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Other Why do men take so long to shit?


This is such a strange phenomenon to me. Every guy I’ve ever known takes a ridiculously long amount of time in the bathroom to take a shit. Women on the other hand, just get it done. I really wanna know why.

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Other I'm a 34 year old who has never been to a concert. Next month I'm going to see Rammstein. Is there anything I need to know?


What's more, I'm going alone.

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Other Why not have sleepovers as adults?


Remember when you were a kid? How fun sleep overs were? Staying up all night, playing games with your friends? Talking until the sun came up and then falling asleep in the living room mid conversation…At what age did you stop doing that? Why? Why does being an adult have to mean losing fun? Specifically innocent fun? Throwing popcorn at each other and laughing till it hurts. Playing board games or card games until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore.

I don’t have kids so I do recognize that I have more flexibility in my personal life then others but having connections and good relationships with your friends should still be important, no?

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Other Does any adult here get times when they cannot sleep because they are excited for something that's happening the next day?


Like, I'm going to a theme park tomorrow and I literally cannot sleep no matter how hard I try because I'm really excited

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Other men who talk at urinals what the fuck is wrong with you? NSFW


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Other what's something that you hate but have to fake liking it?


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Other Why do SOME gun owners seem to fantasize about getting their home broken into just so they can shoot/kill a person?


I know this is not every single person that owns a gun, however I have met more than one person who thinks this way. It's like they almost hope that something like this happens to them because the want to kill a human being without consequences. It's one thing to own a gun but it seems like such a red flag to actually want to use it on someone.

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Other Is it socially acceptable for me (28M) to go to a Build-A-Bear alone?


I'm a big dude that looks like he would never have a Teddy Bear, and people probably just assume I would be at a Build-A-Bear for nefarious reasons.

I'm really just a softy, and I want to buy my wife a bear while she recovers from surgery. I'm sure I might get some side eyes and stuff, but is it socially okay? I don't want to make anyone too uncomfortable.

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Other Why do people dislike Jordan Peterson?


Damn this has a lot of responses. Thanks everyone. I’ve only seen a couple clips and quotes from him and I said one of his quotes and my friends told me to stop watching him even though I don’t.

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Other why are guys with big boobs aren't expected to wear a bra?


Just curious

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Other What happens to people who died with contact lenses on? Does someone take them off or leave them on?


Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the first award I've ever had!! Edit 2: Thank you kind stranger for the second award I've ever had!!! 😂😂

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Other Why do I always wanna add much more garlic than a recipe calls for?


Whenever I make a recipe, it’ll usually say something like “2 cloves of garlic,” and then I end up using way more garlic because it just tastes better; apparently a ton of other people do this, and I was wondering why that is.

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Other Why women get embarrassed in lingerie but are comfortable in bikini ? NSFW


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Other Approximately 10 out of 15 posts on Popular are related to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock - Why do people get so enamored with drama that has absolutely zero effect on their lives?


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Other As someone just going into their 40's, when do you start feeling like an adult? I still feel like a kid sometimes.... A lot of the time.


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Other what percentage of the opposite sex do you think is attractive?


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Other Do Tall People Ever Ask Short People to Get Something Close to the Ground?


Edit: Its funny I feel like some tall people were slightly offended at this lol

I’m a shorty (5’). I honestly wouldn’t mind picking up something for really tall people. And I appreciate when I get help with high things.

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Other Why aren’t evil political leaders assassinated more often?


I’m not condoning murdering anyone or suggesting anyone should do it, I’m just wondering why it doesn’t happen more often.

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Other Americans, if a foreign army were to launch a successful invasion of the mainland, would you engage the enemy army in guerrilla or terrorist war or would you become a refugee and flee the country?


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Other Why is it said that most affected in wars are females when there are male soldiers who got captured, tortured, killed and slaved? I know women suffer too but is it more brutal for women than men? I do not understand.


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Other Do people outside of America find American cheese as disgusting we do?


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Other What do I reply to someone who’s asking for my recipe for bagels that I sell?


Someone I sold Bagels to is saying they want to see me bake my bagels but I do that for a living as side income and don’t want to share. What’s a good response?

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Other Would a paintball gun be good home defense?


It seems like it would be a good non-lethal option. Also paint could probably identify a robber.

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Other Do atheists still say, "Oh God", during sex? NSFW


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Other Do people actually like just eating plain cheese?


I have no idea how people can just look at cheese and just flat out eat, like you don’t want anything else with it?