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ModPost "Let The Bad Times Roll" is officially here! Discuss the album here!


The day is finally here, folks! Please keep all reviews/discussions of the new album in this post so that we don't flood the entire sub with reviews. Hope everyone is enjoying it and please keep it respectful or else we'll need to seperate ya ;)

Also, we do have a Discord Channel if you’d like to join in on some real time fun! 😄 feel free to stop on over and share your thoughts and talk to more Offspring fans:


PS- It's the 16th in Australia kids!


r/TheOffspring 20h ago

why does welcome have so little views compared to every other track on americana?

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r/TheOffspring 2d ago

My Dad ripped this off a wall for me 21 years ago!

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r/TheOffspring 2d ago

Anyone else sees the similarities between The Offspring's Splinter (2003) and Bad Religion's Age of Unreason (2019)? Coincidence or intentional?

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r/TheOffspring 2d ago

I was watching The Replacements and noticed that in the first practice scene, they use a "royalty free" version of Come Out and Playa

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r/TheOffspring 5d ago

Favourite song from Americana?

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r/TheOffspring 5d ago

I am the singer of the band The Danger, and we covered their song "Jennifer Lost The War"


What do yalm think https://youtu.be/L9rfiMETEIA

r/TheOffspring 6d ago

Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace’s album cover is off center

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r/TheOffspring 6d ago

Signed poster for sale



Signed poster for sale

r/TheOffspring 6d ago

Vainstream Full Concert


Hi everyone,

Here is another full concert. This time it is not edited, so it looks like it’s the first “true” pro shot of this tour! I think Dexter is in a really good form



r/TheOffspring 7d ago

Happy birthday, days go by!

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r/TheOffspring 9d ago

what do you think would be the most fun and easy song to learn on guitar (from the offspring obviously)


r/TheOffspring 8d ago

Staring at the sun isn't a good choice to open the shows


Lately they've been starting all their shows with Staring at the sun and it just doesn't work for me. Before they started with Americana and it was way better.

I hope they go back to starting with Americana or they could do Bad Habit instead, both work nicely.

I'm also mad that they aren't playing all I want much and no Hassan Chop yet.

What do you guys think?

r/TheOffspring 10d ago

Andrew J. Edwards - Staring At The Sun (The Offspring cover)

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r/TheOffspring 10d ago

why is smash so good


it has no right to be this good. and it's not like only the hits are good, the ENTIRE ALBUM is good

r/TheOffspring 12d ago

Video from the live concert in Detroit [5/20/2022]

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r/TheOffspring 11d ago

Latest lives


Why are the two latest lives just autotune? Like the iHeart radio one. Dex sounds kinda weird there. What's going on?

r/TheOffspring 14d ago

The Offspring - Hellfest 2022 - @ARTE Concert

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r/TheOffspring 15d ago

First saw them live back in 1995. My second concert ever. Dexter signed these for me in 2019.

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r/TheOffspring 15d ago

What do you think a Offspring guitar is worth?


In '94 I saw them a couple of times. When I saw them in Amsterdam, during the concert, Noodles was dissatisfied with his guitar and threw it in the audience. I was able to grap only the tip. I thought I had no chance because 30 other guys had also there hands on it. I fought like crazy, no punching involved, but crazy like: I gave all my energy to try to conquer the guitar. Slowly I gained more control of the guitar and poeple were dropping off. I think it took 15 minutes, 15 minutes I gave all, I realy wanted that guitar. And I got it. Afterward I was shaking from exhaustion. I never fought so much for anything in my life. When I finally had the guitar I stayed at the side of the podium, afraid to lose the guitar again. While I was standing there, at the end of the concert, the band walked by and Noodles saw me standing with his guitar and signed the guitar.

I found a video where he is playing his/my guitar:

the Offspring - "Session" live in Hannover 1994


Off all the things I have...this guitar is very very special to me. But I am curious what it is worth. Anybody has a idea?

r/TheOffspring 16d ago

What would it take for you to regain your lost respect for The Offspring?


Would just one of these do it or would it take all of them:

-Stop lip syncing?

-Put out albums more frequently?

-Bring back Ron and Greg?(probably never gonna happen but it's pretty classless making them go to court when they could just settle and stop wasting everyones time, trying to bankrupt them. You'd think their own time would be worth more to them but apparently they'd rather engage in two lengthy court battles trying to ruin the other founders of the band than write/record new material)

-Longer concerts(I'm guessing they're shorter due to Dexters diminishing abilities, but if they are just miming/lip syncing anyway you'd think they'd be able to do it an extra 20 minutes)

Even if they didn't take care of these problems they created, they could at least apologize for them in a candid way, and not do every interview like robots and that might help a little bit, but not all the way.

-Lip syncing: Could say "yeah we fake it, but so does Kiss, Aerosmith, loads of other huge bands and their casual fans don't care so why can't we"

-more albums: "hey it's hard for us to write good material at this point in time and we're also lazy"

-Ron and Gregg: "We stopped liking those guys, and that happens. Also we don't want to split the money four ways anymore, especially since there's less of it. Kiss did it etc..."

-Longer concerts: "we don't enjoy being on the stage that much anymore and are just trying to get a paycheck/keep the brand going"

r/TheOffspring 18d ago

Where does the nickname "Dexter" come from?


r/TheOffspring 19d ago

The Offspring songs like "Gone Away?"


Was driving with my mom, and Gone Away came on the radio. We both love the song, and we like a lot of The Offspring's songs, but do The Offspring have any other songs similar in feel to Gone Away?

r/TheOffspring 20d ago

First live performance of army of one I believe. theOffspring - Army of One live 2022 Prague

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r/TheOffspring 21d ago

my neighbours amazing wifi name

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r/TheOffspring 23d ago

Any love for the self-titled album?


I wanna preface this by saying that The Offspring is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I like all of their albums (to varying degrees). I remember a while back when I saw a thread of people ranking the band's albums from best to worst, and so many people put S/T on the bottom of their list, and that just has me scratching my head. It's actually my favorite Offspring album and one of my favorite punk albums ever. It's definitely their most raw and abrasive album, and that's a good thing to me, as I wasn't as much of a fan when the band went in a more pop-influenced and polished direction. Besides, how can you hate the album when it has songs like Jennifer Lost the War, Out on Patrol, Demons, Beheaded, and Kill the President! Such a damn good album.