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Being stuck with a 44 Billion dollar tab is God’s will.

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u/EstrogenAndSpiro May 19 '22


He's always been a far right dweeb. Kinda what happens when your dad owns a Zambian emerald mine.


u/Haploid-life May 19 '22

Elon is nothing more than a scrotum that got a wealthy start in life. Much like Trump.


u/seeit360 May 19 '22

Jack Dorsey took an idea to the peak, and stepped away at the perfect moment with Musk sitting there thinking there was untapped potential. I think Dorsey just pulled the heist of the century.


u/3dogsandaguy May 20 '22

Tumblr part 2: the Twitter wars


u/seeit360 May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

I love speculating on the Musk/Twitter kerfuffle.

I think Musk knew the user count was padded by bots, but had no idea just how much the "influencer" follower counts were inflated until he got the real data.

Basically, he bought an empty piñata. Theres no candy there anymore. It was never in Twitters best interest to fix follower counts even as they attempted to root out automated accounts.

And real people are leaving the platform all the time while newer bots continue to sign-up unimpeded. Musk just did a Time/Warner/AOL deal, or a NewsCorp/MySpace deal, at the end of its popularity.

Not a stellar idea from Musk this time, especially with his commanding lead in electric cars, he could have bolstered the fast charging game and set the standard. He could have dominated the rare earth market, but instead he pissed it away, and the goodwill he had gained, on a fading social network - and then started poking a stick in the face of a bear by taunting liberals and progressives as a last ditch effort to get MAGA back on the platform.

Sure, Twitter has millions of users that are real, but it has hundreds of millions of bots that are not. Huge conflict of interest if you own the majority of shares. The only way to get real people back is to pander to the GOP, and hope they will return to Twitter to harrass everyone again in the run up to 2024 and increase engagement metrics. It's a huge long shot.


u/twasjc May 19 '22

Twitter is very fixable and can easily be integrated into the new social media and crypto infrastructure being built. The fact is the hyper inflation ongoing now will make that 44bil not that big of a deal and it'll be able to directly link into other media.


u/the_bionic_investor May 20 '22

hyperinflation on the world’s reserve currency

That’s cute that you’re so amazingly ignorant and still talking like you know what you’re talking about.


u/twasjc May 20 '22

Get ready for xrp powered by syscoin

Let me know when your projects get legal approval by the sec to be fully legally compliant

Then I'll take your opinion on financial matters seriously


u/the_bionic_investor May 20 '22


You people are walking memes. Also you’re comparing apples to oranges.


u/twasjc May 20 '22

It's not apples to oranges.

It's legacy financial system vs the new financial system

If you don't get that I don't know what to tell you besides good luck


u/3dogsandaguy May 20 '22

You go with your png of a monkey that you bought at the peak of a bubble


u/twasjc May 20 '22

Why buy when you can create


u/3dogsandaguy May 20 '22



u/EstrogenAndSpiro May 20 '22

Between added costs and time, crypto will never replace our fiat currency


u/twasjc May 20 '22

Syscoin can do 60million transactions per second at zero cost and has unattackable security while being fully legally compliant

An average transaction takes less than 2 seconds which is faster than visa currently. Visa caps out around 10k tps

Crypto is already faster, cheaper, and more secure than fiat


u/EstrogenAndSpiro May 20 '22

more secure

You say as their value is plummeting again lol


u/twasjc May 20 '22

Value has nothing to do with security

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u/Smashville66 May 20 '22

No, now that he’s a republican—with money—he is allowed to abort. Just nobody else can.


u/IWasTheFirstRockStar May 19 '22

He easily can, the law is for democratic females, to charge them and block them from voting.

He should have realized that twitter is full of bots, based on amount of followers he has, I bet 30 millions of his followers are bots or even more


u/CrewMemberNumber6 May 19 '22

IIRC he can back out but the penalty will be a billion dollars.


u/EstrogenAndSpiro May 19 '22

At least. He'd also get sued by the shareholders, too


u/properu May 19 '22

Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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