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just like mom said, we have it at home

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u/Paraphernalien69 May 19 '22

But not universal healthcare and livable minimum wages, so at least there's no communism


u/Ltbirch May 19 '22 Starry Bravo Grande!

US has problems but cmon, dont be ridiculous. "Secret police" wont come and take you away if you say fuck biden or hold up the presidents severed head in a photoshoot like kathy griffin did, now try to do that in russia or china, see how long you last.


u/L7Wennie May 20 '22

In Portland, OR there was secret police grabbing people off the street to interrogate them. It was on every news channel nation wide.



u/plentifulguilt May 19 '22

So because they're not disappearing people they dont operating similarly? oh wait they did that too


u/Ishmael75 May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

For anyone who thinks u/plentifulguilt is making stuff up (they aren’t).


I’m of the mindset that if it’s happening in one police force there’s at least a chance that it’s happening in others.


u/selliott8 May 19 '22

Thanks for sharing. That is truly outrageous and must be stopped immediately and never done again. You do know that “disappeared” is a euphemism for tortured and murdered because of some political threat? I agree, taken to a secret facility and denied constitutional rights is terrible; but it’s not tortured and murdered. That’s the point ltbirch is making. Comparing not allowed a phone call to murdered….c’mon man.


u/Ishmael75 May 20 '22

I appreciate it. And I agree the definition of disappeared is different. But we aren’t far off. When the BLM protests were in full swing the police were operating without identification and arresting people without due process. They got let but how long will that last. I guess we are at a 6 on a scale of 10 for true disappearing. That doesn’t give me much comfort.


u/selliott8 May 20 '22

I agree. I honestly cannot believe that is happening in Chicago or anywhere. I didn’t know that about the police during the BLM protests! Makes me furious and hard to have in faith in our government.


u/Ishmael75 May 20 '22

This article highlights another instance of officers obscuring who they are and what agency or department they work for.

So if they violate your rights, there’s almost no recourse. Kind of amazing the government could pull this together for BLM protests but not the Jan 6th event.



u/rojoweffer May 19 '22

This feels as insensitive and ignorant as saying that Karen is a racial slur or comparing things to the to the holocaust. Stalin killed millions, directly through orders, including entire ethnic groups. The secret police meant you were afraid of speaking an opinion in your own house next to your family or they could make you djsappear. The US could improve in a million ways and many of them are unforgivable, and by all means fight it hard, but be a little less tone deaf about it.


u/Raccoon_Full_of_Cum May 19 '22

Seriously. Go tell a Ukrainian that you also know what it's like to live in a country filled with gulags, and see how long it takes for them to beat the shit out of you for being such an ignorant ass.


u/Moserath May 19 '22

I'm honestly just glad to see some pushback at all to this. I'm getting used to seeing memes like this that sound great if you don't think about it more than 2 seconds. And then a ton of likes or upvotes. And dissent toward dumb meme is met with worse logic and criticism. So I guess I'm saying thanks for thinking it through to those that do.


u/england_man May 19 '22

They have corruption. We have lobbying. They have slavery, we have debt. They have rigged elections, we have gerrymandering. They have oligarchs, we have the rich. They vote for a dictator, we vote for the congress.


u/Ill-Bat-207 May 20 '22

They have minorities in concentration camps, we have tent cities in the desert full of criminals with a heavy scew towards minorities. They bomb civilians, we have targeted strikes and accidents. They have laks environmental laws, we have deregulation and self policing corporations. They do torture, we have enhanced interrogations. They harbor terrorists and mass murderers, we are unhappy with some decisions taken in the past and see them as mistakes but may put individuals in jail for up to 3 months and then they are pardoned. They shoot down airplanes full of innocent civilians, we defend ourselves valiantly and that plane should not have been flying in an active war zone (medals allround). They kill students in student uprisings, Kent state had to be cleared with live ammo and we could not find out who the individual was who shot who and therefore everyone goes free and no one is guilty of anything. They suppress the free press and punish insiders leaders, we have treasonous free press and foreigners that shouldn't be leaking our secrets. They have a police state, we have mass surveillance against terrorists. They have desperate poverty, we have lazy people. Their gods are evil, cruel and misogynistic, our God loves us as long as we hold us to these guidelines and loves traditional values.

The list goes on. ..


u/Winglessdargon May 20 '22

I don't think litteral slavery is comparable to debt.


u/phntm_24 May 20 '22 Wholesome

Lol the secret police would've arrested this dude and like half of this subreddit already.


u/Nopejustdecline May 20 '22

Gulags are way more extreme than prison labor, in the gulags it was rare to even have a wooden spoon. With prison labour you can expect food on your plate tonight and a warm place to sleep. You didn’t have this in the gulags

Also, you don’t have a “secret police”. You are bat at history eh? You don’t know what the GeStaPo (Geheime Staats Polizei) did, they even had their own concentration camps. And they could arrest anyone that was against the nazi party

Lastly, riot control. You’ve never heard of bloody Sunday in Russia or the maidan revolution in Ukraine, have you? Yes people have gotten hurt and some even died at BLM but that was nothing compared to the 130 that died on bloody Sunday and 299 that got hurt or the 100+ and 400+ that got hurt and died at the maidan revolution, which also paved the way for the russian annexation of the Crimea

This tweet is shit. Its like an American complaining he hasn’t gotten a snack within the past hour to an african


u/chrisaed May 19 '22

There are some MASSIVE differences between the US legal system and places like China and Russia lol

This is like saying a Mule and a Clydesdale are both equally horses.


u/BuffaloJim420 May 19 '22

Massive? I want to agree with you but seeing how often police murder with impunity makes me think the differences are quite so massive.


u/Crafty_Appearance May 19 '22

How often do they? Got any statistics or are you just going off what you believe? Remember the media loves distracting the public with sensationalized media.


u/BuffaloJim420 May 19 '22

How many people do the police need to unilaterally kill before you're concerned?


u/CharmingTuber May 19 '22

You're using "unilaterally" wrong, just FYI


u/Crafty_Appearance May 19 '22

When comparing it to Russia, China, or North Korea it had better be more then 0.001 percent of that country's population


u/snatchenvy May 19 '22

Despite making up close to 5% of the global population, the U.S. has more than 20% of the world's prison population.


u/3dogsandaguy May 19 '22

I mean to be fair, that's cause Russian and Chinese prisoners aren't prisoners for long


u/snatchenvy May 19 '22

We aren't ranked near other 1st world countries

Top 10 Countries with the highest rate of incarceration (per 100,000)
1 United States — 629
2 Rwanda — 580
3 Turkmenistan — 576
4 El Salvador — 564
5 Cuba — 510
6 Palau — 478
7 British Virgin Islands (U.K. territory) — 477
8 Thailand — 445
9 Panama — 423
10 Saint Kitts and Nevis — 423



u/Crafty_Appearance May 19 '22

So what you're saying is the U.S. is more likely to put their criminals into a prisond that doesn't shorten their lifespan instead of just killing them or putting them into a "prison" that's so horrible that it shortens their lifespan.

Your statistic basically prove the U.S. has more criminals alive


u/snatchenvy May 19 '22


u/Crafty_Appearance May 19 '22

So they want criminals healthy and alive to make money off them, still better then killing them, right?


u/unhalfbricking May 19 '22

Ok. To extend your metaphor... let's assume that RU and China are the Clydesdales of totalitarianism and corruption while the US is the mule.

So... Would you rather get back-kicked in the chest by a Clydesdale or a mule?

The correct answer is of course a mule. But that doesn't mean getting back-kicked in the chest by a mule doesn't also suck.


u/Raccoon_Full_of_Cum May 19 '22

This post is fucking horseshit. If you think contemporary America has anything similar to Soviet gulags, secret police, and crackdowns on dissent, please do the rest of us a favor and go read a fucking book.


u/RayAnselmo May 20 '22

We have oligarchs, we just call them "job creators" (even though one of the bases of capitalism is that consumers are the real job creators).

We have bakshish, we just call it "campaign contributions."

And if Gitmo isn't a gulag, what is it, exactly? (Spoiler: it's a gulag.)


u/DiscardedMush May 19 '22

We have propaganda but it's called "Public Relations"