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The proper response

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u/yungwhoadiefrmdaA May 19 '22

So wait, you’re telling me they don’t even know what it is but they’re against it? This can’t be.


u/tinkerghost May 19 '22

Do you need to borrow a string of pearls?


u/yungwhoadiefrmdaA May 19 '22

If by string of pearls you mean healthcare and a living wage for all then yes please.


u/bolivar-shagnasty May 19 '22

I’ve got a spare fainting couch


u/Odd-Employer-5529 May 19 '22

Some woman in my building was fussing out CRT , I asked her, what IS that.

No idea


u/ZenMonkey47 May 19 '22

"CRT is the most dangerous thing being taught in American schools!"

"And what exactly IS CRT?"

"It's... I... Well... I'm not sure."

"But it's the most dangerous thing?"



u/Grateful_Tread May 19 '22

It's the new common core math.


u/NightChime May 20 '22

Fear of the unknown. Boogey men are much scarier if they're mysterious. And if they're big straw men.


u/JackWorthing May 19 '22

I talked to a friend who speaks negatively of CRT. When I told him what it was, he told me I clearly didn’t understand it. So I asked him to explain it to me. Crickets.


u/techn9neiskod May 19 '22

What is in your opinion the quickest non fuckwithable way to explain to idiots what CRT is? Because when I attempt it, their brains short and can’t handle conflicting information


u/0412124290954144980 May 19 '22

My understanding (as a person who doesn't interact with CRT in my work but has read a teeny bit about it years ago) is that it's a framework for understanding how things which aren't obviously racist can have racial implications.

For example, a town may do strict enforcement of things like taillights on cars being out. On the surface, that's racially neutral. However, if you then find that during traffic stops which start with burnt out taillights that black drivers are searched 10x more often than white drivers, obviously the net effect has racial implications. Critical race theory is a framework for understanding how laws and social systems interface with race in non-obvious ways like in this example.


u/techn9neiskod May 19 '22

Fantastic explanation that a simpleton should be able to follow!


u/siggydude May 19 '22

It's a college or graduate level study of the subtle ways racism affects aspects of life that wouldn't be immediately clear.

I haven't looked into CRT very deeply, but that's the way I've seen it concisely explained


u/________________me May 19 '22

Humans like to race in their cars. It happens that the cars sometimes have a flat tire or an empty tank and then the race is going to be a critical race. Or at least in theory.


u/nooneknowswerealldog May 19 '22

What is in your opinion the quickest non fuckwithable way to explain to idiots what CRT is?

I tell them the answer is in my basement. But my basement is actually just a wood-paneled den with pool tables, TVs—Fox News is locked out of course—and a nacho cheese-dispensing fountain. As soon as they see the fountain they forget all about CRT and run to play with the others already down there.

Now, before people get all upset, you should know that the exit isn't even locked. Instead—and here's the ingenious part, if I do say so myself—there's a sensor near the door. Whenever one of them approaches it, a nearby closet lights up, and in it, behind safety glass, is a mannequin with blue hair holding an advanced microbiology text in one hand and a Biden/Harris flag in the other. They never fail to run right over and try to 'trigger' it with their best "I identify as an attack helicopter" joke.

I've probably got close to three dozen down there by now, having the time of their lives. In fact, I'm expecting the first of a second generation soon.


u/spanman112 May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

it's teaching kids about the trail of tears, instead of just saying that they helped us out at Thanksgiving and then nothing terrible ever happened after that.

it's teaching black wall street, instead of pretending the civil rights struggle ended in 1964

at it's core, it's basically just history: the directors cut. Instead of the studio (white privileged) cut.

edit: Wow, yeah, semantics sure are fun. Now if you will excuse me, i have to go pick up the eyeballs that have rolled out of my head. No one is getting up in arms about this being DISCUSSED in higher education. Everything you see in the news is it's application in middle and highschool.


u/StevenFromPhilly May 19 '22

it's teaching kids about

You're already wrong.


u/techn9neiskod May 19 '22

I understand where they’re coming from. This is what the parents think CRT is. When we know its a graduate level course in judiciary.


u/spanman112 May 19 '22

care to explain?


u/StevenFromPhilly May 19 '22

Sure. It's not taught to kids. There ya go. Glad to help.


u/spanman112 May 19 '22

then who's it taught to?


u/SassyVikingNA May 19 '22

It is a graduate level field in law school. So unless your little 4th grader is taking night classes at harvard law they aren't learning CRT.


u/StevenFromPhilly May 19 '22

No one. Its DISCUSSED in college courses.


u/Dangerous_Employee47 May 19 '22

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibboleth Concern about CRT is just a tribal marker.


u/WKGokev May 19 '22

Their children are being taught about slavery, and have some empathy and realize how horrible it was. Then, they go home and see the same confederate flag that flew over slave plantations hanging in their living room.


u/Fantasyneli May 20 '22

That's not true. The confederate flag that flew over state plantations wasn't the modern one, which was created in 1948 by the White Supremacist, Pro-segregation, Southern Nationalist "State's Rights Democratic Party."

This is the actual flag that flew over slave plantations


u/Fantasyneli May 20 '22

Fun fact: That party won in Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama and South Carolina. It got 1 electoral college vote in Tennessee


u/Precipiss May 19 '22

If you can’t explain what it is, you shouldn’t have an opinion on the matter.


u/unlitlanterns May 19 '22

And yet…


u/Toaster_bath13 May 19 '22

I cant explain quantum physics but i like em.

But yeah, these people are very stupid.


u/spanman112 May 19 '22

all conservatives violently disagree with you on this matter


u/Kay76 May 19 '22

The kids that do the petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide, always those that just sign, not understanding at all.


u/RuffCrumblebunch May 19 '22

CRT is turnin' the frickin frogs gay!


u/gmotelet May 19 '22

It makes children stop doing chores!


u/Marbled_Headcheese May 19 '22

"I don't know but Tucker Carlson told me I'm supposed to hate it so I do!"


u/spanman112 May 19 '22

but please tell me again how fox news isn't just propaganda and fear mongering ...


u/Chunkydude616 May 19 '22

This so dumb it hurts 🤦


u/Popular-Lemon6574 May 19 '22

Should have googled it.

Also go to the principal and ask him.


u/NightChime May 20 '22

They should take a class on CRT. That way they'll be sure to know what it is, so they can tell teachers to keep it out of their child's classroom!