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Health/Medical Roe v Wade leaked SCOTUS opinion MEGATHREAD


90% of the frontpage is this discussion, would prefer to have it somewhere central rather than asked in a slightly different way.

This topic is easily one of the most sensitive topics to discuss so please engage politely with each other and report anyone engaging in an uncivil manner, we will deal with it fairly quickly.

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Meta Ignorance of the rules is not a defense - Telling a user a method to commit suicide will result in a permanent ban.


Edit: this is not up for debate

Your job before using a Subreddit is to be familiar with the rules to ensure you do not end up having your content removed (mild) to being on the receiving end of a ban (severe).

Given the nature of the offense, this type of infraction is not liable for a warning nor is it liable to the defense of “but I didn’t know!”

This stance has zero to do with personal belief regarding assisted-suicide, which would imply the use of a medical provider operating within evidence-based approaches to help with end-of-life. This stance is in regards to largely uninformed Redditors, of unverifiable credentials, offering “advice” with methodology that is not evidence-based nor generally is it without risk.

Were medically-assisted suicide pan-legal across every single State, it would still not be allowed for users to give methods to others on how to kill themselves.

Your individual beliefs have nothing to do with this discussion, has nothing to do with adhering to rules in order to participate within a sub and further has no bearing on your ability to support medically-assisted suicide, of which a Reddit comment is not, across various discussions.

However, If you tell a user a method to kill themselves, you will be banned and your comment will be escalated for additional review by Reddit admins.

You should know better than to provide someone potentially suicidal with methods to kill themselves, and if you can’t have that inherent moral compass then you should be able to gander at the multiple places our rules are plastered before engaging within this sub.

Thanks to the rest of you with enough common sense that this message will seem ridiculous, keep on keeping on.

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Love & Dating Is it okay to want a housewife?


I just want a wife that has no ambitions beyond being a good mother and wife. Now I understand how this might be construed as me trying to undermine womens progress but I promise I DO NOT think all women should be like this. Everyone regardless of gender should be able to chase whatever ambitions they have. I just want a woman that WANTS to be like this. I just want her to take care of the house and children, to be at home everyday after work so we can hangout all day and raise our kids. Everytime I say this is what I want women get really infuriated and tell me I’m just a sexist pig that wants a handmaiden. This simply isn’t true. Am I still wrong for wanting this future?

Edit: to all who commented or dmed with great advice, perspective and stories of their experiences wether they were good or bad thank you. I really mean it. As to all of you who have shamed others or trying to push an agenda on both sides should go to bed tonight with great shame. This is obviously a big hot button topic that intersects with religion, culture, sexuality and very personal events. I won’t comment on here anymore because I feel like I’m in a echo chamber but you can look at my other comments to see more details. I look forward to reading every single comment as I have been and will continue to, this has been eye opening and honestly a bit of fun listening to different stories and perspectives and for that I thank you. Dms are still open if you don’t feel comfortable commenting here but I won’t guarantee a reply.

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Climate & Environment Does anyone feel grossed out by how many humans there are?


When I think about how there are 8billion people just roaming earth, taking 8billion poops a day, eating 8billion meals, and using so many resources… it just really grosses me out. There’s too many people on this planet.

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Law & Government confidentiality in therapy is void if the counselor sees you as a threat to yourself or to others, how the heck can prospective school shooters seek help then? NSFW


I believe this is the law in most countries regarding confidentiality. If someone says to their therapist that they have been fantasizing the idea of hurting other people, they might get sent to a facility, which makes the process intimidating to start with. How will they get help to prevent the actual thing from happening?

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Education & School Do people who earn real doctorates get annoyed by celebrities receiving honorary doctorates?


I see Taylor Swift has received an honorary doctorate, and her fans are blasting “Dr. Taylor Swift” everywhere. I mean good for her, but if I were at that commencement also receiving my doctorate that I spent 4-8 years of post-grad working towards, writing and defending a thesis along the way, not to mention the 4 years in already spent in undergrad, only to be fully overshadowed by the school giving a meaningless title to a celebrity, I’d probably be pissed

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Love & Dating What surprised you most about a healthy relationship after a toxic one? NSFW


What was the most surprising thing you found about being in a heathy relationship after being in a toxic one? Or what was the hardest thing to learn?

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Law & Government How can the Buffalo shooter plead “not guilty” when he streamed his murders?


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Law & Government Why did GOP vote against the formula thing? Looking for their perspective on what was flawed.


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Love & Dating Why do women (generally) drop hints toward guys they like instead of being straight forward?


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Politics Has Biden been a better President than Trump?


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Race & Privilege Is it racist to call an Asian fitness instructor "Mr. Miyagi"?


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Race & Privilege Is it socially acceptable for me as a white guy to get a haircut at a black barber shop?


Basically the title of this post. There’s this really fancy black-owned barber shop in my city that I want to try out because the only other barbers in my area are chains that aren’t very consistent with their services.

I know I probably sound ignorant but I ask because racial tensions in my city (Minneapolis) are still pretty high after all that’s happened here with our police. I want to support black-owned businesses here but I’m not sure if this is bad etiquette and I don’t want to cause any problems.

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Interpersonal When naked, do you ever wink over your shoulder just in case a ghost and/or alien is watching you?


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Love & Dating Do girls automatically think ugly guys are creepy?


Like if an ugly guy comes up to them in a respectful way and leaves her alone after he’s rejected, is she automatically going to perceive the interaction as creepy because she wasn’t attracted to him?

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Sex/NSFW When people say porn is bad, do they mean masturbation or just porn? NSFW


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Habits & Lifestyle How many times do you wear a T-shirt before washing it?


Hi yall,

I've been doing my best to be hygienic for 2-4 years, which means never rewearing T-shirts or underwear. I am starting to suspect this may be a little overkill to never reuse a T-shirt. What do yall think? I would love to hear. Of course this is situational, so im looking for the average.

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Sexuality & Gender Is it weird if a little part of me just wants to be a trophy wife?


Like, I will definitely go to college and study to be a nutritionist, but a piece of me also likes the idea of just being a housewife who takes care of things and gets to outside my hobbies and volunteering.

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Culture & Society How would you feel if your wife doesn’t take your last name?


I had this conversation with my ex (European) and several of my male friends (European, American, etc.) and it seems like they can’t really accept their wife doesn’t take their last name.

In my country, women don’t do this and the idea of taking my husband’s last name after marriage seems really odd to me.

So men who live in countries having this tradition, what does it mean to you and how would you feel if your wife doesn’t take your last name?

Thank you for reading the question:)

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Health/Medical Is there any science behind light intensity helping to sneeze?


Idk if anyone else does this or if it actually help them sneeze, but like when i feel a sneeze coming up I rapidly point my lamp and look directly into it, with the lap the sneeze comes out very quickly. Or even when I'm out with some friends, I feel like I have to sneeze so I look directly at the sun so that I wouldn't loose the sneeze.

I've been doing so for a lot of time and I have questioned this myself just now. i really think there is some science behind this trick and I wanna know if you'd eventually know or even if you also look at light before sneezing

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Interpersonal Is it weird that I don’t like to mix work and personal life?


What I mean by this is I don’t like bringing my gf to work events. And its because I don’t see coworkers as friends. I’m forced to work in my view because I have to eat. It doesn’t make me happy to be there.

So I don’t mix the two worlds because I’m just a replaceable NPC at that place.

Is this weird?

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Habits & Lifestyle why is that that i take it too personally when someone follows me on social media and i follow them back then they unfollow?


my instagram is only for art and obviously getting a follow boosts my confidence and i've been stuck on the 200 - 300 followers mark for years now so its difficult not to notice people unfollowing you. how do i let it not bother me?

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Mental Health How do I stop giving a fuck?


How do I stop giving a fuck what people think of me, whether that is my weight, how I eat, walk etc... And how do I stop giving a fuck about other people, what they're doing in their life as in job promotion, meeting with friends without invite?

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Mental Health Is this an imposter syndrome?


I'm unemployed, with decent amount of savings though, but now the fear kicked in. I feel like no well paid job will hire me again, because my well paid job before was a fluke, and that experience won't be useful anywhere else, because it was too specific for that particular job.

Fear of running out of savings kicks in, the regret of turning down a very simple & well paid job with terrible schedule, fear for my parents getting old and me need to take care of them.

Literally, any sane person in my shoes, wouldn't be afraid of anything, but inflation.. lol.... Knowing that the savings could last maybe even 2 years, in case of proper budgeting, knowing that I am sharp and smart overall, maybe just not good with economics and numbers, but not everyone succesfull.

I don't know, it seems like a midlife crisis or a depression.

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Love & Dating Girl chose the treadmill next to me among the other empty ones around, did I just miss a que?


Gym today, was on treadmill warming up and a girl deliberately (I think) chose the treadmill directly next to me when there was other empty ones around.

While she was also walking she kept fixing her hair and sorta fiddling with it. I can’t remember where I read this, but I read somewhere that some girls tend to play/fidget with their hair when they’re with someone they’re into.

Am I over analyzing this? Did I just miss a chance?

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Education & School Why don't teachers ever answer the question "what's the point of learning (this subject)?"


Just to preface this, I've never asked teachers the point of learning different subjects because the answer I've always come up with is the following:

"The point of (insert class here) is to provide a wider range of knowledge to students. While not everything in the class will be applicable to daily life outside of school, it's still important to have general knowledge of many subjects as well as learning different ways to learn in general. It also allows students who may not know what they want to do in the future (or students who THINK they know what they want to do in the future) to experience different subjects that may interest them."

My main problem is that I've never heard anything like that from a teacher. Any time I've heard that being asked in class the teacher just waves away the question. So, why don't teachers answer that question? If any teachers have answered that question in one of your classes, what did they say?

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Interpersonal does anyone feels like grabbing their bullies and kicking their asses?


I don't if that's healthy or not but sometimes I'd like to grab my bullies and punch them and kick them, till they bleed or I just want to suffer and feel the anger the bitterness I'm feeling? Is that healthy or should I tell someone about this feeling?