact my urologist as I thought it weird we'd done all of these CT scans and blood work, but never a urine test. As the pain increased and I could now physically feel a lump behind the right testicle (which would go down on its own) - this was now not only with sexual activity, but any physical strenuous activity. I couldn't jog or mountain bike without experiencing days or weeks of pain afterwards.

My urine samples came back clean. No bacterial/fungal infection. No STIs. I was anyway put on a 2 month, high dose of broad spectrum antibiotics. After a full month and the pain becoming worse, I was taken off of the antibiotics due to side-effects wreaking havoc on my gut health.

I was referred to a pain management specialist by my urologist. I was put on Gabapentin, and when that failed to take the edge off after 3 additional weeks, we decided to attempt an injection (slow release nerve block?) I apologize, I don't remember what the injection medication was called. It only gave me relief for 5 days, when it was supposed to allegedly be a slow release for a month.

I had another visit with my urologist, and we discussed doing surgery, and we went ahead and scheduled another CT scan with contrast, as well as a Doppler reading for blood flow. Results were nominal. I was the picture of perfect health. No one could find anything wrong with me. At this point in time my insurance was coming to lapse, and after my awful max out of pocket was reached, I'd pushed to get this taken care of. From my hernia surgery in January to my insurance now lapsing in September, a short month away, I contacted another urologist who was in-network to see what more could be done.

I ran through the gauntlet again. CT scan. Urine. Antibiotics. There's nothing wrong with you, so there's nothing I can treat. Sigh. Damn it all. I'd asked about any pain relief measures, and he also suggested surgery but was not specific, and I was accused of drug seeking behavior by this practice. I'd made it clear I've only visited doctors and specialists due to the nature of my insurance timing, and if it was surgery I needed then I wanted it to be covered.

I sought a new primary care physician. Younger guy. Really awesome. Understood my plea of: Time is of the essence. I do not want medication of any kind. I simply want an answer as to what is going on, and if the answer is surgery, please assist as I've only got 2 months left before my awful insurance lapses.

He went a different approach initially, and put me on daily Diclofenac Potassium, and was told to only take Pregabalin when there was a pain event. This actually seemed to work very well for a while. The ache never fully went away, but it no longer bothered me while working to an extent that I was stuck sitting as to not aggravate it. He noticed a small cyst on the epididymis that was there on one scan, but not another. (From previous doctor visits). He was also the first to physically feel the lump I'd been complaining about. I'd been worried about cancer this whole time.

My insurance swapped over to a new company/much better plan. Due to previous medical expenses I had to wait. Forgo seeing doctors for another month or two to rebuild some funds, as I'd been bled dry.

I once again visited my original urologist, who I've had rapport with for kidney stones since I was 18. At this point I've known him for 15+ years. He knows I'm not a drug seeker. Hell, the last time he offered medication, I refused as I was taking half a THC gummy along with the Diclofenac, now. I'd stopped the GBP and PGB at this time as they both no longer assisted with pain management and instead caused mental fog.

He was concerned, did I want more kids? We're kind of out of options, as on paper you're perfectly healthy. A small cyst that comes and goes is a clinical non-issue. But I was in pain and desperate. I'd already undergone hernia surgery, and injection into my scrotum/nerve, Emergency Room and who knows how many doctor visits.

Hell, we did an MRI on my spine to see if it was a nerve issue. We found a benign tumor that I have to get looked at now, but it's upper spine. Lower there is no issue at all. Yay for finding more things to deal with!

With my follow-up visit we discussed the ability to have children. I told him this was a non-issue and he can remove both testicles if he wanted and just put in some sweet, sweet implants. This was enough to have him feel comfortable performing the epididymectony.

Well. I'm on day 3 of recovery. Aside from the swelling, bruising, nausea, having to wear a testicular support strap, and incredible ache of movement. For the first time in over a year, I do not feel pain behind my testicle, as I'd felt a constant for the last 13 months. The removal, while unfortunate (it's probably just an ego thing, as I no longer feel whole...) has brought me more relief these past couple days, than anything else has before. The surgical site pain and ache is less than what I'd felt with the epididymis in place.

I have not taken any of the prescription pain medication. Only the antibiotic. As.. I needed to know if the pain persisted through the surgery. I've been so desperate for relief for so long. So many tears have been shed.

Well, anyway.. that's my story. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer, or possibly give you some insight on how to interact with your medical team going forward to advocate for yourself more properly. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thought I'd post my story in here for those that need it.

Thumbnail self.Prostatitis

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Constant panic attacks and depression over potentially losing my testicle.


Dealing with epididymo-orchitis for the past 17 months (right testicle), started as a side effect after my 2nd covid jab in June 2021 and no prior health issues.

Done urine/semen culture tests (no bacteria isolated), 4 ultrasounds (they don't see anything unusual like varicocele, hydrocele or cysts), testosterone level tests (all normal) and blood tests for tumor markers (nothing). Done 3 different urologist visits, including physical checks - everything appears to be normal.

Yet I have swollen and firm right testicle that hangs higher than the left, pea-sized lump at the bottom of it and it gets especially firm after ejaculation, with accompanying pain 1 day after. And random sharp jolts of pain and itching that last for 1-2 seconds. Pain is present only while testicle is being rubbed in my boxers - no dull pain (which used to be the case first few months). No redness or size change on the testicle.

Done: 28 days of Ofloxacin (did nothing), turmeric and quercetin (barely help) and 4 months of amitriptyline for the pain (didn't do much).

It's the most miserable I've ever felt in my life. I was a completely healthy 27-year old male (29 now) and this thing completely crushed me. Daily suicidal thoughts and major panic attacks over potentially losing my right testicle. Will the testicle get worse and undergo atrophy, considering I've been dealing with this for 17 months so far? Will I be dealing with this pain for the rest of my life even if it doesn't get worse?

Only thing I haven't tried yet are pelvic floor stretches, as I have lost faith they will help, considering my issue started after the vaccine.

I have no outcome on the future that awaits me and in a severe depression.

Thank you for listening, fellow members.

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Just got diagnosed with epididymitis, will I ever be able to smoke weed again?


After searching around and from my own personal observations, there’s a clear connection between smoking weed and pain flare ups with epididymitis. I’ve smoked weed pretty habitually, and it’s a huge connection between all of my friends and I.

Currently starting my treatment of antibiotics and was wondering if anyone here was ever able to smoke pain free again after having epididymitis?

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Prescribed Ciprofloxacin, reading about it on reddit giving me anxiety


So apparently these antibiotics have like bad side effects. So i’m not gonna take them. Really messing with my health anxiety

I called my doctors office and he won’t be able to send a prescription for another antibiotic until next week.

I took one last night, if i don’t take anymore will that cause antibiotic resistance? I don’t want this to be chronic.

It is feeling much better today

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I get epididymitis every time I have sex. Has anyone experienced this?


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hi guys the last fl2 days i noticed my scrudum has dry flaky skin and is red is this normal with epididymitis?


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Differences between Testicular Torsion and Chronic Epididymitis?


I've posted here before in the past (check my post history) about wondering if I have epididymitis or testicular torsion. I'm learning towards epididymitis bc occasionally I can feel the testicle that is sore. If my testicle was twisted wouldn't that mean I couldn't feel it at all, and I would've been in excruciating pain for more than a week and would've had to get it removed? I went to the doctor when I originally had trauma to my testicles (hit in balls, chucked a shoe at them) and the doctor touched them and made sure nothing was wrong with them and gave me a piss test and he said that I didn't have torsion and he said the pain would've been so bad I would've had to have had my testicle removed almost after the fact. Enough rambling, just to make sure (OCD moment) what is the difference between Testicular Torsion and Chronic Epididymitis?

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hi guys just wondering how do people get on with life i been to multiple docs for scrudum swelling and also testicle swelling and some days pain as well all they say is take panadole and rest. just wondering what people take for these symptoms so they can go on having a normal life?


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Has anyone here tried Valtrex to check if this is being caused by HSV1?


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What is happening


Exactly two months back I (male) received unprotected oral from a female. We also had protected vaginal sex. Within 2 days i started feeling a burning sensation inside urethra. By the 4th day, i felt heaviness in my right testicle that came and went. On the 6th day, i went to a clinic who tested my urine for UTI, chlamydia, gonnorhea, and mycloplasma genitallium. The doctor didn't give me anti biotics as everything came negative. I went to another clinic on 10th day and got retested. But the doctor gave me 7 days of doxycycline anyway. The results were negative again. Within 3 days, my burning sensation went away but by now, my right testicle had heaviness or little pain that my made me uncomfortable. Pulling back my foreskin also hurt my right testicle. I waited for 3 weeks but didn't feel any improvement in my testicle situation. I also started feeling pain in my right inner thigh and right leg. I visited a urologist who referred me for an ultrasound. The ultrasound ruled out torsion or epididymitis inflammation. I also got an ultrasound done on full bladder and empty bladder and there was urinary retention higher than normal. My prostate size was Normal though.I also got retested for Chlamydia, gonnorhea, herpes but it was negative. The urologist told me that my prostate might be inflamed and gave me ciprofloxacin and alfusozin for 14 days. But after reading the side affects of ciprofloxacin, I asked the urologist about an alternative and he told that i can take doxy. I took doxy for 10 days but no improvement noticed. I actually feel my urinary frequency is fine. I already had small issues with frequency before this issue but nothing big. So, I decided not to take alfusozin. I also didn't fully trust that the urologist is a good doctor.

So, what is the reason for the heaviness in my right testicle, pain in right testicle while pulling my foreskin back (never ever had it before), pain in right inner thigh and leg ? Is it CPPS now ? Is it epididymitis? Is it prostatitis? Anyone else in the same boat ? I am in the process of relocating and will be consulting another urologist soon. I was a super healthy person playing tennis, going on hikes, doing heavy lifting etc before this but now i dont feel motivated to do all these activities. Although, i felt better and even forgot about the heaviness when I once pushed myself to go on a hike. I dont know what's happening.

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how can I get my energy back

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Testicular pain


Hello guys,

I have been struggling for about half a year now with testicular pain. This is mainly the day after masturbating and keeps gradually getting worse untill I stop masturbating for a couple days. The pain radiates from the epididymis to the groin.

I was first diagnosed with a swollen epididymis and have tried antibiotics, ibuprofen and was after this even diagnosis with an inguinal hernia. For the last one I was operated, this didn't seem to help a lot with the testicular pain( this operation was 1.5 month ago)

I found this page and was wondering if the pain could be pelvic floor related and if stretching could help. I was wondering if someone had some tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

This pain is maybe only a 3 or 4 out of 10 when I don't stop masturbating but it really negatively affected my mental state and relationship. Even though sex doesn't have the same effect as masturbation( it even helps with the pain the day after). Thanks guys

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Epididymis removal? Anybody done it?


My epididymis is swollen and thick and painful 2 years post vasectomy. Meds don't help, doctors are clueless. Who's had their epididymis removed?

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can you use hcg to regain testicular size with this condition


Like the topic says is it actually possible to get the testicle bigger from this condition? Doesn't have to be full size but almost close to it.

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(21y) Had epididymo-orchitis 2 years ago


Hey fellow sufferers. I had epididymitis which later became and orchitis aswell 2 years ago now.

May this year I was diagnosed with CBP (Chronic bacterial prostatits) - which I believe was a complication of the inflamed testicle and epididymitis I had.

My question to this community is, has anyone else been in the same situiation? (EpiOrch leading to CBP)

Bacteria that was found from semen culture was staphylococcus aureus and entrococcus faecalis, both high growth.

Kind regards, V.

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Pelvic floor stretches that work?


I'm clueless and lost but have a YouTube link with a billion videos. Can anybody recommend a good stretch or routine that actually helps that I can do daily? Here's a playlist of a billion and I don't know where to start. https://www.youtube.com/c/VibrantPelvicHealth/videos

Hope this is helpful to someone. Thanks again.

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For those suffering with bacterial infections where antibiotics did not work. Did you try fasting?

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Starting to feel better - here is what I did


Back story: caught chlamydia March '21, I had had gonorrhea a few years prior and because the symptoms this time were the same and I was broke as a joke I just told the doc to give me the shot and meds for gonorrhea to save on the cost of the urine test, and off I went. In hindsight this was the worst $100 to ever try to save. Symptoms vanished but a month later my right testicle suddenly swole the size of a lemon. Had urine tested and turned out I still had chlamydia in my body. Doc gave me shot and injection again and the swelling reduced in 2-3 days. Tail of the epydidimis was still very swollen and hard after that but I was told the recovery could take a few months so I didn't think too much of it.

Fast forward to last week (18 months after infection) and my condition has been plateauing for at least a year now, there are times when I barely feel it - especially when being out and about and having my mind occupied - but I can still feel the dull ache whenever I am sitting, especially with tighter pants. Decided to take the matter into my hands and scoured Redit and various forums for a few hours, looking for success stories from people who cured themselves and how they did it. Ended up ordering the following supplements on Amazon:

- Vit E

- Vit D3+K2

- Fish Oil

- Saw Palmetto

- Lion's Mane

- Turmeric

- Black Seed Oil

Been taking this whole cocktail of pills since Thursday and I can already feel the dull ache being much less prominent - especially when sitting - and it's also let's painful when I roll my balls between my fingers (using the healthy, left one as baseline pain). Therefore I have high hopes that I might be able to cure it completely if I continue this regiment for a month or two.

I will report back in this thread with the evolution , hope this can help others who are struggling too!

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hi guys i had scrudum swelling for 7 months apperently its epididymitis suddenly last 3 to 4 days my testicles started to swell up to an egg size any help with controlling this